Wm 6.1 'Mona Lisa" v1.0 SYS 19593 XIP 20262 +19700 test post #45

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Dr. Martin Gonzo

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Aug 27, 2007

It's been a long time I haven't posted here :D I apologize for all the PMs I haven't answered but there are loads of them. If you had a very important question try sending it again but no promise I will answer unfortunately :\
I've been using this as a personal Rom for some time but I thought I would share. And it's nice seeing there has been a lot of different cooked rom around here now, there is something for everyone !
Nothing really new here except my custom theme and the photo panel that now displays images from the storage car stored in My Documents\My pictures (where the pictures are saved by the camera). I found the file on koxo.cn.

I haven't noticed any particular bug (well apart from the usual wm 6.1 ones :D) since I've been using it (more than a month) but you never know so if you ever find a big one I'll try to correct it and update the rom.
And don't pay attention to the available storage in the ROM, it was an experiment, the phone worked but it wouldn't sync.. Too bad there was 20 MB more!

Here's the description :

Based on SYS 19593
OEM 1.34
XIP 20262

Changelog :

Version 1.0 23/08/2008
Initial release

Includes :
-Office Mobile 6.1
-Windows Live
-Audio Manager
-.NET CF 3.5
-Commmanager style from htc s730
-RSS Hub
-Adobe Flash Lite
-WM5 WMV9 Codecs

Removed :
-microsoft homescreens
-maybe other things that I don't remember :\

Tweaks :
-custom theme
-the photo panel now shows pictures on the storage card located in storage card\pictures and storage card\my documents\my pictures
-Reboot function in Quick List
-more discrete sound on callstart
-removed the ANNOYING default.wav sound
-sliding sound set to none by default
-no sound on keypress
-Moved ie cookies\cache\history to sd card
-added two new shortcuts : long press on volume down key => toggle bluetooth on/off (thanks to vjvolubilis)
long press on volume up key => toggle wifi on/off (thanks to WirelessToggle.exe)
-Contacts don't show sim numbers by default
-Homescreen timeout set to never by default
-Changed Multipress timeout from 1s to 1/2s
-security off
-changed wifi to bestperformance by default
-no clock shown on unlock screen by default

Hope you'll enjoy it and like the theme. If you want to stick to this rom and don't like the new panels you can always change them back to the originals by copying these files in the \windows folder.
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Apr 9, 2005
Welcome back!!! :)
Going to test this one now and will let you know!

edit: you packed the .nbh twice :rolleyes:
nice the % at startup
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Jul 1, 2007
Some problems with Java
I installed gmail client & no text appears on softkeys.
Also when you type your user & password and press ok, application exits :-(


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Nov 27, 2006
Java client problem i already explained.
Regarding hanging, i installed smarttoolkit, made a call & when i pressed disconnect button to end the call , it hanged.

Restarted phone & now working fine.

Maybe a problem with smarttoolkit, it freezes sometimes.
Try to disable all effects (shadow/transparency etc) in smarttoolkit options.



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Mar 29, 2008
LG G8X ThinQ
This ROM hangs when I tried to quick locate a file in Resco Explorer 6.15 by pressing #. I tried to close the Resco Explorer through task manager and the phone hanged. I had to soft reset.
I am shifting back to Hikey Chinese ROM till this one stabilises.


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Apr 9, 2005
Some problems with Java
I installed gmail client & no text appears on softkeys.
Also when you type your user & password and press ok, application exits :-(

This problem with jbed 3.1 is solved by installing the gmail client for domains!

add to your username @gmail.com