WM ws Android "war", who win for business?

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Mar 13, 2010
Hello. I have a WM6.5 device (an Acer S200) and in the past i've always used HTC WM devices as the Universal.

Now, the acer seems to be good but not perfect device and i'm evaluating to select a new one.

The question is not about the hardware, but about the OS.

I use the device mainly for: 1) call; 2) contact/agenda functions; 3) Gps assisted navigation; 4) e-reading, all with more or less same importance.

In actual WM Acer s200 i have (original rom, i don't know with modified one): 1) sufficient call, not excellent sygnal (but it is hardware), acceptable phone number management; 2) not very good contact/agenda functions, these are unrelated as in Outloook so, for example, if i have a meeting with a person in agenda, i cannot call or examine contact notes of the person directly from the agenda meeting data page; 3) good navigation tool with external products as TomTom or Igo, but google maps have better road algorithm and more detailed references and i would like to try google maps navigator when it will be disponible in Italy; 4) good ereading software as Frida o mobipocket.

What i gain/lose if i will buy an Android device?

thanks in advance