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WM5 office in WM6

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Senior Member
Apr 20, 2006
Tennessee, USA
THis mey be weird but I tried Faria's WM6 roms and liked them but had a few things I had become used to in WM5.
Is it possible to merge the two ?
Pull Office from WM5 and put it in WM6 ?

plus get rid of stuff.

From what I can tell poutlook is for syncing with desktop outlook ?
Is it seperate from calender, tasks and notes ?

If I use stand alone email do I need poutlook ?


Senior Member
Aug 27, 2006
For the outlook question - poutlook is the whole Messaging thing so you need it for any type of SMS or e-mail - I'd advicea gainst taking it out as there are also a host of dependencies you'd need to figure out.