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WM6 is coming

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Senior Member
Feb 11, 2006
We know it's coming. Any Joe who browses this site knows it's coming. Do you have to keep on posting about it? You have already posted in other threads already.

If your intention is to legalize the posting of cooked WM6 ROM in this forum, it won't work. Betanews displayed of some screen shots didn't mean anything. He could have gotten the pre-release Orwell ROM just like every Joe here.

Unless you can get an official announcement from HTC or MS that WM6 CB will be released for the Wizard there is nothing new.


Senior Member
Oct 24, 2005
New York
Did anyone view the WM6 Introduction Presentation Video? They presented the WM6 on a smartphone. By the way Softbank is coming up with a Toshiba Protege PPC. The keyboard, general look etc looks like HTC's. hmmm... Wonder if it produced by HTC for Toshiba.