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Workaround for MS Intune Company Portal/Outlook with Huawei P40 Pro

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Oct 21, 2010
I managed to get both email and calendar using "Nine - Email & Calendar" from Play Store. I'm using gsf freeze, and also have Vanced microG installed. Installed GMS this summer, don't use googlify. Only hoping it will last..
Used the settings from first post:
-full email ([email protected], CN = Common Name from AD), not my [email protected]
- Exchange Server instead of Office 365
Did not have a choice to uncheck ActiveSync, so this is checked.

Great! Good that you managed to get everything working. Its such an irritant to use 2 phones just because of some config policies in the company.


Senior Member
Nov 10, 2010
Hello guys.
Any update to this method?
When I try to follow the author's instruction it stuck on authentication and can't login..
Tried from my browser to forward the emails to another email, but there is a rule that does not accept this..
My other problem is how to reach Microsoft teams..
Anybody with a solution on how to get at least my work emails or if there is a fix for both teams and outlook will be great..

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    Due to my company's policy, we need to register the mobile phones using MS Intune Company Portal and can use only Outlook app for the official mails and calendar. Both these apps can be downloaded via Aurora Store but the registration of the device fails due to the Google Play Protect check during the enrollment of the device. The 2nd step during enrollment fails with an error message regarding the network connection or something similar. After struggling with this for almost a week, I finally found some workarounds. Hope this is useful for someone.

    For Mails:
    I use Blue Mail for all my other mails and was using this with my official mails (Office 365) as well, till about a year ago when the company admins introduced a strict check of Outlook app with Intune Portal as the only way to receive the official mails. Since then I had been using both the MS apps for my official mails in my previous Samsung phone. But this stopped working after I moved over to Huawei due to the GPP check mentioned above. Here's the workaround for it:
    This will work only if you have web access to your official emails i.e. you are able to use the a broswer to check your official emails.
    1. In Blue Mail, add new account (instead of using Office 365, use Exchange).
    2. Enter full email address and password.
    3. Check Automatic.
    4. Uncheck ActiveSync. Click Next.
    5. For the Exchange Server setting, use the exchange server URL being used by your company. Typically, it is the 1st 3 in the url of your web access to the outlook email. In a lot of cases, this would be outlook.office365.com
    6. Security - SSL/TLS.
    7. If you see a dropdown Access Type, select EWS (Exchange Web Services). Do not select Automatic or ActiveSync.
    That should work. The office365 outlook emails should be visible in Blue Mail. The calendar is not synced with this workaround. The needs a different route in.

    For Calendar:
    I use Google Calendar for all my other activities and so I wanted to add my outlook entries to GCal to have them all in one place.
    The easiest way is to publish your calendar from Outlook Office 365 and import it as a URL in GCal.
    1. Go to the web view of your outlook.
    2. Click on the Settings icon.
    3. Click "View All Outlook Settings".
    4. Go to Calendars->Shared Calendars.
    5. Click on the ICS Link and click "Copy Link".

    This can now be imported in the google calendar as a separate new calendar but the issue is that any updates to your outlook calendar are synced 1-2 times a day only. If that is fine go ahead and import it. I wanted the sync to happen every 5-10 min.
    For this, you can use the GAS-ICS-Sync script from GitHub (https://github.com/derekantrican/GAS-ICS-Sync)
    Follow the installation and run instructions on the site. You can configure how often the calendar should sync etc in the code.gs file.

    Hope this helps someone :)