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Feb 16, 2017
Don't see it on the phone, on the Samsung Store or on Google Play... ?
Screenshot_20230323_225634_Google Play Store.jpg
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May 20, 2010
crescent moon night shot 1x and 3x zoom hdr++
(moon is only visible in the zoom shot as I had to walk back to get it in the view)



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Oct 3, 2010
I tried AGC a couple of time and it's worse than stock in my opinion. Unless you don't zoom at all, but the everything would look fine.

I don't understand why we're still talking about it...


Mar 21, 2023
Colors look pretty good to me in this v52 version.

My main concern is, which is not a big deal, there is a slight delay to take the picture after i click shutter button. It is similar to the shutter lag on stock camera but somehow a little bit different. Even if i lower the amount of hdr enchanced frames to 7 from 15, it helps a little but not that much. My solution is, whenever i want to take a picture of a moving object like a dog or child, i go hdr+ instead of hdr+ enhanced. If you have ideal lighting conditions or if you don't care about blown out highlights, for these cases, not using hdr+ enhanced is the way to go.


  • LMC_20230324_160115_javasabr_lmc15_s23u_v52_sharp.jpg
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  • 20230324_160109.jpg
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  • LMC_20230324_160312_javasabr_lmc15_s23u_v52_sharp.jpg
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  • LMC_20230324_153856_javasabr_lmc15_s23u_v52_sharp.jpg
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  • 20230324_153823.jpg
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  • LMC_20230324_153811_javasabr_lmc15_s23u_v52_sharp.jpg
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Jun 15, 2011
Have uploaded the new version:

I like this new v52 version a lot. Well done! I have attached some pictures taken in different light scenarios and lens modes.


  • LMC_20230324_132119_javasabr_lmc15_s23u_v52_sharp.jpg
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  • LMC_20230323_195254_javasabr_lmc15_s23u_v52_sharp.jpg
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  • LMC_20230323_210843_javasabr_lmc15_s23u_v52_sharp.jpg
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  • LMC_20230324_120110_javasabr_lmc15_s23u_v52_sharp.jpg
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  • LMC_20230324_121223_javasabr_lmc15_s23u_v52_sharp.jpg
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  • LMC_20230324_131417_javasabr_lmc15_s23u_v52_sharp.jpg
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  • LMC_20230324_132232_javasabr_lmc15_s23u_v52_sharp.jpg
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  • LMC_20230324_132436_javasabr_lmc15_s23u_v52_sharp.jpg
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  • LMC_20230324_131838_javasabr_lmc15_s23u_v52_sharp.jpg
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  • LMC_20230324_131200_javasabr_lmc15_s23u_v52_sharp.jpg
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  • LMC_20230324_131212_javasabr_lmc15_s23u_v52_sharp.jpg
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  • LMC_20230324_131224_javasabr_lmc15_s23u_v52_sharp.jpg
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Oct 20, 2014

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    i installed LMC8.4_R17_Scan3D.apk and LMC_17_v13 config. but photosphere not working. i need photosphere. how to make it work ?
    Hey mate,

    you need to use LMC_17 v6 config, turn on ID5 Camera in "Additional camera" settings, and than - follow this instruction:
    How to use 3D panorama (vel sphere mode):
    1. Activate 3D camera on right side, after the app will be crushed
    2. Long tap on GCam icon to choose "Make a selfie"
    3. Switch from selfie directly to 3D panorama MODE (not a camera module).
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    Have uploaded v12:
    LDR it's so good on many scenes like this :)

    Have uploaded the new version and updated the post description:
    Have uploaded the new version:
    I see more detail with the stock software to be honest. Example: the New south Wales is easier to make out on the license plate on the vehicle in front of the Bimmer.
    The BMW logo on the center cap is also clearer with stock software.
    I believe the New south Wales font you've mentioned is because that its actually out of focus in the raw file since the aperture is really big on main lens, that gcam didnt know how to properly sharpen it since its not optimize for this camera at all.
    But if you look the in focus area, stock camera was lack of detail and kinda look like painting, include the center cap you mentioned. Many source said that samsung didnt use the method that iphone 14 pro used which is cropping the 48MP main sensor to capture 2X photos, that allows the phone to use a whole 12MP to capture the scene.
    I assume that samsung just using the 1X 12MP photo and crop it to 2X(so the photo only has 6MP) and then upscale to 12MP again using AI or some algorithm, thus why the poor quality.
    I'm looking these on a pc with a monitor, here are some 100% zoom for compare.

    Rims been deformed and lack of detail on center cap, fake detail on tires.
    螢幕擷取畫面 2023-05-15 143934.png

    tons of noise cause by the sharpening algorithm
    螢幕擷取畫面 2023-05-15 144200.png

    lack of detail on badges, plate and background
    螢幕擷取畫面 2023-05-15 144311.png

    rear bumper been deformed, lack of detail on ground.
    螢幕擷取畫面 2023-05-15 144440.png
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    New post about my new configs for LMC R16+ for s23

    -v1 only for ultra:
    1. Re-created the config for R16 from zero.
    -v2 for all s23:
    1. Changed frames count for HDR+/HDR++ from 28 to 20
    2. Changed max shutter time in HDR++ for x3 to have better result in night scenes
    3. Increased saturation and rebalanced light/shadows for frontcam
    4. Disabled suggestion to use night mode for night shots (HDR++ produces better result)
    5. Adapted this config for regular s23
    6. Changed PRO button behavior (it's only for regular s23). It forces using merge 3 for all lenses, I suggest to use it only with x1 for static scenes.
    -v3 for all s23
    1. Made more strong separating light/shadows styles between LDR button on/off (I prefer LDR on for all scenarios)
    2. Updated chroma denoise configuration
    3. Minor updates of quality from PRO button for regular s23 in middle/low light
    4. Disabled shasta again, I think finally :)
    5. Don't use night mode, use HDR++ for low light scenarios!
    -v4 for all s23
    1. Updated noise reduction for x1 (only regular s23) in low light condition.
    2. Updated noise reducing for x3 in low light condition
    3. Use HDR++ instead of night shot for photos in low light!
    4. Changed night shot mode to be for extremely dark condition.
    5. Added upscale for telephoto to have the same jpg resolution as other cams.
    -v5 for all s23
    1. Fixed camera viewport in NS mode for x1 module in regular s23
    2. Very minor changes of noise reduction in low light for x1/x3
    3. Very minor changes of chroma noise reduction.
    4. Fixed black levels for x1 on ultra. (violet shadows in low light)
    -v6 for all s23
    1. Updated noise reduction for all lenses.
    2. Changed shadows boosting from HDR-on-Tap
    3. Changed black levels for x10 module
    -v7 for all s23
    1. Small updates for noise reduction
    2. Small decreasing color saturation
    3. Minor changes for light configuration
    4. Small corrections of black levels for x10
    -v8 BETA for all s23
    1. Migrated to noise models from super GCam man SkyyKing007(Finesse King)
    2. Returned AWB icon and updated configuration of it
    3. Minor updates of light/shadows/colors.
    4. Reverted some settings of black levels.
    5. Changed default selfie saving settings.
    6. Made better noise reduction optimization in low light for HDR++/NS
    7. Introduced 3 levels of sharp configs soft/medium/sharp
    8. Small other minor changes

    New my configs for LMC R17+ for s23
    -v1 BETA for all s23
    1. Continue updating noise reduction configuration
    2. Migrated to R17
    3. Configured expo metering for Samsung devices
    4. Fixed selfie crash on regular s23
    5. Updated sharp configuration for soft/medium/sharp
    6. Fixed AWB config for x1
    7. Disabled PRO button for regular s23
    -v2 BETA for all s23
    1. Continue updating noise reduction configuration
    2. Minor changes related to shadows/contrast
    3. Fixed top shot functionality, thanks for @nuub1k
    4. Continue updating black levels for ultra.
    5. Fixed strong moving artifacts
    -v3 BETA for all s23
    1. Reverted noise models from SkyyKing007(Finesse King) to use LGV50 😂
    2. Continue experimenting with noise reduction configuration
    3. Increased ISO limits for selfie camera
    4. Updated black levels for x1 in ultra
    -v4 BETA for all s23
    1. Continue tuning noise reduction configuration
    2. Fixed black levels for UW in ultra
    3. Reworked sharp config for soft/medium/sharp profiles
    -v5 for all s23
    1. Updated noise reduction configuration
    2. Set 28 frames for HDR+/HDR++ by default
    3. Small updates of sharp config for soft/medium/sharp profiles
    4. Enable LDR button by default (recommend for most scenes)
    5. Changed HDR model to p4a5g
    -v6 for all s23
    1. Very minor correcting of noise reduction
    2. Repaired my color correction which was broken in v5
    3. Changed HDR model to p5
    4. Updated sharp configuration
    -v7 for all s23
    1. Continue configuration black levels for all modules of s23 ultra
    2. Updated AWB config
    3. Changed white level for all modules
    4. Increased ISO limits for low light.
    -v8 for all s23
    1. Small color corrections
    2. Updated AWB config
    3. Updated white levels
    4. Small updates for light/shadows config
    -v9 for all s23
    1. Very small increasing color saturation for all modules
    2. Small correction of black levels and colors for UW on ultra
    3. Disabled top shot feature to use better interfaces with geometric corrections
    4. Changed HDR model to p7p after some testing in sunny conditions
    5. Introduced new module 'S' (sport) which uses X1 lense with optimizations for very dynamic objects (especially HDRe mode)
    -v10 for all s23
    1. Reverted HDR model and pixel interface
    2. Returned the 'top shot' feature
    3. Rebalanced S module
    4. Updated colors and black levels correction, thanks for @jacer and @flash137
    5. Disabled spatial gain map to resolve vignette on small s23
    6. Updated AWB config
    -v11 for all s23
    1. Spilt HDR model settings for ultra p7p and regular p5
    2. Updated color corrections
    3. Updated AWB config
    -v12 for all s23
    1. Updated max expo time in HDRe for X3/x10 lenses
    2. Added PRO button to boost noise reduction (mostly for HDRe/NS who wants to have smoother image in low light)
    3. Reduced violet aberrations on all lenses
    4. Returned HDRnet button just to have easiest way to switch between HDR+/HDRe modes and to see the current mode
    -v13 for all s23
    1. Updated light configuration for all lenses
    2. Decreased noise reduction boost from PRO button

    \Installation instruction:
    1. Download and install LMC GCam from this page:
    R16: R17: For Samsung devices, we should use packages: scan3d, ruler or aweme.
    2. Create folder if not exist by path "Internal Storage/LMC8.4/"
    3. Copy my xmls to this folder
    4. Hold on the GCam icon and choose "Capture video"
    5. Double tap on the space between the shot button and the gallery and then import my config
    6. Done

    Or video (thanks for @koahhe):

    UI description:
    1. Google Auto White Balance toggle - alternative colors correction
    2. Expo toggle - makes images a little bit brighter
    3. LDR toggle - makes images more contrast with more deep shadows
    4. Sport lense - optimized x1 lense for shooting dynamic objects (especially in HDRe mode)

    My telegram group:
    Hi everyone,

    I work on the config for all s23 series.


    Changes log v33:
    1. Disable AWB.
    2. Update nose models.
    3. Update sharp configuration for 0.6x and 1x cameras.
    4. Update noise reduction configuration for 0.6x and 10x cameras.
    5. Increase max shot time for hdr++ to have better results in low light.

    Changes log v36:
    1. Changed HDR models for all lenses to have a better experience when you want to work with RAW
    2. Updated sharp configuration to have more clear photos.
    3. Updated noise reduction configuration to have good noise balance for low-light shots.
    4. Updated configuration for low light shots, to make more real and clear photos.
    5. Enabled autoresize photos for x10 lense from 10Mp to 3.7Mp, because it's physics and no any sense to keep more. (but you can easily disable it)
    6. Changed pro mode, now it disables limits for ISO and you can take low light shots with short shutter lag. (Especially for dynamic scenes)
    7. Reduced saturation of the main camera.

    Changes log for v38:
    1. Disable downscaling for x10
    2. Decreasing chroma noise reduction
    3. Updated configuration of photo processing for frontend camera.
    4. Small changes for night mode
    5. Decreasing color saturation for all cameras.

    Changes log for v39:
    1. Changed light config for all cameras
    2. Changed noise model for the main camera of small s23
    3. Changed chroma noise reduction settings
    4. Added separated camera module which can be used for 3D panorama with some work round

    Changes log for v40:
    1. Changed merge method for telephoto from SABRE to Spatial RGB
    2. Updated sharping config for all cameras
    3. Updated noise model for the main camera of small s23

    Changes log for v41:
    1. Updated noise configuration for s23 main lense.
    2. Increased ISO limit for front camera.
    3. Changed behavior of expo compensation from -2 to +1

    Changes log for v42 (only ultra):
    1. Changed JPG compression
    2. Improved chroma noise reduction for the main lense
    3. Provided 2 xml configs, classic and more sharper

    Changes log for v43 (only ultra):
    1. Updated noise models for all rear modules
    2. Updated light configuration for all rear modules
    3. Updated noise reduction configuration for the main camera
    4. Changed expo compensation mode from +1 to -1.6

    Changes log for v44 (only ultra):
    1. Updated light configuration
    2. Minor updates for noise reduction configuration

    Changes log for v45 (only ultra):
    1. Update noise reduction for all lenses.
    2. Minor update light configuration for all lenses.
    3. Increase color saturation for the front camera
    4. Return shortcut to enable/disable AWB

    Changes log for v46 (only ultra):
    1. Updated noise reduction for 0.6x and 1x modules
    2. Minor updates for light configuration
    3. Updated AWB profiles for rear modules
    4. Changed expo compensation to +1.2-1.4

    Changes log for v47 (only ultra):
    1. Small updates for light configuration.
    2. Small color correction.
    3. Small changes for expo compensation

    Changes log for v48 (all s23):
    1. Rebalanced noise reduction and details.
    2. Updated color correction for all sensors of s23u
    3. Updated color saturation for all sensors.
    4. Minor changes for light configuration.
    5. Adapted v48 for small s23
    6. Small other tweeks.

    Changes log for v49 (all s23):
    1. Changed noise/details balancing for 0.6x
    2. Updated light/shadows configuration
    3. Updated colors configuration for front camera
    4. Fixed auto-focus on face
    5. Updated color correction for rear cameras of ultra
    6. Changed coefficient expo time/iso to use more long expo time

    Changes log for v50 (all s23):
    1. Updated front cam configuration
    2. Minor updates for color correction of s23u
    3. Changed noise reduction for camera viewport
    4. Changed contrast configuration for x10 lense

    Changes log for v51 (all s23):
    1. Hide zoom bar
    2. Reverted color correction for s23u to default system

    Changes log for v52 (all s23):
    1. Updated color correction for s23 ultra.
    2. Updated noise reduction config for 0.6x for all s23
    3. Increased max expo time for HDR frames from 100 to 150ms for all s23
    4. Returned zoom bar for all s23
    5. Updated light/shadows configuration for all s23

    Changes log for v53 (all s23):
    1. Updated color correction for regular s23
    2. Reduced max expo time for HDR frames from 150 to 80ms to reduce motion blur.

    Changes log for v54 (only ultra):
    1. Changed all lenses to use SABRE to have faster processing, less motion artifacts and more details in day light.
    2. Updated noise configuration for SABRE
    3. Updated front camera config.
    4. Added focus tracking bottom in view port (now it works)

    Changes log for v54 (only ultra):
    1. Changed all lenses to use SABRE to have faster processing, less motion artifacts and more details in day light.
    2. Updated noise reducing configuration and sharp for SABRE
    3. Updated front camera config.
    4. Added focus tracking bottom in view port (now it works)
    5. Started using HDRNet as default mode for most cases
    6. Increased max ISO for x3 and x10 to work better with HDRNet and low light
    7. Changed noise models configuration.
    8. Updated reducing chroma noise configuration for x1
    9. Hide HDR++ frames count button and use 27 frames for very low light or complex cases.
    10. Changed max shasta exp time to produce more clean results in shadows for HDR++
    11. How PRO button because now no any need.
    12. Fixed artifacts for HDRNet in low light.
    13. Updated night mode

    Changes log for v55 (all s23):
    1. Adapting v54 for small s23
    2. Fixed the issue with long HDR++
    3. A little bit decrease noise reduction for x1 of s23u.

    Changes log for v56 (only for ultra):
    1. Rebalancing noise reduction/details
    2. Fixed too bright night shots

    Changes log for v57 (all s23):
    1. Adaption for regular s23
    2. Minor updates for light configuration
    3. Increased limits to make all lenses a little bit brighter for low light scenes

    Changes log for v58 (all s23):
    1. Enabled back shasta(Gcam method to improve shadows) after resolving issue with shasta + HDRNet
    2. Updated light configuration for all lenses
    3. Updated noise reduction config for middle and low light
    4. Added LDR button (mode for 🌧️ weather 😅) which increases contrast
    5. Added PRO button only for regular s23 (to make photos of dynamic objects)
    6. Increased a little bit limits for night shots to have a little bit brighter photos

    1. Install GCam
    2. Extract the attached archive to your root FS
    3. Hold on the GCam icon and choose "Capture video"
    4. Double tap on the space between the shot button and the gallery and then import my config
    5. Done

    User interface:
    1. HDR++ frames count
    2. Google Auto White Balance
    3. Expo correction toggle (make all photos brighter)
    4. Disable ISO limit to use HDR+ in low light if you don't want to use HDR++
    Have uploaded the new version:
    Some sample from my recent trip.

    Probably is not the best photo quality on the market, but using the Gcam overall I'm very satisfied of the incredibile versatility.
    Plus the device is all around the best you can find.

    I did many test gcam 12mpx vs stock 50mpx and 200mpx, and i can say that most of the time high res stock is useless. Details are similar or even better with gcam at 12mpx.






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