Working GCam Port for Galaxy S9/S9+ Exynos ONLY!!!

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Feb 1, 2011
So all that is useless as if you want to use a aosp rom we need a cam port with led flashlight working. Otherwise these roms are useless because of lack a good cam...

I used for now a pixel drimmed Samsung rom with Samsung cam that open the Google photos app instead of Samsung album.

I don't need most features that are ported...I need a cam which can also do a good shot at night if I want to use a Google pixel like rom..

I'm think about to change to pixel 3 as it can now charge wireless of the things why I bought a Samsung s9
You can use samsung cam for that night pics and gcam for the rest of circunstances that dont need flash.
Pixel 3 is nice for photography, but with the s9 or next s10 you can have the best of both.
Galaxy sx smartphones are more packed in features. I think Pixels ones need more time to get at the same place than Samsung ones.


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Jul 8, 2015

Is there any difference between the Gcam quality shot by an s9 vs s9+? Does the Gcam benefit from the extra camera? I don't think so since the google pixels all have a single cam, but I'd love to hear your experiences!

Martin Mystere

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Feb 8, 2010
This port work great even with Note 8 exynos except HDR+ processing is too slow - it needs at last 5-7 seconds until it finish.

Is that the same with S9/N9 and is it a way (any settings) to make it faster?


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Nov 2, 2018
Just install this mod.. and oh my god... results so much better...
yes it is a litle bit slow and don't have 2x zoom hdr... also no hdr for selfie.... but still i'm so much impressed.... thankx a lot! Hope it will be more refine mod!
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Oct 17, 2013
OMG! Great job! Now, no need to buy Pixel 3 I guess lol!

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Great job! Thank you! The S9 stock camera app looks trash after I've tried Gcam!

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    Since the neighboring topic is confusing, open this section and share the working modes of Google Camera, ONLY FOR EXYNOS !!!

    Update from iDan (14.10.2018) -
    3.5 Features:
    - added lock frame. This will lock the number if frames taken by Gcam and will not vary depending on light condition. So for exmple if HDR+ config is set to very high (24 burst) will take 24 burst photos in every condition
    -fixed OIS in video mode


    Front camera RAW support for Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+ and Note 9

    GCam_5.1.018.177470874.41362666_IDan_N6_3.5.apk - this is the last and latest version from IDan for non-root (without front hdr+)

    GCam_5.1.018.177470874.41362666_IDan_N6_4.1.apk - this is the last and latest version from IDan for rooted (root or twrp required for put patched library)

    GCam from iDan for Android 9 (ONE UI) NOT EXIST!!!!!
    Here is my version of Google camera for your device. I added the samsung specific settings live hdr, metering mode, also phase autofocus and optical stabilization. I've also make it work the aperture change so now u can select between 1.5 and 2.4 aperture. When i will some free time i will add also slow shutter options. For front camera it's really hard for me to fix it as long as i would need the device to test and to make more refinements. Later i will try to fix pixel 2017 too! download it from the browser and not from the app to avoid install issues!
    Here is another one version so that pixel and nexus 6 HDR+ can work on your device, however when you deactivate the pixel 2017 toggle you should select nexus 6 model otherwise you won't see anything. It took a huge amount time to fix pixel and nexus 6!
    I added also the refocus option so there is no toggle between portrait and refocus and the toggle to enable the PDAF (phase detection autofocus for dual pixel): on portrait mode the detection could be more precise but don't expect to work on objects beacuse pixel has some extra API for collecting dual sensor data while Samsung doesn't. There are also auto-exposure settings like arnova's but on exynos don't work that good so i will add when i will have some free time the slow shutter options.
    Also stability is improved, at least on my phone (s8) but i don't know on s9.
    - Fix of errors by reporting logcat from @Barmenchik
    - Test portrait mode

    Needless to say, this does not go without logcat.
    I don't have your device.

    Works on OP6, MI5..

    Arnova GCam mod logcat. for Arnova8G2
    Added the GCam auto-restart on settings changed. Probably like this is more easy so you dont have to restart every time
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