Working on porting Palm Threaded sms to the Diamond

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-Mr. X-

Senior Member
Apr 13, 2007
Ive got it pretty much done im just having issues getting the palm app to interface with the TF3D messaging tab.

sometimes it will grab the message but it does not appear correctly. but 97.9% of the time the TF3D tab will not show "no messages" when there is new messages.

the app its self works quite well though. and i prefer it over the WM 6.1 sms app

any input would be appreciated :)

does any one know how to get Manila to interface with the messageing.exe rather then tamail.exe - text
Jan 28, 2007
I know this thread is really old but it got me curious. Can you post what you've done so far? Have you made any further progress? I love Palm's threaded SMS and I'd love it on my Diamond. Were you able to get it to resize when the SIP pops up?