Working Viper4Android on stock (A13) or AOSP (A13) based ROM

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At first make sure that you doesn't have any other audio modules or mods that aren't in full stock. Then.

1. Download Viper4Android repackaged - LINK
2. In settings fully disable ''what's playing'', if you don't care it then go ahead (before disable test if it's working with enabled 'what's playing')
3. Go into magisk and install V4A repackaged and reboot throught magisk
4. After reboot you need to check if 'what's palying' wasn't enabled by system (if was flash AML(Audio Modification library) - LINK
If 4 step was fine and what's playing wasn't enabled then go to V4A app and enable Legacy mode

Sorry, i use russian language. but you see that anything works fine, tested only on pixel A13 stock roms - p4xl(my current device, and device where i found that), p5, p6a and p4a5g