World First: Guide to Install APK on Watch 3 Series

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Apr 23, 2011
Hi there,
I wanted to activate the debug mode on my gt3 watch.
But when I go to the about menu I can only find device name, Modell, Mac-Adress, harmony version if pushed it's changing to software version and the SN number and no build number.
I tried pushing every single one about 20 times. Nothing happened.
Can anybody help me out to find the build number cause I'm going crazy.
Same problem here, any news ?


Feb 23, 2006
Does anyone know if you can load an esim manager to the watch and setup an esim that way? The Huawei health route is very restrictive.


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Oct 23, 2012
hello guys i manage to connect my gt 3 pro and after I type in adb cmd (adb shell pm disable-user i recive that:

Exception occurred while executing:
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unknown package:
at android.os.ShellCommand.exec(
at android.os.Binder.shellCommand(
at android.os.Binder.onTransact(
at android.os.Binder.execTransact(
This guide is for the Watch 3, NOT GT 3


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Oct 20, 2012
Hi Guys,
Firstly must say big thanks for this thread.
I was thinking why need huawei watch 3 pro esim if will only work for calls and sms (originally not whattsapp that I use 90%)
But then I find this here and change mind.
Right now spotify works great I really love now my watch 3 pro and the options to install others apps is best.
Just now want ask where you take vanted apk. (everywhere is vanted manager but not player.)
And where find working whattsapp.
I try 3 aps what I find but didn't work even in install cone some error.
Also want ask if someone can share curve app I want try if will work 😂😉
Is there any list where I can find working app with download link? That will help

Thanks mates I really glad I find this.

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    Can't enter into debug in GT runner...
    It's not Watch 3 so it might need entirely different actions.
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    As the Huawei Ailesi, we promised to make a big difference compared to the classical media, and we continue to keep this promise in a way that will guide the world. Here is a guide that no one else has: the guide to install apps as APKs on the new Watch 3 series! We are very excited, if you are ready let's get started!

    First of all, we need to point out that this guide does not work on the Watch GT series, that is, the smart wearable series with LiteOS operating system, please do not try it in vain and do not ask questions like "Will it work on Watch GT 2 Pro?" in the comments. Only valid for the new Watch 3 series.

    Of course, it is necessary to meet some requirements before this process.


    - Computer

    – Watch 3 series or any laptop (or a WiFi-enabled desktop) connected to the same network

    Minimal ADB and Fastboot

    If the requirements are ready, let's start the installation.

    1-) First, go to the settings on the watch, then go to the about device section and press the build number a few times. Developer options will open.

    2-) Then go back and find the developer options, scroll down the menu slowly and activate the "Debug via Wi-Fi" button.


    3-) That's all we're going to do clockwise for now, we switch to the computer and run the Minimal ADB program.

    r/Huawei - World First: Guide to Install APK on Watch Series 3

    4-) We take a note of the ip address on the clock and enter the command adb connect (written as an example) and connect the computer to the Watch.

    r/Huawei - World First: Guide to Install APK on Watch Series 3

    We provide confirmation to the connection from the confirmation window that appears on the watch. When everything is done the command you entered will result in a space. If you get a network error, please check your network conditions.

    r/Huawei - World First: Guide to Install APK on Watch Series 3
    5-) Enter the command adb shell pm disable-user in the active command window. This command will disable the verification of applications trying to install from external sources, if you continue without using this command, the applications will not be installed.

    6-) Transfer any APK file to the location of Minimal ADB for testing, we can recommend you to try YouTube Vanced on the watch.

    7-) Then enter the command adb install apkad.apk (example: adb install vanced.apk) in the active command window, the apk name here will be the name of the APK you copied into Minimal ADB, you cannot install with any random name.

    😎 That's it, you'll see the YouTube logo on the watch's interface, isn't it great?

    Note: In order not to damage the system integrity, when you are finished installing the APK, enter the adb shell pm enable command and close the command window.

    We are waiting for you to write the applications you have tried and got successful results in the comments section, Huawei Ailesi has shown its difference again 😉

    Source: Original Link
    Thank you for the tutorial.
    I have followed all the steps and managed to install my first applications on my Huawei Watch 3.

    For those arriving, I have noticed that if the watch screen turns off ADB is disconnected, so I have done all the command line process with the screen in "always active" mode.

    I have tried some Wear OS apps without success, like Youtube Music (Vanced), Web Browser, Photo Gallery, Mail client.... All of them exit after a few seconds, except Youtube Music / Video Player for Youtube which works but requires a login module which doesn't work or is not installed / installable.

    I have installed the Huawei web browser from here:

    And it works quite well.

    I have managed to login to my google account and from there, I access youtube, drive, gmail, etc....
    Youtube plays the videos perfectly, even in full screen ( you can't exit full screen, you have to press the watch button to exit the browser).
    The watch gestures to display controls, notifications, or return to the previous screen do not work. However, from the top right corner you can access the browser menu, where the back and next controls are shown to navigate between pages.

    Not perfect, but useful.

    Attached are some pictures and I'm still testing apps :)
    It does not work for me. ADB sais: cannot connect to No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. (10061)

    The watch model is Watch 3 Pro - 509, GLL-AL01, the firmware is the latest avialable for me:

    Tried to restart the watch. Tried different Wi-Fi (for PC and watch), tried keep screen on while charging and with charger. The option in dev. menu sais: Unavialable

    View attachment 5416095

    Where it says Unavailable it should appear the target ip. If not shown, you cannot connect via adb. Do the following:

    1. Activate Flight Mode from notification bar.
    2. Now, active only wifi and make sure any other connection is disabled. In the notification bar it must appear only the wifi icon next to the battery level icon.
    3. Go to Developer settings and first switch on the HDC Debugging, and after that switch on the Wifi debug.
    Then, it must show the IP.

    Until any IP is shown there you cannot connect via adb.
    Just installed it from apkpure and it works properly.
    I can even use the watch gestures to navigate.
    I cannot login into my Youtube account (and I don't know if I should do it) even with microG.apk installed.
    Nothing happens.

    But it works: it plays video and I can even mirror the screen via Chromecast or FireTV.

    Working perfect com.socialnmobile.dictapps.notepad.color.note

    CX File Explorer
    Working too, I've been trying Dropbox integration and it worked great. I can now download pictures, videos, etc... to my watch from dropbox. CX Explorer has an image, audio, and docs gallery. So... all included here. com.cxinventor.file.explorer
    Installed in my Watch 3 4G and it works fine! The keyboard is always in capital letters though :/

    Installed the last apk version and it works perfect. The only issue is that by now Whatsapp allows only one account at a time, so, you have to choose whatsapp in smartphone or smartwhatch, but not both right now. Waiting for multi-account whatsapp version coming soon. I've tried clone solutions but they don't work. I can use Whatsapp Web in desktop mode via HUAWEI BROWSER (installation instructions above) but is not what I'm looking for.

    Works fine, not very comfortable.

    Arab music on the go.

    Works fine until you swipe from left to right. Doing this the app stops moving the star map interface.

    [Edit 19/10/2021]​

    From apkpure, in APK format (not xapk), working perfect with no premium needed!

    Is this the only watch having Whatsapp and free Spotify and nobody knows about it?