Would you buy it again?

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Oct 16, 2007
Now you've had the phone for a while and got to check out the camera, speaker battery life and everything else that matters to you. Would you recommend or buy the GS7E again?
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Dec 22, 2012
Now you've had the phone for a while and got to check out the camera, speaker battery life and everything else that matters to you. Would you recommend or buy the GS7E again?
Yup definitely an awesome phone... It does have a few bugs but software updates should fix most of it.... Samsung does still have some shady quality control still... I've had to return my phone twice.... One I got had a pink screen and one phone had a dead microphone..... I thought this is the first Galaxy I wouldn't have to return but after a day or two people kept telling me they couldn't hear me talking.... I've had to return every Galaxy phone since the S2 at least once

Galaxy S7 edge


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Jul 26, 2011
Still would recommend it without batting an eye. Beautiful phone, nice battery life, neat performance, nice camera... it has its quirks, like the fingerprint magnet the back is or the rare performance drops without apparent reason, from which it recovers immediately luckily. It's not perfect, but as it is atm it's definitely worth the money.

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Jan 23, 2007
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
I would buy it again.
Since using the Device, i have fallen in love with features that are so novelty it's unreal.
Small little gimmicky things like the Always on Display notifications down the side.

Love bezeless!!!!
Love the feel of the screen, Maybe its coming from a Reto phone, but the glass feels super silky!!! my fingers glide across so nice.
No more juttery thumbs and fingers when a little hot / sweaty !!!!!
It feels like a really premium phone (Does make me squint a small knocks or drops though)
I still cannot get over the Snappyness, Battery life and overall performance.

I was Slightly disappointed by the Audio, But nothing a simple root cannot fix (Thanks Viper)

I am coming down in Screen Size too (Something i really didnt want to do)
And i like the smaller screen, Feels more natural.

One down side about the device.
Is one handed mode SHOULD Disable the Edges from being Touch sensitive.
I cannot use it one handed properly without activating the Edge touch!
(Maybe Xposed Module)

Not a major issue, and something my hands will adjust to over time.

Oh and how bloody slippy the phone is!! Christ!!! i have caught the phone so many times as its slipped out of my own hands!!! :cowboy:


I had the S6 Edge right when it first came out, and was not happy with it, had it for 3 months and changed to Xperia Z3+ Dual, no issues there.
I bough the S7 Edge, and no regrets at all, beautiful phone, great battery, no heat issues, best screen I've ever had, etc., the only issue I've had with this one, is that it will restart itself for no reason every 10 days or so, it restarts pretty fast, however I don't know what to make of that.

I would definetly recommend this phone to anybody.


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Jun 19, 2010
Absolutely. I've had no problems with mine, other than notifications on AOD not working correctly. It's possible that's down to something I did, since they worked in the beginning. But I've turned AOD off anyway, so not a big deal.

Everything else is working fine. Like what I believe to be the vast majority of owners, I've had no issues with battery, phantom key presses, sounds, or anything else.


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Dec 8, 2013
Absolutely, never thought a phone can grow on me so quickly with no major draw backs. I fell in love with the design.

The software is sublime, works as it should, fast and smooth. Not a single crash since i started using the phone. I use the auto restart feature, so the phone is always in top shape for when i use it.

I just can't fault it yet, i can almost feel the love that went into creating it, just setting on a table, it begs you to pick it up.

I would recommand it in a heart beat :)
Honestly, the only reason I jumped on this phone was the promo for the Gear S2 or VR. Never really thought I'd own another Samsung phone. otherwise. I had the S3 for a few months and got rid of it. Felt like a CHEAP kids toy... (Loved my S2 though). I've been an HTC fan for most of my Android years, and the metal case is really hard to beat. But, I am really digging this phone. It looks and feels great, runs very nice, and I really like the very toned-down touch wiz. The camera takes AMAZING shots IMO, very clear, the screen is incredible, and it's very fast. I can also run this thing for however long in my VR with pretty much zero heat problems. My HTC One M8 got SUPER hot after about 10 minutes in my Cardboard. I'll def be passing on HTC for a while. Overall, this is a great phone. And I'd buy/recommend it again.


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Nov 6, 2012
I would recce it yes, with qualifications.

Very happy with the upgrade from the GS5 for myself, not sure how much an upgrade it is from say a GS6 Active though for example.

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    Now you've had the phone for a while and got to check out the camera, speaker battery life and everything else that matters to you. Would you recommend or buy the GS7E again?
    Would buy it 100 times over! The closest to a perfect phone for my taste. I see no drawbacks for me.

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