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write to /system/xbin without root

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Sep 1, 2009

been reading all around forums and no solution, here's the situation :

1. Root my device using z4root
2. OC the kernel using custom kernel
3. edit build.prop
4. test it using quadrant and it all went fine
5. unroot the device using z4root
6. try to root back and it failed

is it kernel got something to do with rooting? or z4root cause some problem so i can not root back? now i can not put my original boot img back to my device, have done a lot of time factory reset still failed.

trying all this command give me "permission denied" (ls, chmod, cp, mv..... etc)

is there a way to bypass this? or is there a driver for bootloader mode CSL_SPICE_MI700?

please how to bring this device to it's original state????

at least i can put busybox and su files to /system/xbin..i think it will solve the problem..but how since i don't have write access to the folder...