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I have the firehose/programmer for the LG V60 ThinQ. Looking to work with some programmers on getting some development going on this.



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Jul 6, 2021
Does anyone know a usb type c EDL Cable? or how do they get the Firehose files???
What do you mean by edl cable? If you are referring to a deep flash cable, you can easily make one by soldering a switch to the data+ and ground wires of the usb type c cable.

although according to these guides you shouldn't need any special cable

As for the firehose programmer, I cannot help. However you can try this site


replace (DOT) with a dot/period/full stop/decimal point
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A tutorial and files should be available soon, I'm going to join the guys working on it as soon as the work is finished with the stylo 6 and k51, should be very soon.
Hell yeah! This is great news. If you don't mind and you need the help. When you guys get around to it send me a message and I might be able to assist you somewhat with files. Provided things go right in my area. If you also need some phones to look into I have a couple extra v60 but they are the demo. I'm not sure what I'll limitations just yet. However it would be nice to figure these all out and anything else on the demo just to make it public to everyone so that those that might have one to use for a Wi-Fi to device are not limited of course. And much more.

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