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[X-Z3][LB/UB][5.1.1-264] C-P-X Max Ultra� Release10.0


New member
Mar 11, 2013
[X-Z3][LB/UB][5.1.1-264] C-P-X Max Ultra™ Release10.0 finally by SANKE811469906

What is C-P-X-Max Ultra™ ROM for?
C, representative Custom, P on behalf of Pure, X representative of Xperia
Why definition for Custom Pure Xperia Max, Ultra for?
C-P-X-Max Ultra™to a stable, fluid, non-promotional, personalized&practical function, localization, real-time synchronization official update for the
Therefore, the definition for Custom Pure Xperia Max Ultra™
To give users the best possible experience custom.​
A new version of C-P-X-Max Ultra™: the
FW 23.4. A. 1. 264 (of DE)
Based on: 23.4. A. 1. 264 (of DE)
kernel: to 23.4. A. 1. 264 (of DE)
Dual Recovery
Busybox support
init. d support
Crack Sdcard to read and write authority
Speed launch patch.

Calendar, calendar
Come and go Electric attribution to support
Call recording support
Desktop default Clock of small pieces of coarse down in detail
X-Z5 (for 1080P) applications
X-Z5 (in 1080P) for theme engine.
X-Z5 (for 1080P) in all themes
X-Z5 (for 1080P) in the recent mission small parts

The initiative showed support for [the prohibition of the use/commencement of use volume button to Wake (but to close the initiative to show/use volume button Wake Up, please open up the main activities are shown. Reboot after entry into force)] and
CyanogenMod power menu of the senior voice panel.
The power menu of self-definition
The power, menu, theme, cultural
Lock navigation column, the vertical screen heights: 40 dp
Lock navigation column horizontal screen high: 38 dp
Status column icons set: 20dp
Notice the column height set to: 21dp

UI: the
Under the panel environment display
Under the panel and task management-free
Omni model State column web speed.
CyanogenMod screen Delete button.
Bliss model a clock with date, self-definition
Operators of self-definition
Modified Wi-Fi and signal icon, distance, signal and battery distance.
Added mute&do not disturb mode icon in the Status column
Heads up, a default hidden time: 50,000 to ms
Lock Screen Clock: the
New“MIUI Clock” default
New“hide Clock.”
Lock screen“Sony Clock”rough following details

Senior set: the
“More established”to take over all control
Floating notifications support
Self-initiated management of weapons support
ROM information by'about phone'-->'on C-P-X-Max Ultra™' All

And more other projects
If you want to know more of the updated log, see
Set-->'about phone'-->'on C-P-X-Max Ultra™ '-->'update log' to check

ROM based on D6603.
XDA:DevDB Information
C-P-X Max Ultra� Release, ROM for the Sony Xperia Z3

Source Code: http://bbs.gfan.com/android-8238267-1-1.html

ROM OS Version: 5.1.x Lollipop

Version Information
Status: Stable

Created 2016-02-28
Last Updated 2016-02-28


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New member
Sep 23, 2015
Bugs...ambient display not work and on charge notification ligh is always green...reboot menu only reboot... Is speed rom

Inviato dal mio D6603 utilizzando Tapatalk


New member
Sep 23, 2015
Yes update

Inviato dal mio D6603 utilizzando Tapatalk

---------- Post added at 11:53 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:51 PM ----------

Edit now work

Inviato dal mio D6603 utilizzando Tapatalk
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