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    Hello. sorry for my bad english

    I have X80 PRO, X70 PRO PLUS, X NOTE

    and one Global Ver X80 pro

    and I unlocked bootloader X70 PRO+, X NOTE with this thread

    but only X 80 pro is not working with those method.

    I have one CN model, two GLOBAL(singapore) model.

    CN model - S/W version is PD_2185_A_12.0.11.7
    GLOBAL - S/W version is PD_2185F_EX_A_12.0.11.8

    both ORIGIN OS, FUNTOUCH OS are not unlockable.

    anyone did bootloader unlock??

    PLS tell me how to unlock BL :)

    really really really want it :)
    When you said the method that worked for your x70 doesn't work for your x80, what do you mean by doesn't work?
    Did the unlock command return OKAY and then it was still locked?
    Or did it fail with some error message? If so, what's the error you're getting?
    X70, I unlocked Bootloader.

    and with same way
    X80 failed
    CN and Global both failed

    unlock cmd said Okay
    flash cmd said failed (check signature~)

    and press power button and it reboot to UI

    so I try agian,
    unlock cmd said Okay
    flash cmd said failed (too many links)

    and try agian
    unlock cmd said failed (max download size~~~)
    flash cmd said failed (check signature ~)

    So I totally have no idea how to unlock BL
    the way of unlocking doesn't work
    You mentioned in one of your posts that you also have the Vivo X Note. Did the X70 unlocking method with on it?
    Yes X note can unlock BL with X70 unlock method
    At least I could unlock global X80 Pro.
    You can use this Android 12 rollback ZIP to downgrade fw to "2022-04-01" patch level.
    For global X80 Pro, I had to update to 13 Beta first, then reboot to recovery to install rollback zip.
    hmm, there's risk for brick... It seems progress bar is 0% so if it's failed before actual installation process, you'll survive.
    you are the best...!!!!
    I stopped update and it is reupdate automatically
    and after I downgrade with recovery.
    I can unlock BL :)
    really thanks to you
    one more time, you are the best