Question X90 Pro+ vs Honor Magic 5 Pro

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    Well I have 470mah per hour surfing on 4G with lots of data, 400mah if little data (room light, not outdoors).. 5-6% /hour on WiFi which is better than your quoted 350maH and actually quite a lot better than most review websites. That's 235-260maH. But it's standby without WiFi and especially power use if outdoors and far away from cities (but close enough to have 1-2 cells) that drains this phone like no tomorrow. Though luckily standby did improve a bit on latest update too. Down to 0.8% per hour from 1.5% that it was on release and 1% the last month (that is really deep sleep, not average screen off).

    And yeah about 1GB of 4G data equals 1% battery (with good reception, if outdoors with bad reception this can go up to 5% and thats really crazy, meaning google photos backup or similar will drain this phone if I don't switch off auto backup while being outdoors). I said already I consume 300-400GB mobile data a month so to me this really matters. My old p30pro was much better, as are phones that actually have the new Qualcomm x70 modem.
    In Italy we usually say that a man is making too much "mental masturbation" when all he does is create problems in his own head. What's the problem with battery?
    From what I see the Vivo X90 Pro Plus has a very good battery that lasts me more than 24 hours without problems despite using it a lot. Need more autonomy? Maybe you should take 2 phones or a power bank with you. :D Even with S23 Ultra do you think the battery life is double? it will last at most 1 hour more with screen on and I'm not even sure about this thing.

    You must convince youselves that the perfect phone doesn't exist. I'm sure you won't be 100% happy also with S23U and Honor Magic 5 Pro.
    Looks like the much much better X90 Pro+ on first look.

    Software Policy that promises 3 major android upgrades, 5 years of security updates vs nothing on Vivo (likely 1-2 major upgrades only). Caveat on MWC it was spotted with Android 12 out of the box - but the China OS version seems to be on Android 13. Very unlikely it will launch with Android 12.
    Software stability/notificatins: Yeah Huawei/Honor isn't top but way better than Vivo.
    Google: fully inbuilt on European model - no China OS spyware
    Sensor: Yes it's only 1/1.12" but it has F1.6 vs F1.8 so the natural bokeh will be pretty identical. Amount of light per pixel even slightly better
    Ultrawicde: a bit higher quality sensor,
    Selfie sensor: much better.
    Zoom: Identical but faster lens - so in theory also slightly better. F3.0 vs F3.5
    Camera software: well Huawei has always been top...
    Battery: 5100maH (Global version only, Chinese gets 5450) vs 4700 on X90..

    Bluetooth: X90 Pro+ has 5.3 s 5.2 only on Huawei.
    Wifi: some special Wifi 6 promised - but both miss Wifi 6e and Wifi 7 as it looks now
    esim: Magic 5 Pro should come with e-sim and dual sim for Europe.

    Price: 1200€ including VAT and warranty in Europa - price is for Germany.... (that's basically identical to China plus VAT)
    Price in China: The 90 Pro+ has today dropped today with vouchers to 4500RMB on JD (quite a drop from once 6999RMB even tough it was available at 6000 right from the start - Magic 5 Pro starts at 7473RMB - don't know about discounts... Clearly in China the X90Pro+ is a bargain vs the Magic 5 Pro in price right now. S23 Ultra goes for around 78000 RMB in China for the 512GB version.

    Biggest default for Magic 5 Pro: concering camera: no variable aperture! This will hurt exactly the same as on X90 Pro+. Likely Xiaomi 13 Ultra will have the better main camera due to variable aperture on the IMX 989.
    Magic 5 Pro likely has small Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor only (however their face unlock should be safer - unlike Vivo that opens with a picture...)
    Hello , my lovely friend . Can i ask you again why you bought such a bad phone like the X90 pro plus ? what are you trying to prove here? I know i risk getting blocked soon because of you . Can you please tell me why on earth you still use the x90 pro plus? we got your point , its sh*t , you hate it . You are the only guy here who has this opinion .even so we respect that. Why do you use this phone if its so dissapointing to you ?
    Differences are big if you ask me . Turns out that the Magic 5 Pro its a overhyped product , camera wise . Just like the s23 Ultra .
    Cant believe my eyes how bad the ultrawide lens its on the Honor
    What about the bad software of the Vivo?
    I used both Xiaomi and Vivo . No competition for my taste , i prefer Vivo's OS way better .
    The sad thing is that he bought it thinking it was a battery phone but he is also complaing about photo quality even if in many comparison Vivo is better than S23U.
    He is complaining about battery , camera , design , modem , google services ( everybody knows the problems with chinese phones) . How is that possible ? How is that even being tolerated every single day its beyond my power of understanding . I get it peoples got opinions , i like criticism as long as its constructive and realistic . But he is literally aberrating . Im ready to be banned right now . Banned for speaking in the name of 99% of this forum .