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Oct 20, 2008

I recently upgraded to a native 7.8 Windows Phone on my HD7.
There was an app I used to set the local music as my ringtone, it allows use to browse the music library to choose a track.
I've forgotten the name of the application, if anyone could share it with me, I'd appreciate.

Thanks in Advance


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Jan 27, 2008
Friuli (near Venice)
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Feb 13, 2010
Near Venice
Can't connect to Bazaar

Hi everybody,

After installing new Dynamics 2.2 for HTC Gold and all applications, I tried to install again apps from bazaar.
It starts but it doesn't load anything, the apps lists don't appear!
I also had a look at the website but it's not answering (no ping answer...).
Any news about?

[EDIT] Today it's working again...
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    Hi Everyone,
    For a long time we've been struggling with searching forums for new applications and deploying them using our PC.

    Windows Phone OS is also missing a platform for publishing new applications that cannot be released using WP Marketplace – such as Homebrew apps or application that are not complaint with Microsoft Marketplace policies (very much like IPhone’s “Cydia”).

    We are happy to introduce to you a new application that we have been implementing for the past couple of weeks.

    Meet Bazaar – an alternative Windows phone Marketplace.
    Bazaar is an application that allows you to browse applications by categories, share, download and install them directly within your device without the need to connect your device to your PC.

    The installation capabilities of Bazaar are available to fully unlocked devices. This means, that if you have fully unlocked device, you can install homebrew application directly from your Windows Phone.
    If your Windows Phone device is not fully unlocked, you can use Bazaar for PC to deploy applications to your phone with an easy and smooth user interface. It is still recommended to install Bazaar for Windows Phone even if you can't install applications to mark your favorite applications and deploy them altogether later when you get home.

    In the near future we will add more functionalities as-
    • Submit new applications via Bazaar web site
    • Online search in Bazaar applications repository
    • And many more…

    You are all welcome to suggest features that you would like to see in our future releases.

    Independent developers (and who ever knows such :)), want to share your homebrew with the entire Windows Phone homebrew consumers community? send us information about YOUR apps – Icon, description, screenshots, categories, etc.. – so we can help getting your app to as many devices.

    important note –
    • Bazaar is NOT a place to distribute “cracked” games and apps. We’re not encouraging piracy.

    Thanks to:
    DFT team for their wonderful work in making a FREE rom.
    • “fiinix” (from XDA) for sharing his source code for a WP7 Web Server
    • “ultrashot” (from XDA) for sharing his native installation code!

    Follow us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/WPBazaar
    Our website – www.WP-Bazaar.com
    Emails – [email protected], [email protected]

    Lidan and Ofir.

    [UPDATED 18/1/2012] - 0.9.5 - We've now published our fully-functional release.
    In this release you can create an account, mark favorite applications, search for applications online, download and install applications and more...

    We are almost ready to publish our version of Bazaar for PC along with the Bazaar for Windows phone version that does not require interop-unlocked so you could automatically deploy all your favorite apps to your device. Stay tuned!

    I'm attaching the new fully-functional release - version 0.9.5 and new screenshots for the upcoming release of Bazaar for PC.

    [UPDATED 21/1/2012] - 0.9.6 - New installation method.

    Bazaar 0.9.6 released! for all fully-unlocked devices

    It including some minor bug fixes and a new installation method! many thanks to ultrashot from XDA!

    1. Bazaar for PC is released! with Bazaar for PC you will be able to deploy applications to your phone even if it's only developer unlocked!
    Bazaar for PC allows automatic sync, easy access and smooth user interface to use Bazaar's repository.

    2. Bazaar for Windows Phone will run on any device (interop\fully unlock are not must-to-have). If your device is able to install XAP files (fully unlocked), you will be able to do that through Bazaar for Windows Phone. but if you are not able to deploy XAP files on your phone, you need to use Bazaar for PC.

    [UPDATED 12/5/2012] - 1.5.0

    • Toast & Tile notifications for homebrew applications updates. From 1.5 and on, you will be informed automatically when updates are available to any of your homebrew applications. With one single click, you will be able to update all of your outdated applications.
    • Better favorites mechanism - Bazaar allows you to deploy all the favorites applications with one click (instead of one-by-one). Very useful after formatting your phone or installing new ROM.
    • Rank & Reviews screens - Bazaar allows to rank & review applications, this way you can communicate with the developer and give let him know what you think of the application. Please remember to be fair, Constructive criticism is the name of the game.
    • Self updater - Bazaar will be able to update itself from now and on. This means, that next time we release a new version, Bazaar will let know about it and will be able to update itself automatically. No need to connect your phone to your PC or updating from your phone's browser anymore.
    • Better handling for communication issues.
    • Lots of bugs fixed.

    [UPDATED 07/07/2012] - 1.7.0

    • Toast & Tiles notification will appear now for all users.
    • Background image stretch was fixed.
    • When disabling Bazaar's scheduled task it will not pop up an error any more.
    • Performance improvements.
    • General bugs fixes.
    • Bazaar goes multilingual! Available for the following languages: French, Spanish, Finnish, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Dutch, Norwegian.

    Bazaar for PC and Bazaar for Windows Phone are available for download through our website: http://www.WP-Bazaar.com .

    Bazaar for Windows phone (XAP files) is attached to this thread as well.

    We'd love to get feedback and ideas for improvment.

    Until next time...
    For those of you who don't have fully unlocked devices, we have a solution for you!

    Check out the latest release (1.1.0).
    You will be able to use Bazaar for PC to deploy applications to your phone (even if it's developer unlocked).
    Plus, You can install Bazaar on your developer unlocked phone and use it to mark application as favorites when you are out to deploy them altogether automatically when you get home.

    We'll be happy to hear your feedback.

    Bazaar V1.5!

    Just as we promissed - V1.5 of Bazaar is released for the public.
    Toast & Tile notifications for homebrew updates, better favorites mechanism, rank & review for applications, self-updater for Bazaar, lots of bug fixes.
    Go to: http://wp-bazaar.com/ to download Bazaar and view the full release notes.

    Bazaar's XAP file is attached on this thread too.

    We have lots of new features & apps for you, so stay tuned :)
    It works on my Samsung Focus (1st Gen) Mango , it give this message when opening
    "incompatible ROM'
    You must have DFT's custom ROM installed in order to run Bazaar on your Windows Phone.


    Ooops....Something is wrong.
    Please send us the logs so we can look in to it.

    Send logs?
    Hit cancel

    App shows up fine :
    This is a BETA-Applications for testing only

    If you click on an app it shows details ,reviews ,screens , you can click install and it will and it will simulate an install and say in red BETA - Installing Apps is disabled!

    Pretty nice looking app I must say , I agree an app like this would be very usefull for "homebrew" not sure if I would categorize "cydia" as a homebrew , Im sure Apple doesnt think that way and I really dont know how Microsoft would feel about this , but I see it as a really useful tool , I agree also with cydia , my wifes phone has it and theres alot better and more effient apps coming from cydia than itunes thats for damn sure , maybe you can make this happen on WP7 ,I hope so! Keep up the good work!!

    Thank you.
    By the way, The problem you've reported was fixed :) uninstalling the application and redownloading it will fix the problem.

    For now, we've removed the warning about "ROM is not supported" so everyone can see the application and test it.

    By the way, it's not only simulate a download - it really download the XAP file, but we intentionally disabled the installation feature as we did not yet got publishers approval.

    Thanks again for the feedback!