[Xap] Unique File Manager V 3.5 with add mp3 to zune


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Jul 13, 2008
hi to every body:laugh:
this is a first file manager with send via bluetooth for WP7
this program use DFT bluetooth driver and without that can't work
you must install and active BT File Transfer
you can download BT File Transfer in this topic

V 3.5
this is last version of this app and i cant develop this any more because i lost the code of this app and this version is not completed and has some bug and i cant fix it
this is only file i have and i repack it from my phone from last debug

for use add mp3 to zune you must select mp3 file in file manager and in menu tab on add mp3 to zune on this you can edit mp3 tag and you must select background and album cover image than click add
if you dont select those image this not work

change log v3.5:

  • ability to add mp3 file to zune and can play it from your player
  • bug fix in mp3 tag

V 3.0
Special thanks for Solaimani nasab because without her support i can't write this app and i proudly offer this app to her ;)

change log v3.0:

  • add ability to pack installed app and send via Bluetooth
  • add ability to Uninstall app (by holding finger in it)
  • add ability to zip file and folder(you can add password to it)
  • add ability to extract zip file with password (it will request password when you extract file)
  • change home directory to My Documents (for speed up start up of app)
  • new interface for more preference
  • add exit button for app
  • redesign favorite menu and add a tab for it(see pictures)
  • add new button in top of file manager for add to favorite
  • speed up reading mp3 tag by using new library(you will feel it)
  • new design for about page
  • fix some bugs

change log v2.0:

Video :
  • add ability to see mp3 artist and title under the file name
  • add ability to see thumbnail of videos and pictures
  • add favorite menu for access shortly to special folders and file
  • application add in share menu of picture hub to quickly send picture from picture hub
  • allow to Customizations Menu Bar
  • allow to change background image
  • add context menu in application
  • add Language to application (Persian,English,Arabic,Bulgarian,French,Indonesian (IDN),Italiano,Polish,Portuguese,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese,Turkhish) (Thank to all for translation)
  • fix some bugs


  • send any file via bluetooth(thank dft for buletooth driver)
  • can run any file in wp7 that definition in registry
  • can install xap file
  • can processing script file (.PROVXML)
  • can Extract zip file in to a folder
  • can manage file/folder (copy cut paste delete rename)
  • can view any file as text

Important Note:

  • reading mp3 tag may take a while for first time and when you add a new music to the phone you must delete _temp file in each folder
  • This application need full unlock rom to work!!!
  • me and PWPD group don't have any responsible for any damage from this app to your device so use this app in your own risk.
Thanks to:
  • special thanks for DFT for Bluetooth driver
  • Heathcliff74 for the wonderful WP7 Root Tools SDK
  • Ego Zheng for dll program
  • Navisluni for mp3 library
  • Mr.Pat4 for Design
  • My laptop to allow me to write this app in it :D
  • and MS for great windows
  • and big thank for Solaimani nasab for all support

  • Iranian people can go to my site and mack a donate for me from this address
  • other people can donate from this link

I proudly offer this application to the people of my country, the people who respect all cultures and civilizations and despise hostility and resentment

Mohsen-Unique @ PWPD


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Jan 5, 2010
i think this have a problem i use this method to run provxml file
but i don't know whay dont work?
Hi, I have used this method in my app, but for use this you must change a lot of things in the provxml, for example if you have this in your provxml value="1" you must write value=\"1\" also you must remove the space from > to the next <


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Jul 29, 2011
can you please build skydriveupload in? thx,i think this feature would be great,because marketplaceskydrive can only upload the excel and office files,fotos etc,i want to uplaod also every data in every folder i want to upload.The reason why i say this is because i can download things with opera(like ebooks in epub,which i want to uplaod on skydrive to download it in freda)and want to upload them to skydrive to use them without my pc(like in example there up).
I hope you can understand :)
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