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Aug 9, 2014
Hi there,

Sorry for being such a noob, but how do we "flash" the advance camera driver ?
I have the stock France OPEN 16GB D80230b rom, rooted with DPTOOLS.
So I assume I do not have a custom recovery, but not sure i need one as it's not mentionned.

Any guidance would be greatly apreciated.


For flashing you should have a custom recovery installed eg:TWRP, after installing a custom recovery just download proper camera drivers for your specific Phone model and just flash it through a custom recovery

mayur badam

Mar 27, 2017
Hello i just flashed the advance driver zip on lollipop stock rom but, iam not getting the option for 4k recording. I only got 4k for photos
Can anyone say me what to do for that.
I just want to record in 4k so that i can upload on youtube. Can anyone please help me out.
It will be very helpful if anyone helps.

Can anyone here please explain the procedure of how to select correct package and flash the mod
My model is t-mobile d801
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Jul 22, 2018
XCamLG not rotates from landscape to portrait

Hi, xdabbeb!
Awesome app! But I have one problem when I use it. When app starts it always works in landscape mode.
Other apps on my device works correctly (even stock camera app). How can this problem be solved?
I use rooted LP 5.0.2 on my LG G2 D802 with XCamLG_624_g2adv_lp.apk (+ XCam LG Settings v1.6.7.apk) installed.

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    My goal for this application was to create a more flexible camera solution for LG phones. The camera hardware itself is very capable, but LG didn't necessarily take full advantage of it with their software. This app extends the capabilities of the camera and offers increased control/quality.
    • This is ONLY for stock or stock-based firmware (the version of Android that LG provides)...not AOSP/CM/etc.
    • If you are looking for instructions on using the XCam LG Settings donation app, see the 2nd post.
    • If you are a developer or have a rooted device and are interested in the advanced camera driver/binaries I have created, see the 3rd post.
    • This is for Android 4.4.x and higher. If you are looking for older 4.2.x versions of my camera mod see the 4th post.

    1. Make sure you have turned on the option for "Unknown Sources" under Settings > General > Security.

    2. First you need to decide which version of the apk to download onto your phone. If you are using a 100% stock unrooted G2 you will choose the appropriate G2 Stock version. If you are currently using a rom that has the advanced driver (ask in your rom's thread, not here) you will choose the appropriate G2 Advanced version. If you are rooted, are running KitKat and ONLY and wish to add the 4kUHD video mode you can flash (via twrp) a modified media_profiles.xml file and install the G2 UHD KitKat version.
    3. When the download has finished, pull down your notification tray and select the file. If you can't find it, go to "Downloads" listed in your app drawer and select the file from there. This will start the install process.

    4. If you wish to support development and gain additional functionality, please consider purchasing the XCam LG Settings app from the play store HERE. For details on the options within this companion app, see the 2nd post.

    5. Due to changes Google made starting with Android 4.4.x, if you want to save photos to your external SD Card you will need to install and run NextApp's SDFix (requires root access). After you restart your phone the external option should work without issue.

    6. Due to limitations of the stock LG G2 camera driver, the 120fps (slow-motion) video is VERY dark. If your device is rooted you can install the advanced driver packge (3rd post) that I put together which has a higher iso ceiling for this mode and adds other enhancements/features.

    1. Why won't XCam 6.x install on my device?
      • If you're running ART on Android 4.4.x, XCam 6.x won't work. In order to make XCam compatible with the official ART included with Android 5.0.x, changes were needed that make it incompatible with the unofficial/beta implementation included with KitKat. XCam 6.x will work perfectly with the official KitKat runtime (dalvik), however. If you want to run ART on KitKat, you can still use the latest 5.x branch apk.
    2. Will this work on AOSP?
      • No. This camera requires framework/driver support that is only in the stock LG firmware.
    3. Will you ever make it work on AOSP?
      • Though I won't say "never", I will say it's highly unlikely. Asking this question repeatedly makes it less likely.
    4. Why doesn't my screen turn on with the Vol- longpress when this is the default camera app?
      • This is due to LG hard-coding the package reference in their framework. XCam LG itself has the capability but your firmware will need to be modified to point to the new package. I have given some of the details on what to look for HERE.
    5. Why are the 60 and 120 fps video modes progressively darker?
      • This is due to the nature of light & photography. An increase in frame rate means a faster effective shutter speed...which also means less light getting to the sensor per frame.
    6. Why doesn't the 60 fps video mode always shoot at 60 fps?
      • LG's camera driver decides when the ambient lighting is high enough to allow 60fps. All the camera app can do is request it, so it's out of my control.
    7. Why isn't the 120fps mode in slow-motion and why does it look pixelated?
      • All "slow-motion" modes do is record video at a much higher framerate (in this case 120fps) so that when you play it back at a more standard 30fps everything appears to move slowly while still maintaining a smooth framerate. It is up to your video playback app whether or not it supports this. If you want to permanently alter the video to play back at a slower framerate, it will need to be re-encoded at that speed. As for the pixelization/lower-res quality of this mode, that is because LG's (and other OEM's) implementation of these higher-framerate videos entails upscaling from a lower-resolution to 720p.
    8. Why don't I have a saturation slider in the settings app?
      • As mentioned in the settings app's play store description, this isn't available on all devices/drivers. LG removed this capability from the G Pro 2 (which the G2 Advanced KitKat driver is based on) and the G3.
    9. Why are the icons overlapping/misaligned and why is the preview not filling the whole screen?
      • This is because you changed the default screen density/dpi for your device, which throws off the UI layout. To resolve this, you can either use the freely available App Settings xposed module to force XCam to stock (480) or modify the apk yourself using the files I have posted here as a guide. I will not be supporting these mods, however, so do not ask questions about how to make the changes or use apktool in the thread.

    1. Gather as much information as possible on how to reproduce the issue.
    2. If the application is force closing, get a full logcat that shows the error/problem. Here is an excellent tutorial on how to get one. There are also apps such as SysLog available in the play store that allow you to capture this on your device.
    3. Post very clear/exact steps to reproduce the problem along with logs here. If you don't have either, post in the Q & A thread.

    Version 6.2.4:
    • fix DualCam FC on KK
    • fix DNG conv for GPro2/LGL22
    • fix GPro2 LED FC
    • fix G2 LP AutoFlash FC
    • add Rule of 3rds grid toggle
    • add Max Screen Lux toggle
    • add Touch Shutter toggle (like tap-to-focus/shoot in stock G3 camera)
    • low batt check off
    • G3 front camera Beauty
    • NR on/off for more modes (device-dependent)
    • Auto HDR/Night in IA shot mode for G3 series
    Version 6.0.0:
    • Official LG Android L compatibility
    • UI refresh and new icons (thanks @60nine !!!)
    • Gesture selfie for front camera
    Version 5.2.4:
    • revert :: bump 60fps min rate higher in low-light (caused problems in certain luminance conditions)
    • fix UHD mode missing from stock g2 + 4kUHD version
    Version 5.2.3:
    • NEW:: w10m video snapshot in 1080p/720p 30fps modes (advanced driver only)
    • NEW:: manual focus in HDR, Burst, Panorama, Shot/Clear modes
    • NEW:: bump 60fps min rate higher in low-light
    • removed unused code/permissions (fix vs98511c & L crashes)
    • fix HDR edge glitch for G3
    Version 5.1.2:
    • BugFix: FC in Shot and Clear photo mode
    • Slightly improved quality in a few shot modes
    Version 5.1.1:
    • BugFix: FC when selecting Help in Photo mode
    • Bypass Video mode popup for Sprint users
    Version 5.1.0:
    • Support for XCam LG Settings donation app (available in Play Store)
      • Control Jpeg Compression Level (Quality), Contrast, Saturation (stock G2 camera driver only) and Sharpness.
      • Control minimum shutter speed for Burst Shot, Intelligent Auto, Night, Normal and Sports photo modes.
      • Control other camera features such as the audio noise Gate, automatic night mode, focus Lock/video recording sounds, etc.
    • Redesigned icon :)
    • Sports mode now set at min 1/30 shutter speed
    Version 5.0.0:
    • Initial release of completely new app
    • NEW Lightframe/flash mode for front camera
    • NEW Sports mode revamped
      • Set at min 1/24 shutter speed
      • For now, if you don't open the camera in Sports mode, you will need to toggle between IA mode and back to Sports to enable this faster shutter (you can also toggle between video and back)
    • Normal mode now bypasses the automatic switch to night mode in low light (and the corresponding multi-frame smoothed/nr photo).
    • Improved image quality across the board

    Special Thanks To:
    • Brut.all & iBotPeaches - apktool
    • JesusFreke - smali/baksmali
    • 60nine - for the excellent icons and banner
    • troopii - for the color matrices and commiseration

    Please provide any feedback pertaining to bugs or feature requests as I'll be actively working on this project.

    Devs: Due to the fact that this mod is available as a normal apk install, there is no need for and I do not authorize it to be included in ANY roms/firmware. It creates confusion for people installing it and fragments any reporting of problems. You can direct them to this thread to install the latest version. Please feel free to use the binaries/driver packages I have created, however. If you do so, you must put a credit in your OP. Though it should go without saying, I do not approve of any use/copying of the code/methods contained herein for your own app/mod.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    XCam LG, App for the LG G2


    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 6.2.4
    Stable Release Date: 2013-11-29

    Created 2014-06-20
    Last Updated 2016-02-13
    LG G2 Advanced Camera Driver/Binary Package


    These are modified driver/binary packages for the LG G2. They provide performance and quality improvements as well as support for additional shot modes/features that were originally found in the LG G Pro 2.

    • This is ONLY for LG's stock or stock-based firmware (the version of Android that LG provides)...not AOSP/CM/etc.

    1. Peform a full nandroid backup.
    2. If you haven't done step 1, you're on your own! Please don't post here asking what to do if something has gone wrong. If you have a backup, then you're safe.
    3. Download and flash the appropriate package below. If you don't know what your rom/firmware is based on or if they have already included this driver, please contact the maintainer/dev before flashing.
    1. Get a full logcat that shows the error/problem. Here is an excellent tutorial on how to make one.
    2. Post the logcat along with your full model name and rom version in the Q&A thread.
    3. Restore your backup to get back to stock.
    4. If you didn't make a backup, then unfortunately there's not much I can do to help. There are countless hw/sw combinations out there, and given the constantly changing number of files included in this mod it's not feasible for me to keep a catalog of them all.
    Camera Driver/Binary Package Downloads:
    v1.0.0 - Advanced Driver for G2/GPro2-based 4.4.x firmware
    v1.0.1 - Advanced Driver for G3-based 4.4.x firmware*
    v2.0.0 - Advanced Driver for G2 5.0.2 firmware

    * Due to the constantly changing nature of the G3 KK ported roms, you should check with your rom maintainer first to determine if they have already included the advanced driver. Certain files may need to be omitted/added/swapped depending on the rom. For instance, you should NOT this on CloudyG3 v2.x. as a variant of this driver is already included and installing this one will cause problems.

    Stock G2 Driver from VS98026A w/4kUHD profile support - may not work on all G2 variants
    Stock G2 5.0.2 files from D80230B - This only reverts the changes included in the 2.0.0 Advanced driver.

    VideoPlayer Downloads:
    xdabbeb's videoplayer v1.0.0 - only for stock G2 KK ROMs
    Version 2.0.0:
    • Support for G2 stock 5.0.2 firmware
    Version 1.0.0/1:
    • Random HDR FC fixed from previous GPro2 binaries
    • LG's blue-shift/blanching in photos has been corrected
    • Improved image quality
    • Improved noise reduction algorithm
    • Iso 50 enabled in high luminance environments
    • Improved auto white-balance decisions

    Please provide any feedback pertaining to bugs or feature requests as I'll be actively working on this project.

    Devs: Feel free to use the driver/binary packages I have created. You do not need to ask for permission, but if you use them, you must put a credit in your OP. Though it should go without saying, I do not approve of any use/copying of the code/methods contained herein for your own app/mod.
    XCam LG Settings Donation App


    The XCam LG Settings app provides something extra for those who choose to donate and support development. It allows on-the-fly configuration for many aspects of the camera that were previously unavailable.

    • This is ONLY for stock or stock-based firmware (the version of Android that LG provides)...not AOSP/CM/etc.

    1. Download the latest version of XCam LG Settings from the Google Play Store HERE. This will start the install process.
    2. If you want to test early releases, join the XCam LG Settings Google+ community and then follow the link found there to become a tester.
    3. If your phone/model shows as currently unsupported, please get in touch with me.
    1. Image Control:
      • Quality: Change the jpeg compression level from 0 (high compression/small file size) to 100 (lowest compression/largest file size)
      • Contrast: Change the pre-processing contrast level from 0 (lowest) to 10 (highest)
      • Saturation: Change the pre-processing saturation level from 0 (greyscale) to 10 (highly saturated). This option is not available on all devices/drivers.
      • Sharpness: Change the pre-processing sharpness level from 0 (lowest) to 36 (highest)
    2. Shutter Control:
      • Burst/IA/Night/Normal/Sports: Change the minimum shutter speed for the corresponding shotmode. This is useful if you want to capture faster-moving subjects in lower light situations and don't want the camera to automatically shift to it's slowest possible shutter speed (~ 1/7 sec). Keep in mind that increasing this speed obviously means darker photos. Some interesting results can be achieved by leaving "Auto Night Mode" (described in next section) enabled while setting the minimum shutter speed of Normal mode to 1/30. The multiple exposures of night mode and the corresponding noise reduction still kick in, but the focus time is improved. Due to edge issues these photos are best if cropped.
    3. Bitrate Control:
      • Change the bitrate for UHD (if supported by your device), FHD60fps, FHD30fps, HD120fps (slo-mo), HD60fps, and HD30fps modes. NOTE :: You can only go as high as your firmware/rom allows for. NO app can override this. To change this, you'll have to edit the maxBitRate for the h264 encoder in your media_profiles.xml.
    4. Photo options:
      • Auto Night Mode: Toggle the automatic drop into Night for the Normal shotmode ON/OFF.
      • Noise Reduction: Toggle photo wavelet noise reduction ON/OFF. This will work on many (but not all shotmodes)...Normal, Panorama, HDR (for LP), Night, and IA (for LP). NOTE :: Turning this off bypasses all post-processing. This includes sharpness, contrast, zoom, etc.
      • Normal Mode Raw: Toggle raw bayer mode ON/OFF for Normal shotmode. They will NOT have a preview image as your gallery app can't read them. The resulting files will have a .dng extension and will be in the /sdcard/DCIM/Camera/dng/ directory. You can use your file manager of choice to browse to this directory and open them with the free version of PhotoShop Express from the Play Store or view/edit them on your computer. The library I wrote to convert our camera's mipi raw to dng is based on ille's raspiraw binary, which in turn is based on sample code by Dave Coffin (creator of dcraw).
      • Chroma Flash: Toggle chroma flash ON/OFF (G2 Advanced KK driver and GPro2 KK only)
      • Focus Lock Sound: Toggle the sound heard when touch focus locks ON/OFF
      • Night Mode: Toggle the night shotmode availability under the mode button ON/OFF
      • Sports Mode: Toggle the sports shotmode availability under the mode button ON/OFF
    5. Video options:
      • Continuous Focus: This is the default focus mode for video that adjusts continually based on both your and your subjects' movement. Turn it off to access the following mode
      • Fixed Focus: When continuous focus is OFF and this is ON, video mode will be set at a fixed/infinity focal point. When both continuous AND this is turned OFF, the focal point can be set while in photo mode and when you switch to video it will hold that focal point.
      • Audio Source: Select any of the available audio sources listed HERE. If you're looking for the equivalent of the previous Noise Gate Toggle, select Mic. This allows control over the sometimes objectionable "underwater audio" effect.
      • Stereo Mics: Toggle between stereo (ON) and mono (OFF) if supported by your device.
      • Audio Rec Check: Toggle the check for another app using the microphone ON/OFF. This can alleviate the "Cannot start recording while another application is using audio" message encountered when the "OK Google" Detection from any screen option is enabled under Google Now. Keep in mind that this is enabled for a reason, and that videos recorded while this check is bypassed may stutter slightly.
      • Recording Sound: Toggle the sound heard when starting/stopping video recording ON/OFF
    1. Gather as much information as possible on how to reproduce the issue.
    2. If the application is force closing, get a full logcat that shows the error/problem. Here is an excellent tutorial on how to make one. There are also apps such as CatLog available in the play store that allow you to capture this on your device.
    3. Post very clear/exact steps to reproduce the problem here along with any pertinent log files or email them to [email protected].
    Version 1.6.5:
    • G2 Advanced LP support
    • One-time reset of prefs
    • Remove G2 LP raw (LG broke it). I will keep working on it.
    • NEW:: Audio Source toggle (device-dependent)
    • NEW:: UHD 5min limit toggle
    Version 1.5.2:
    • Save raw in dng format
    Version 1.4.0:
    • XCam LG 6.0.0 push
    Version 1.3.5:
    • NEW:: save raw in Normal ShotMode
    • NEW:: disable photo NR
    • NEW:: adjust video bitrate
    • NEW:: video focus: toggle continuous, fixed/infinity and lock from photo mode.
    • improved update/model checks
    • layout change/cleanup
    Version 1.2.0:
    • Add automatic update check for XCam LG app
    • Adjusted min shutter speeds for stock G2 camera driver
    • Fix camera driver quirk that could cause "cannot connect" error after first run of settings app on certain devices.
    • Detailed licensing errors with links to contact Google directly in the event of a problem.
    Version 1.1.0:
    • Add stereo/mono microphone option for video
    Version 1.0.1:
    • Add support for LG G3
    • Thank you toast only on first run
    • Fix links in Menu > About
    Version 1.0.0:
    • Initial release
    Previous Versions


    Version 1.0.0:
    • Based on Stock LG 4.3.1 Camera apk and stock libraries
    • Will not interfere with other Camera apps performance
    • Improved low-light photo performance/flexibility
      • Night mode slowest shutter speed of 1/6
      • Normal mode slowest shutter speed of 1/10
      • IA mode slowest shutter speed of 1/15
    • Improved low-light photo focus speed
    • Increased low-light video framerates
      • lowest rate of 24fps (movie quality) when 30fps target rate is selected
      • lowest rate of 15fps when 60fps target rate is selected so user still has option of capturing video in very low-light
    • Disabled regional checks so shutter sound "off" option is available to everyone.
    • JPEG compression/quality at 97
    Version 1.1.0:
    • NEW HDR Video Mode
      • Select it from the MODE menu while in video recorder
      • Doesn't do the over-saturated thing the HDR photo mode does, but does increase micro contrast in uneven lighting environments.
      • Will only work in 30fps target mode. If you are in 60fps mode it will kick you down when you select HDR Recording.
    • NEW 1600 ISO Mode
      • Now you can set an ISO of 1600 manually, giving the Normal mode even more flexibility
      • Combining these settings with the brightness slider you can achieve even more variety, and the shutter speed still won't drop below 1/10.
      • I may bump the shutter speed of Normal mode further in the next version due to the expanded range it now has to take photos in low-light.
    • NEW 60fps 720p Mode
      • Just select it from the size dropdown list in Video Recorder
      • You still have the option of 720p @ 24-30fps as well.
    • File names should now be the date stamp for everyone.
    • I'm still looking into IA mode saving on exit. The other method posted in this thread doesn't work.
    • There may have been some other things, but those are the big ones for now
    • There's also an alternate version available that silences the record start/stop and focus sounds
    Version 1.1.1:
    • Normal mode photos taken at lowest shutter speed (1/10) slightly improved quality due to bypassed (and unnecessary) processing
    • EXIF info now present on Normal photos taken in all environments
    Version 1.2.0:
    • If your stock ROM has a codebase of 10 (i.e. D80210B), use the CB10 version
    • CAF pumping/breathing significantly reduced for stable frames.
    • Minor image quality improvements across the board.
    Version 1.3.0:
    • NEW Anti-shaking Video setting
      • Turn it on/off from the settings menu while in video recorder
      • This is just EIS that can be added to the existing OIS
      • I'm not sure how effective it is as I haven't played with it much yet, but it's there if you want to
    • Videos have been brightened up across the board, and the minimum fps went to 30 from 24...including 60fps target mode.
    • Noise reduction has been toned down for videos and in normal photo mode. Less blur, more noise. It's a tradeoff.
    • Other minor things I have forgotten about
    Version 1.3.1:
    • Fix for graphics glitches in v1.3.0
    • New version of Gallery app included (nothing much new that I can see though)
    • Sprint users should now be able to use the volume key to take a photo. LG had yet another weird check.
    Version 1.4.0:
    • Make sure you are starting from your rom's stock files before installing this one.
    • If you didn't make a backup, you'll have to find your rom's source files on your own.
    • Back to xxhdpi apk base
    • New version of Gallery app included
    • Should be no more instances of media scanning error
    • Should be more compatible across variants, but if you are having an issue with yours, please see the section below for steps to follow if you have a problem.
    • There is no "alt" version for this release.
    Version 1.5.0:
    • NEW Camera will save last photo/video mode you were in (IA, HDR, Night, etc.)
    • See the section below for steps to follow if you have a problem before posting in the thread.
    Version 1.6.0:
    • Slight bump in sharpness (most noticeable in low-light fine detail)
    • For those that have been asking for larger photo file sizes, I succumbed and put jpeg comp at its lowest level. Not sure how much of a difference it makes in image quality, however.
    • Further reduced post-proc in Normal photo mode
    • NR limited to chroma channel only now. This obviously means you will notice more luma noise at higher iso.
    • Photo pixel format changed to YUV422. In theory this means better quality photos, but I don't think it makes a huge difference. Can't hurt though!
    • Forced storage menu in settings
    Version 1.6.1:
    • NEW Video Player Modified to extend slowest and fastest playback speeds (x0.125 - x1.875)
    • Reverted YUV422 Setting. A bug in HDR pixel mapping math caused occasional glitches in post-proc
    Version 2.0.6:
    • NEW 4kUHD and 120fps video recording modes
    • NEW Video Player Modified to extend slowest and fastest playback speeds (x0.125 - x1.875)
    Version 2.1.0/2.1.1:
    • NEW Magic Focus Mode (for G Pro 2 Ported ROMs only)
    • Based on 4.6.16 G Pro 2 Camera apk
    Version 2.2.0:
    • NEW Increased Panorama resolution (up to ~20K x 3K & 20MB)
    • Reduced post-proc for Normal mode photos
    • Removed HDR Video until I have more time to get it working on KK
    Version 2.2.1:
    • NEW ART Support
    Version 3.0.0:
    • NEW Full port of ALL G Pro 2 Features & Improvements for stock G2 KK
    • If you are running CloudyStock or CloudyFlex, you must flash the separate patch below after flashing the mod.
    Version 3.1.0:
    • Improved slow-motion playback on G2 Stock ROMs (flash separate videoplayer zip)
    • All stock Rom-bases supported by single mod (G2, Flex, GPro)
    Version 3.2.0:
    • Updated driver/libs
    • NOTE: If you are running CloudyFlex do not flash this version as one (or more) of the updated driver/lib files apparently are not compatible. I have spoken with Cloudy and when he has time we will look into it. Stick with v3.1.0 in the meantime.
    Version 4.0.0:
    • Initial G3 Camera version...for G3 Ported roms ONLY
    • HDR mode fix
    • Added back 1080p @ 60fps video mode
    • Slightly bumped video bitrates
    • Updated driver/libs


    Here's a sample of a few 120fps videos shot with this mod
    *courtesy of @HenrikSwe

    Thanks to the following people for their generosity:
    matthewtyson x2!!
    Peter M
    Jonatan E
    Francisco R
    Jose P
    Aloys G
    Joseph C
    Henry W
    Justin W
    Winston C
    Markus R
    I just made a pretty big breakthrough on the camera. I had mentioned in the past that I had found a fix for the random HDR crash and in addition had made a number of improvements to photo quality across the board, but that there were complications that resulted from these changes (namely an inverted preview/image). Well, today I resolved that issue so I can move forward with a new release.

    In addition, I've rebuilt the apk from the ground up, taking bits from previous versions as well as adding quite a bit of my own code. This new apk will be able to be installed as a regular app (doesn't need to be in system) and will be able to run alongside the stock camera app (or the previous version of this mod). It has a number of new features as well. I'm going to be separating the installation of the system binaries/driver from the apk itself going forward. Expect a release in the next day or two. Big thanks to @beaups for listening to my disassembly ranting.