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Jul 18, 2013
VS980 3aa Root

Yes, I know I'm not suppose to doing what I'm doing, however... I've read & searched these thread so much I'm thread drunk and still no answer...

Due to breaking my HTC & fighting with HTC about a repair, I've had to pull out this crappy VS980.. which still has gyro/connectivity issues after the 39a & 3aa OTA..

Has anybody got a proven method to root this phone. Yo're in these circle much more than I am anymore.. I've found Kingroot works, but no links.. Saw this 3aa KDZ works, but this thing has been downloading for 2 hours(gotta be a dial up server)..


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    Please follow the XDA rules. This is a development thread, not a Q & A or opinion thread. If your post isn't related directly to development (within reason), it will be ignored and/or reported to the moderators. Speculation/flaming/attacks/rants will not be tolerated.


    • Basically, everything from my VS982.5 fw, including:
    • Xdabbeb Kernel 4.0.0 w/f2fs support
    • App ops/Access lock
    • QuickButton (select "None" to enable TorchToggle app on/off from Vol+ Longpress)
    • Extended Power Menu
    • G4 Power Menu w/reboot to recovery (longpress restart)
    • Dual window/Split view
    • Mini view
    • Multi-User
    • Call record
    • Call reject
    • Increased volume steps
    • Knock Code
    • My TorchToggle app
    • XCam LG
    • Adv camera driver
    • AOSP browser
    • Plug-n-Pop
    • All lockscreen weather animations
    • Extra lockscreen effects
    • Extra sounds
    • Extra fonts (including proper/full Roboto)
    • Extra wallpapers (from G3)
    • TAction
    • Screen capture area select
    • Removed Verizon app check service
    • Removed many useless apps, services, etc
    • Proper LG boot animations
    • LG's hidden menu
    • Remove mobile data type icon while Wi-Fi is active
    • Remove am/pm from statusbar clock
    • More little things I can't remember :)

    How to Install:
    1. Peform a full nandroid backup.
    2. If you already have the full 39A bootstack and are running TWRP or higher, you may skip the next step.
    3. Flash the 39A bootstack found in the VS980 Resources thread in this forum and reboot back into recovery (there's a menu item in TWRP to do this).
    4. Wipe data/cache within twrp. You should leave internal storage alone. If you fail perform this step and have any issues while running the firmware, start this whole install process again and follow this step before posting.
    5. Flash the latest firmware version below after verifying the md5.
    6. Kernel/Firmware options:
      • This is a trimmed down kernel built for speed/stability/efficiency. I'm not interested in a bloated kernel with every governor/module/cherry pick du jour and never will be. I prefer using my phone, not obsessing over countless "tweaks".
      • Turn on CAF touchboost by creating /sdcard/touchboost file and rebooting. If the file is empty, boost freq is 1036800 Hz. If you want a different one, just put the value inside the text file (no spaces). Valid options are (422400, 652800, 729600, 883200, 960000, 1036800, 1190400, 1267200, 1497600, 1574400, 1728000, 1958400, 2265600). If you don't know what touchboost is, search.
      • Switch to Interactive governor by creating /sdcard/interactive file and rebooting.
      • Enable Bricked kernel-space hotplug (thanks to @show-p1984) by creating /sdcard/mpdec file and rebooting.
      • Enable SEAndroid permissive mode by creating /sdcard/permissive file and rebooting.
      • Toggle between G2/G4 Power Menu by creating /sdcard/powermenu file and rebooting.
      • Toggle MultiUser by creating /sdcard/multiuser file and rebooting TWICE
    7. If you wish to restore data using Titanium Backup or some other app, you are welcome to do so, but if you encounter problems, you must follow these steps again WITHOUT restoring data before posting.

    Version 3.1.2:
    • Fix rotation on/off when using new Power Menu
    • Change mixed sun/cloud weather to show sun on LS
    • Updated Play Services that seems to be a little better behaved
    Version 3.1.1:
    • Fix intermittent VVM connectivity
    • Fix Calendar weather display
    Version 3.1.0:
    • MultiUser enabled by default now. Read above for how to toggle it on/off
    • Removed some more unnecessary system and Verizon services
    • Toggle G2/G4 PowerMenu - VIDEO HERE. Read above for how. Reboot to recovery via longpress on "Power off and restart"
    • Added G4 Weather that isn't encrypted and so shouldn't need to be removed for those using XPosed
    • Removed QuickWindow as a result of above and conclusive poll
    Version 3.0.0:
    • Initial LP Release - KK release/details in 2nd post

    NOTE: AFH provides md5 checksums of all downloads on their site. Please verify them before installing.

    XDABBEB's VS980 3.1.2

    20 dip Navbar
    24 dip Navbar
    30 dip Navbar
    36 dip Navbar
    42 dip Navbar

    My Patch - This is a zip I flash on my phone after the main install. It sets the default system dpi to 424, installs the 30dpi navbar and changes the status and navigation bars (centered clock, LP icons, battery percentage to right if on).

    • Brut.all & iBotPeaches - apktool
    • JesusFreke - smali/baksmali
    • Team Codefire - bump
    • Team Win - TWRP

    Before posting about any issues, make sure that you have followed the install directions explicitly (including wiping data and NOT restoring backed-up data). If you are using a 3rd-party kernel, you must revert to the included kernel first. You must provide DETAILED steps to reproduce the issue along with a log if appropriate or your post will be ignored/moved/deleted/etc. If you don't know how to get a log, HERE is a good tutorial. There is also an excellent app available on the Play Store called SysLog that you can use on your phone.

    Devs: I will provide flashable zips or tutorials for any included apps/modifications that I intend to share. I do not authorize anything else to be shared, used or uploaded elsewhere.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    XDABBEB's VS980, ROM for the Verizon LG G2

    ROM OS Version: 5.0.x Lollipop
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    Based On: Stock

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 3.1.2
    Stable Release Date: 2014-04-12

    Created 2014-04-12
    Last Updated 2016-02-13
    Thank you all for the support, emails, pms, etc. It was totally unexpected, but truly appreciated and I will reply to all of you personally. It's great that the matter is resolved and that there is a system in place to allow for these situations to be corrected. Everyone (including mods) can make mistakes so no hard feelings there. That's all I will say about it.

    I will post the files in the OP as soon as I can, but I'm actually doing my taxes now. Oops.
    OP Updated with new version.

    The stock 25a as vzw delivered it definitely needed some work to get it running smoothly under the ART runtime, but it's now working quite well. I also had to redo a few of my framework/app changes to be art compatible, but it gave me the opportunity to change a few more things while I was in there. If you're going to enable art, I would recommend doing so immediately after the first boot (and before you've downloaded all your apps) as it can take some time to compile them all otherwise.

    The included kernel is just a patched stock 25a without any of my fixes/changes/commits. As soon as LG releases the 25a source I'll update the kernel as well.

    I didn't bother creating an up-to-date gapps package for this base/release as it's fairly time consuming and everything is available via the play store anyway. As such, the gapps package in the OP is just the included stock versions.

    EDIT: I'm uploading the different navbar-size zips now and will put them in the 2nd post.
    OP Updated with new version...full details in the changelog, but the highlights are:

    - Splitview ported from G Pro 2
    - A lot of work went on the new trimmed down kernel and system services
    - Bypassed all of LG/Qualcomm's root and boot checking. Freedom!
    - Separated gapps and updated/odexed all latest versions (latest GCS, search, and play store integrated)
    - Reduced bloat further and put removed apks in separate zips for those that kept asking...I won't be taking this any further, however.

    Usual rules apply...you should be able to get away with dirty flash, but clean is always better/recommended. If you do so and have problems, don't report them until clean flash.

    I'm taking a few days off now!