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Xfinity TV Mod Android Box (HDMI output)

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Jul 22, 2021
1 mod update, working for me.

mediafire (DOT COM) /file/l62dl4yic9g7s8x/xfinity_6.9.0.016.apk/file

Can reupload elsewhere, not sure what the best site is these days.

Did same as xrecartp following instructions posted before (thanks AmlogicMan).
You guys beat me to the post. I sat down in my office and fired up Gootle TV and the stream app was asking for the update.. I also followed the instructions posted earlier in the post and it worked perfectly. So if anyone needs a copy and can't get one of the above just let me know.
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Oct 1, 2020
That would be nice. It's kind of a lie. I use it 'in home', but what they really mean is you have to be using Comcast as your ISP.
True but I believe it cross checks with your home Comcast IP associated w ur modem, so if u went to neighbor w comast isp will consider u "out of home". This is what happens when you connect to Xfinity public hotspot so probably holds true.
With that said, the app most likely checks your external IP w your acct. So somewhere in all the bytecode ya gotta find the right place that does that check and then inject the return of that IP data with whatever your actual external IP is. Sounds easy but if ya don't know where to look and what to look for not sure it's really doable...but the "tv go" channels cover alot of the in home, except for some local and sports networks MLB NFL NHL so not much need to dig into it IMHO


Jun 2, 2016


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Jul 25, 2021
I was going to ask that too. I know Leanback is the android launcher for TVs, and while the Stream app was never designed for a TV remote, it does work fairly well as is.
I couldn't even guess what change(s) gate1975mlm has made.

Meaning support for the app to actually appear whin the Leanback Launcher (with an icon/banner image) within Android-TV.
Otherwise, you cannot launch the app direclty from the launcher and have to navigate to Settings -> Apps -> Show System Apps section within ATV just to launch the application.

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