Question Xiaomi 12 screen defect?

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May 31, 2023
Brand new after less than a week of use I just noticed that on the left edge of the screen on low to medium brightness, on a background of any color there are bright spots like smudges on the top and bottom of the screen. Which is pretty annoying since it's visible in day to day use.

I'm curious as what is the cause of this, is it a factory defect or is it the pre-installed screen protector? I don't know if this is eligible for a replacement or if this is common on oled displays and run the risk of getting worse displays on the RMA.

Here are some photos using a phone, the camera seems to pick up the stains better if the screen is at low brightness and barely visible on medium brightness, but when seen with the naked eye it is very noticeable be it low, bright and any colours that it displays.


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