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What are your questions?
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My device has too many bugs and lags for no reason from my very first experience. Even in the UI and not playing games. Like I'm using a 10 years old phone with 1 gigabyte of RAM!
For example, when I'm trying to unlock my device or opening notification bar.
I have tried so many methods including reset factory, but they didn't work.
I want to get rid of it. Beside I like to have MIUI features, so I'm not going to flash custom ROMs like LineageOS.
I want to know does it worth it to start process of flashing
And the questions are:

1. What additional features does it offer (In comparison to stock MIUI 13)?
2. What about the stability? I realy don't want those lags back! Does it perform as well as a stock ROM?
3. Does the camera work fine without lags?
4. Real AOD with no 10-sec limit? And super wallpapers?
5. Does it have OTA updates?
6. And full settings and options which Xiaomi restricted them in their mid-range phones (!) to use them? (For example, AOD, super wallpapers and gestures)

I realy appreciate if you share some screenshots. (For example, from additional features)
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Here is some screenshots of additional features:
1. Full package of Mi apps (including: Browser, Contacts, Health, Mail, Messaging and Phone) which matches with Amoled Dark Theme
2. AOD (with no 10-seconds limit)
3. Super Wallpapers
4. Screen Time
5. Data Plan tile in the Control Centre

Unfortunately, those Stock MIUI lags still exist.


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