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Question Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra usb type version ?

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Senior Member
Aug 24, 2013
It's really disgraceful to use the best CPU money can buy , best ram, fastest ufs storage , best display , best charger and then go cheap on something like a USB 2.0 port.....

Someone who thought this was a good idea should be fired....


Senior Member
May 12, 2008
The USB Type-C Specification states that it must support at least the following standards, otherwise a Type-C connector cannot be used:

• USB 2.0 Specification
USB 3.1 Specification
• USB Power Delivery Specification, Revision 2.0 (3.0)
• USB Billboard Device Class Specification, Revision 1.2
• USB Battery Charging Specification, Revision 1.2


Senior Member
Nov 2, 2010
Xiaomi Mi 11
I have not received my Mi 11 Ultra yet, but I believe it should work when using a Displaylink USB to HDMI Adapter and installing the Displaylink App on the phone. With USB 2.0 it should work fine for resolutions up to Full HD.
I already tried it.

I had to power the USB C adapter then I plugged the Displaylink adapter to the USB C adapter.

It would not work without power.
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