[XIAOMI MI 2] Internal storage 0mb

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Jan 21, 2021


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    my android is 5.0 and i want to update to 9 without 6, 7 and 8.
    about restoring partition,
    1) do you have twrp recovery installed if not flash it.
    2) open twrp go to advanced section and click terminal button
    3) terminal will show us just type df and then some lines will show up as seen in image

    see carefully at right corner my phone (samsung) has /sdcard and /external_sd
    so my internal storage is that sdcard one your phone may show internal storage as internal storage so look carefully

    what i mean from all this things is to look at left most corner of image against sdcard block no is mmcblk0p23 which is important thing to see then rest is just command

    after you find your block just use

    mke2fs /dev/block/??????

    replace ?????? with block name for your phones internal storage

    and then abra ka dabra your internal storage is alive.
    be happy bro.
    mke2fs /dev/block/mmcblk0p23
    1) Reboot your device into TWRP Recovery.

    2) Go to Wipe menu.

    3) Go to Advance Wipe.

    4) Select Data and go to Repair or Change File System.

    5) Click Repair File System. (If not fix, go to step number 6)

    6) Go to Change File System.

    7) Select Ext2 and swipe to confirm.

    8) Now change back to Ext4 and swipe to confirm.

    9) Now go back and check if your partions can be mount or not from Mount menu.

    10) If not fix, repair your Internal partition. (This may wipe your Internal storage).

    OR Unlock your bootloader again.

    this is what i can say
    All partitions of an Android system - what by default is housed on internal storage memory - get mounted when device boots up. If Android OS successfully started up then you know it has been settled.

    Here a list of standard internal memory partitions on Android phones and tablets:

    • /boot
    • /system
    • /recovery
    • /data
    • /cache
    • /misc
    • /vendor
    • /efs
    In addition, there are the SD card partitions.

    • /sdcard
    • /sd-ext
    Note that only /sdcard is found in all Android devices and /sd-ext is present only in select devices

    More info here:

    My last 2 cents here:
    If you run
    adb devices
    adb shell "df"
    you will get the sizes of all filesystems in human readable numbers.
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