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Xiaomi QIN 1s Hacking Thread

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Mar 22, 2014
Keyboard App

Has anyone gotten emoji support? Or is that a lost cause?

By the way, I have the 1S (not +) and I was able to adb install the TouchPal apk. It kinda works but it runs out of memory pretty quickly. Maybe the 1S+ will do better. However, I wasn't able to get the Delete key to work, which is a pretty big deal. If anyone is able to get a decent keyboard to run, please let me know.

hi guys i have phone with spreadtrum chipset sc9820a named Andromax Prime, if you want to try this phone keyboard app named Kika, there is 2 version with and without emoji

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In case anyone would like to know, J2ME-Loader works perfectly on the Qin 1s. I still haven't found an email client that works

i need help with mine qin 1s+ updated software build 1.3.0

C:\adb\app\RomasterSu_3.4.5_170811T1200_2075_r.apk: 1 file pushed. 7.7 MB/s (12859358 bytes in 1.599s)
pkg: /data/local/tmp/RomasterSu_3.4.5_170811T1200_2075_r.apk

---------- Post added at 03:38 AM ---------- Previous post was at 03:32 AM ----------

Where do you get the debloater to remove system apps? thanks

im having same problem did u fix it?


Dec 5, 2017
Xiaomi Qin 1s+ How to install Stock Rom? HELP HELP HELP

I am using Xiaomi Qin 1s + (1s Plus). I bought it from my friend. However, I later realized that my friend uploaded custom roms. I cannot update. I want to install Stock Rom. Can anyone help? I have the original update.zips, but I couldn't run the standard commands. The device originally installs software in .pac format. Can anyone have a friend with a .pac stock rom or tell me how to install it with update.zip? Thank you very much to everyone in advance. Come easy guys.

I found a site like this, but I can neither register no download it from my country.:)



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Dec 3, 2020
so we havent figured out how we can install apps to sd card to Qin 1s?
Because i have figured out how to install T9 keyboard, messenger lite and whatsapp without root , only using adb commands.
I can not install more apps because i get an error for insufficient storage
Besides that I can not use my data from my mobile provider , I don't know why ....
Could you please help me ?
hey, i figured out how to install the apks, but dont know how to run the apps, it doesnt show up anywhere on the phone, can you help??


Oct 17, 2012
hello i have the qin qf9 that have the same processor that 1s, i am trying to install apk for adb commands but always says that is not enough storage, i have 53 mb free i only want to install whatsapp, if i try to make directly by the phone appears to be blocked, i have the simcard installed and make all the steps for debug usb


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    Xiaomi QIN 1S Hacking Mega-Thread!


    I decided to go ahead and buy a Xiaomi QIN 1s feature phone. Unlike other feature phones, it runs a version of Android. Since there doesn't seem to be any threads here on XDA, I thought I'd start one.


    I finally found a guide/tool over on 4pda that will let you install apks. I have translated the tool to English and have it attached. The original post of the tool is here

    If you don't want to download the tool (which also helps with ADB) here are the steps to obtain root:

    -- Install the driver on your PC
    -- Dial: *#*#83781#*#* To Open the Engineering Menu
    -- Find the section "Debug & Log" and enable "Allow Debug"
    -- Open the Settings app
    -- Find "about phone"
    -- Click "Build number" multiple times until you see "You are now a Developer!"
    -- Go to "Developer options" and then turn on USB Debugging
    -- Connect your phone to your computer (MTP)
    -- Using ADB, push the apk to the device
    -- ???
    -- Profit

    You can use this method to install any applications, not just root the phone. Remember, however, we only have 256mb of RAM and a total of 512mb of storage. Definitely not for gaming and you will definitely want an SD Card. I can confirm QQ and WeChat work fine when installed.

    Let's get this rooted!

    Big shoutout to Frolkin who helped me get the original tool and gaguga for making the tool!
    Qinpad with Greek characters

    Just in case anyone needs it, I have used the source code from github to build an apk based on the 0.3 version for the application that supports Greek characters / Greek layout as well. Here is the file in the attachment. Also as a disclaimer, I do not consider myself a developer. I have no idea how to add this code back to github. Please contact me if you think you want the code to upload it or use it otherwise.

    Try this keyboard
    How to enable: from the main menu we launch and immediately get to the input method settings dialog. Remove the check mark from the stock and put it on the QinPad.
    Switch layout - grid, register - asterisk. There is no separate layout for digital input. Add. characters enter by enumerating zero and one.
    Here is root method,allow apps installation and more for Qin 1S+ model:


    Good luck.
    Need Qin1S pac firmware ? Any one have it?