Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S Wifi stops working after leaving sleep mode

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Aug 20, 2012
Any alternative to the redmi 9c that's not xiaomi but is in the same price range and specs? I gave up and returned the redmi 9c.

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Aug 20, 2012
What was wrong with it?
Realme C3 is in a similar price range.

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Well, it had the same exact wifi issue as described in this thread (which is why I posted here). I cannot bear turning the wifi off and on every after the device wakes from sleep. That is not something I'm comfortable doing with a phone. It'a very lame doing that. I'm very disappointed Xiaomi cannot solve such a small but very annoying issue.

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Oh and btw, I had on that device and that didn't fix the wifi issue. If fixed the issue for the Note 9S, why isn't that fix implemented on all MIUI 12 builds?

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Dec 26, 2017
Links have been provided by me and others multiple times in this thread. Re-read the whole thread and you can see whats going on.

Ok, you only posted some link of xiaomi's forum, where some random people say it is an hardware issue, without any evidence.
Please provide evidence (official statements from Xiaomi or Qualcomm), if you have any.


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Nov 18, 2009
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because the issue is not fixed and it cannot be fixed without a hardware revision. they are making changes in software to mask the issue but its not a proper fix.

Hmm...if this is true, I wonder why there are many users (me inclusive) where the log files of the router doesn't show constantly reconnects of the device any longer after flashing the FW?

Are the developers of Xiaomi able to hide the reconnects on the routers log file?


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May 6, 2010
Too many issues with the phone and now its got a vpn issue too. Its insane they cant fix simple issues like this and create more problems with updates.

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    Can you share with us how you did the hack in MacroDroid? It'll be very helpful :)
    Done, it restart the wifi every 15 minutes. You'll didn't notice it
    In these days i were in contact with xiaomi assistance for this issue. I passed them several logs and did some tests. Today they said me that it is ready a test version that solves the problem and they will pass me it in these days
    Is root necessary? Thanks for your work.
    Nope and I've switched to using MacroDroid now as Hotspot mode isn't supported in Automagic but works fine in MacroDroid (different reason). So both are good for this.

    Unfortunately, the update seemed to work for 2 days but was a false positive. It happened again today. I tried a different experiment, I used Allcast to torrent and play a film at the same time (cool feature on Allcast) and it worked fine despite sleeping for 2 hours. It's definitely some bug in the low power or low usage mode. I am sure they'll fix it soon.

    For now the Automagic/MacroDroid hack fixes it.
    seems to be solved with 11.0.3 on my phone


    it seems to be solved with MIUI 11.0.3 on my phone (fingers crossed).

    Here is what I did:
    Because of the fact, that there is no other OTA update per default than 11.0.1 for my phone (yet), I had to download it from
    https://c.mi.com/oc/miuidownload/detail?device=1900378 (can't link it due to "new user status")
    I live in germany and thought I should have a "Redmi Note 9 Pro global" Rom, but the Update process told me about "a different radio version". So I took V11.0.3.0.QJZEUXM which is for the EEA Version (no idea what EEA stands for; bought my phone directly from mi.com/de).
    To install it, I had to go to "settings - my device - system-update" and klick the "11" multiple times (like 5-10 times), since it says something like "additional update options enabled". Now you can klick "the three dots - choose update package" and choose your downloaded file.
    After the system checked if it's the right one, you can install it by a klick.

    I didn't root my device or something like that, the updateprocess is (as I believe) identical to an OTA Update. The packages is directly from mi.com, so I wasn't afraid of installing it ;)

    I'm running this version since yesterday afternoon, with no Wifi issues so far (fingers crossed again) an no forced reboots.

    Hopefully this may help you ;)

    The dirty hack I've posted above hacks it. To be clear, not a fix... very much a hack.