Xiaomi's strategy to kick away modders!

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Dec 10, 2015
Everyone is aware of bootloader locked phones,but what makes xiaomi stand out? yes! the strange strategies and principles,worlds most mysterious procedure of unlocking a bootloader in xiaomi phones.
They have made an issue intentionally to make users puzzled.
1.After successful approval for unlock from xiaomi's official website,the user needs to unlock their bootloader using mi flash unlock tool,but the unlock tool gets stuck at 50% or 99% if you try to unlock on the same day,both of the errors have no solution officially.
2.when you reach xiaomi forums for help,the moderators will suggest you to wait for 8-10 days and then try,they said it purely depends on luck,if it doesn't work after 8 days,you need to wait again for 8-10 days.so now this is the only solution they have and that too depends on luck! great!
3.unlock tool keeps on displaying the same error instead of displaying any message to wait,this blocks the user to unlock bootloader further by displaying unlock limit reached message! wow! well played!
4.Now the thing comes that left me shocked:-
have a look at this very interesting conversation.
you will be surprised by the reaction of a xiaomi moderator to the very popular bootloader unlock issue,he talks very rudely and tells to leave Xiaomi instead of helping and explaining the issue. he said-"if you are a modder then you are at wrong place".
1.many users lost their hopes and sold their devices.
2.some of them continued without unlocking.
3.some users waited for days,weeks and even months.
so they got what they needed!
you get what you paid for!
so i shared my terrible experience with Xiaomi and analysed it,if you guys have any thoughts and analysis about their strategy then please share below in comments!
thanks for reading!
sorry for my English.
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