[xKERNEL|ICS&JB|27/11] xKernel v9.587-D | another version that not released

Should I Continue Maintaining xKernel for Ray, What Say You?

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    ## xKERNEL##
    First Thing First: How To Install Custom Kernel
    1) You need to UNLOCK BOOTLOADER using one of these method. I'm NOT responsible of what you've decide. Please follow instruction carefully.
    -> S1tool
    -> Sony Mobile - Unlock Bootloader
    2) Get this awesome tool called Flashtool and install. Dont forget to install usb drivers from "Drivers" folder too.
    3) I assume you have download one of my kernel. Get into Fastboot mode. How? Do i have to repeat how? Press "Volume Up" while connecting your USB cable. you'll see Blue led.
    4) Click "Flash" button on Flashtool, then select Fastboot Mode.
    5) Choose "Select Kernel to Flash" and find your saved kernel. I'm not gonna find it for you.
    6) Once completed, reboot device into system

    Those version below was a final version xKernel for Xperia Ray. I might on a new
    device next week due someone already booked my ray. Ive planned to give the
    last version using 4.1.B.0.587 but unfortunately source published by Sony was
    corrupted. Sorry guys, i cant afford to keep my ray. This is it.
    Thank you for using my kernel.

    ## KERNEL DOWNLOADS ## [ Share Folder - Most of Ray's Kernel ]

    Build on early Oct [ xKernel v9.587-D ] - ICS Based Rom

    23/09 [ xKernel v9.587-C ] - ICS Based Rom

    18/08 [ Advanced Stock .587 ] - ICS Based Rom

    15/08 [ xKernel Jelly Bean v1.0.2 ] - Jelly Bean 4.1.1
    - used gcc linaro version 4.6.2
    - USB OTG support
    - OLD: v1.0.1

    15/08 [ xKernel v8.1a ] - ICS Based Rom
    - used GCC Linaro version 4.6.2
    - USB OTG support
    - OLD: v8.1

    15/08 [ xKernel AOKP v3.1 ] AOKP Based Rom (NEED TESTER)
    - used gcc linaro version 4.6.2
    - USB OTG Support
    - wifi modules included

    [ XRay V7.3.431 ] ICS 4.0.4 HOT STUFF
    - Build from 4.1.B.0.431 source

    ## SOLUTIONS ##
    [ POST #3 ] Graphic Performance
    [ For JJ's v2.0+ ] Install kernel with JJ's v2.0+. thank to justmpm
    [ POST #5 ] Zram script and Wifi Channel 12-14


    // v9 - 587 source, increase mdp core clock for 720p, set 2D core clock
    // v8.0 | AOKP v3 - implemented BFS v0.318
    // AOKP v2.3.431a - vids record / playback fixed(?) - need tester
    // AOKP v2.3.431 - Built from 4.1.B.0.431 source
    // v7.3.562 - 4.1.A.0.562 source, added cleancache and zcache driver, the rest same with v7.3.431
    // v7.3.431 - 4.1.B.431 source, "use highest perf level when wake-up from sleep" patch, the rest remain the same as previous version
    // v7.2.6 - 2way call, patches kernel msg, patch smartassv2 gov & zram driver
    // Stock .431 - Stock Kernel from .431 ICS 4.0.4
    // v7 rev4 - Build from 4.1.H.0.4 (Play ICS Beta)
    // AOKP v2.2 - enabled zram, increased swap space to 90MB, added intellidemand & virtuous gov
    // v6.2.5 - increased swap space to 90MB, added Virtuous gov
    // v6.1.1 RER - "Reduced Energy Recovery" courtesy of justmpm
    // v6.1.1 - added gov: intellidemand
    // Xray AOKP - first attempt
    // v6 - Enhance from v5 with small fixes
    // v5 - Recovery USB Mount, enabled tun
    // Stock .562 Kernel - Recovery USB mount fixed
    // v4.0.1 - Disabled min/max freq set at boot, UV available
    // v4.0 - Beta tester: LZO compress/decompress, cleancache, new settings freq tables
    // v3.0.2 - small fixes for freq tables. used old freq table
    // v3.0.1 - small fixes for freq tables.
    // v3.0 - new freq table. based on FreeXperia (thanks to FXP)
    // v2.5.1 - added zram setting disksize to 125MB (see thumbnails)
    // v2.5.1 - edit wakelock for better sleep? (see thumbnails)
    // v2.5 - include ZRAM driver (thanks go DooMLoRD. told ya, too much to tell his contribution in android developement :) )
    // v2.5 - remain 1.6 as default kernel
    // v2.5 - edit wakelock.c source
    // to test call recording download rVoix.apk from here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=993793
    // removed Xray1x4v2 from list - for those who wanna kernel OC/UV you can choose xray1x6v2, and for those who not OC/UV addict like me can choose xray1x0uv (the one am using right now)


    ((( Special Thanks To Donators )))[[I]-$65 left for used Ray[/I]]
    [B]funiewski, jjdoctor, obaobaobaba, Paul, Mack, sucker for sony's, y.ueno, 
    Würl, blasioli, Cvetkov, Lukáš[/B]

    ((( All Credits Goes To )))

    arcatarc - for finding Recovery with working usb mount
    FXP - for his kernel sources
    DooMLoRD - for bla bla bla bla .. too much contribution in Devlopement!!!
    erasmux - cpu governors and sources
    DooMLoRD / Team UtterChaos - for Fully Touch Recovery
    justmpm - help me alot with his overall test
    hansip87 - helping me find info "HOWTO" tutorial
    JJdoctor - Touch Rec button images
    Taverius - for tips?

    XRay v7.2.6 FW 4.1.H.0.4

    [ XRay v7.2.6 ]
    - build from Play ICS Beta - 4.1.H.0.4 source
    - OC & UV available
    - new gov: intellidemand, virtuous, patched smartassv2
    - some patches from CodeAurora implemented (this for kernel messages)
    - heard that it has new adreno driver
    - patched ZRAM driver - thanks to show-p
    - fixed 2way call record
    - kernel build version in About Phone

    NSTools: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1333696
    - to manage various tweaks

    tested for several days and definitely not let me down ;). i think this is it for now. if got 100 thanks for this post only, then i will consider to look out for updates my kernel. is it fair enough? :cool:
    XRay Kernel v7.3.431 - 4.1.B.0.431

    [ XRay v7.3.431 ] - 4.1.B.0.431 source .
    - OC/UV (up to 1.6ghz / +-25mv)
    - gov: brazilianwax, smartassv2, interactivex, virtuous, intellidemand, lagfree
    - io: cfq, sio, vr, noop, deadline, anticipatory
    - support: ext3, ext4, swap, ntfs,
    - 2way call record
    - TUN enabled
    - ZRAM enabled
    - patches:
    -> msm: clean msm_pc_pm_pgd
    -> kgsl: Use highest performance level on wake-up from sleep"
    - used 4.1.B.0.431 urushi defconfig
    - highmem enabled

    ZRAM driver fixed!. please re-download

    [ SOLUTION: Graphic Performance ]

    For those who using my kernel (ics beta kernel source build) may have some low performance in Official ICS (.562 FW). Trick to get better graphic performance :

    1. Goto to Adreno Driver Thread by arcatarc
    2. Download GpuDriverICS_4.1.A.0.562.zip and put in your SD
    3. Flash OriginalAdrenoICSSony_4.1.A.0.562.zip using CWM.
    4. Booting up
    5. Enjoy some graphic improvement!

    thanks to arcatarc for his update.zip
    and hansip87 for found solution
    please dont be lazy to hit the button for their effort.

    [ SOLUTION: My Steps to prevent Superuser Issue in TB ]

    Who has Superuser issue or Root Access after installing JJ's Rom, can try my steps. I never had issue with Superuser/Root Access after did these steps

    Go to here --> #Solutions
    23/09 xKernel v9.587-C

    xKernel v9.587-C [link1] [link2]
    • bluetooth patches from CAF
    • fix a race between hotplug and cpufreq
    • PM / Hibernate: make default image size 2/5 of available RAM
    • revert to BFQ v2, then switch to another version of BFQv2-r1

    Note: this is the last updates from 587 source.