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Nov 21, 2012
Hey Guys, :)
I'm bringing you the exclusive mod to increase your phone's system (App) Storage from 1 GB to 1.5 GB :laugh:

No More INSUFFICIENT STORAGE errors :fingers-crossed:

Just load the scatter file from the zip and flash EBR files (EBR1 & EBR2) via SPtools

No CWM Required, No Root required :D:D

Step by Step Procedure
After installing USB Drivers, Extract SP tools software to some location & Follow:

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4
Click on Download button first and then connect the phone to PC (In switched off mode), flashing will start

Now, after 3-4 seconds, A green box will appear on sptools, confirming that flash successful,
now disconnect your phone and turn it on :angel:
Phone'll ask you to Format internal Storage, simply do it. & Done :laugh: Enjoy More System Storage

Factory Reset Advised but ain't necessary unless you get apps crashing dialog boxes.

** All the files in the internal storage will be lost. and that's about it :)
1.5 GB Mod Download

The system storage (Apps storage) will increase from 1 GB to 1.48 GB
Leaving 1.25 GB behind as internal storage :)

1.63 GB Mod Download
This'll leave 1.09 GB as internal storage and rest 1.63gb for apps.

Or Here's the 2 GB Mod, this will Make APP Storage = 1.98 GB, leaving ~ 750 MB as internal Storage.

2 GB Mod Download

Stock Storage

1.3 GB system Partition Mod for Advanced users only!

1) Flash the mod via sptools,
2) Enter custom recovery,
3) Format System (under mounts & storage), Format data, cache. Now your internal storage is totally clean, all data is gone, and OS is formatted too! So now install one.
4) You can install any rom whether custom or stock
-if installing stock rom, DO NOT USE MBR, EBR, PRELOADER files (uncheck them from sptools) else there'll be no use of flashing this mod as stock files will overwrite it.

Works on both 4.2.2 and 4.4.2 Android Systems :cyclops:

You can Check the attached Screenshots.

Leave response in comments below. :cool:

Do not flash on any other device! Your phone might get bricked
It's meant only for Xolo q700s (MT6582).

If you want it for some other device, post in the comments section below or
PM me with your phone's EBR & Scatter files. :highfive:


Download SP Flash Tools v5.1352.01

Download q700s USB Drivers

For Windows 8 PCs, you'll need to turn of Digital Signature verification to install drivers. Here's How to do it. ;)

In case you are having troubles with the Mod, you can REVERT BACK! <- Stock EBR Files for 1 GB Storage (back to normal)
Simply extract and flash with sp tools.

More of my Work:- Q700s KitKat Stock ROM - Spftools flashable


Now, You can also flash them from any custom recovery!
Simply download and flash the ZIPs from cwm or ctr.
CWM/CTR Flashable mods

1.5 GB app storage

1.63 GB app storage

2gb app storage

2.5 GB app storage

Stock Storage Revert
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