Xperia 1 II on android 12 Cant see older Bluetooth devices

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Nov 8, 2017
So as the title says, i have trouble connecting to an older Bluetooth device, I have a 2007 vw passat with Bluetooth telephone, despite being old i use it daily because it works perfectly, or at least did with my razer phone 2. Had to upgrade because no parts for the rp2 and the usb-c died on it so i bought an xperia 1 ii, and it just straight up not detected by the car and the phone cant see the car no matter what i do. Messed with the toggles in dev settings, did the cache delete, everything, it doesnt work. Bluetooth is supposed to be backwards compatible so im convinced this is another lovely bug in android 12. Honestly getting kinda fed up with 12 not gonna lie...
Anyone had any problems like this?