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Jun 3, 2022
How to relock bootloader. I`m sending my phone for service.
use fastboot oem lock command it might ask you for the unlock code you got from sony. However they will see that you have requested an unlock code and EMMA2 will flag it out of warranty. I was working in a repair center years ago. Every time a relocked Sony phone was plugged in to Sony's EMMA software (that works only on-line) it was flagged as OOW or refused to install the factory software. EMMA is basically an advanced repair version of the Sony Companion software suite, but it lets you downgrade upgrade change CID number or customer ID number on any board most of replacement Sony boards come without software installed (Brown=empty boards)


Jun 10, 2019
@mufunyo - have you noticed any loss of functions after root/BL unlock aside from widevine? I know you said camera was 100%, what about other things like video, audio enhancement etc?

I'm trying to work out what might break from BL unlock & root before buying the phone. Thanks!


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Jul 28, 2012
Sony Xperia 1 IV
have you noticed any loss of functions after root/BL unlock aside from widevine? I know you said camera was 100%, what about other things like video, audio enhancement etc?
The only other loss is OTA updates. There is not even a notification of new updates - everything is now manual. HDR, display/video enhancement, Dolby, 360, DSEE, etc is all functioning normally.
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Oct 28, 2022
For the people that got Root working. Can you remove google play and install microG as a replacement?

or does that break the phone?

Would all the sony apps work fine with microG instead?


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Dec 23, 2022
Considering to get this phone , coming from pixel 6 series that doesn't break widevine L1 if rooted , any solutions to solve this issue for rooted 1 IV ? Kind of waste to have such a pretty screen but stuck on L3, thanks .


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Apr 12, 2011
Considering to get this phone , coming from pixel 6 series that doesn't break widevine L1 if rooted , any solutions to solve this issue for rooted 1 IV ? Kind of waste to have such a pretty screen but stuck on L3, thanks .
So far we are stuck with l3 nothing we can do to make it l1. Sucks that others would let you have l1 with rooted phone


Dec 17, 2011
Could somebody please show the exact commands for extracting all necessary img files and how to flash them?

Which of the vbmeta files need to be flashed? There is a vbmeta_system_X-FLASH-ALL-xxxx.img and a vbmeta_X-FLASH-ALL-xxx.img.

Do I have to flash the boot image in A and B slots? I found these commands:
fastboot flash boot_a magisk_patched.img
fastboot flash boot_b magisk_patched.img

What is the command to flash the vbmeta image(s)? Again, I found these. Correct?
fastboot --disable-verity --disable-verification flash vbmeta_a vbmeta.img
fastboot --disable-verity --disable-verification flash vbmeta_b vbmeta.img

Thank you for your help

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    I bought my Xperia 1 IV last week and almost considered returning it at first, because it was overheating a lot the first day. I have sort of a traumatic experience with overheating phones as I had the Z5 which was simply a bad phone with the Snapdragon 810 and insufficient cooling. After some research I read the same thing about the Xperia 1 III, with people saying that the "AI needs to learn" and it will "go away after 2 days". It still gets warm, but I did notice I was overly conscious of it, and since I had my XZ3 around with my SIM inside, I could do some comparisons. The XZ3 has a much smaller hotspot, so when it gets warm, it's only above the camera area on the back, and you don't really feel it holding in your hand. When the 1IV gets warm, the heat is spread along the top half of the back and into the sides so you're much more aware of when it gets warm. So I decided to just keep it, root it and start using it as my daily phone.

    The rooting experience was problem free, just like with my XZ3. Grab the unlock code from Sony, use XperiFirm to extract boot.sin, use unSIN to convert to boot.img, do the same with vbmeta.sin, install Magisk, use it to patch boot.img, use fastboot to oem unlock and flash the patched boot.img and unpatched vbmeta.img. Done! I looked at installing a custom recovery, but TWRP doesn't support Android 12 yet, so I'll just have to be careful and not get myself into situations where I need recovery to bail me out of bootloops for now.

    What works:
    Magisk 25.1
    LSPosed 1.8.3
    Universal SafetyNet Fix 2.2.1
    fbind v2021.12.7
    MagiskHide Props Config 6.1.2 (used to hide navbar and enable bluetooth in-band ringing)
    G-VisualMod 4.1 (although I removed it again because it didn't do what I wanted)
    Modded GCam 8.1.101 A9 GV2a ENG (for Night Sight as the Sony camera app has no equivalent - only issue is clipped highlights turn yellow)
    Fluid Navigation Gestures (navbar hide doesn't work but see above for workaround)
    YouTube Vanced non-root mode (make sure to set microG to restricted battery mode)
    XPrivacyLua 1.31

    What doesn't work:
    Immersive mode and any apps/mods that claim to enable it
    AOSP Mods (crashes SystemUI constantly and most of the mods don't work)
    GravityBox (S) (crashes GPS apps like google maps / waze)
    MinMinGuard 2.1.1 (shows 0 ads blocked)
    YouTube Vanced root mode (YouTube app is too new, can't downgrade)

    Another issue I encountered is that Google Maps on my XZ3 has driving mode available, but since this is Android 12, there is a new revamped version of driving mode that is region locked to US/CA/UK/AU. You will get "Driving mode is not yet available in your region" in unsupported regions. The workaround is to sign out from Google Maps, add the Driving Mode shortcut to your home screen, and then sign in again. The shortcut will work even when signed back in.

    I really resent not being able to hide the (rather big) status bar and all the OLED burn in consequences of having the status bar visible at all times. The pixel shifting of the status bar icons is also fairly extreme and it really looks ugly when the icons are crooked compared to the rest of the UI. I always had immersive mode enabled on my XZ3 and after 3.5 years of daily use I have zero burn in. If anyone has ideas or suggestions to get immersive mode re-enabled on Android 12, I'd love to hear them.
    UPDATE: I managed to hide the status bar with Xposed Edge Pro! I've set up a trigger to hide the status bar when the Xperia Home launcher loses focus and to unhide it when the launcher gains focus. This way, the home screen shows the clock, battery and notifications, but during app use there is no burn in from the status bar. It's basically how I had it set up on my XZ3, although I used Immersive Manager which unfortunately no longer works on Android 11 and higher. The only downside to using Xposed Edge is that you can briefly see the home screen reflowing when the status bar appears. Curiously, you can't see the other apps reflow when the status bar disappears again, even with doubled animation speed.

    The phone buzzer is also really strong, to the point where if you have it on a hard surface like a table, it makes a lot of noise vibrating. I tried Vibration Tuner but it hasn't been updated in so long that it doesn't work. Are there any modern alternatives? The haptic feedback is too strong for my liking as well.
    I would suggest asking in the relevant forum for your phone, this thread is about the Xperia 1 IV.
    Personally, I use a software named Konabess to patch the boot image in order to bring to the voltage of the GPU down a bit, and I found out that it actually helps reduce the temperature of the phone. Since you have also rooted your phone, maybe consider giving it a shot?
    As this is the *only* current gen SD 8 phone with both a 3.5mm jack *and* an SD card slot, it may end up being my next upgrade. As my third hard requirement is at least the possibility of rooting it(I always do this before a phone can become my daily driver), this does a lot to seal the deal, so to speak, and is extremely helpful besides.

    With my current phone(a Motorola g100) experiencing digitizer errors, even still under warranty, I may just upgrade and sell it after the warranty repair.
    Thank you so much for the great teaching. The information about the module was very helpful

    Xperia remembers that there was a penalty for unlocking the bootloader before XZ3, so everyone seems hesitant to unlock the bootloader. If you have a good module, please share it again. Thank you very much.
    Interesting fact of these new xperia devices... The camera performance and quality is not locked behind the existing digital certificates. I took some pics before rooting and after rooting. Cannot see any difference in lagging or quality loss, green hue or pixelated nighty shoots. I have to say that I cannot fully utilize the camera yet, so much options in there. I've made these pics after rooting the device.