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Xperia 5 II - CPU Throttling Test

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May 10, 2017

I'm set to buy this phone, but I couldn't find anywhere a Screenshot of the CPU Throttling Test on this phone.

Could someone do the test and provide the results here? A vanilla Xperia 5 II would be better. I don't want to root or anything. :)

Thank you very much!


Senior Member
Nov 24, 2011
I have had the phone some time now and not noticed any throttling.
Sony make a big thing of the Game Enhancer app, One of the features is to power the phone directly from the usb cable, rather than route it via the battery, causing the battery to heat up, which is what nearly all other phones do. So the phone doesn't get so hot while playing a game.

What's a throttling test? sounds painful.