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Apr 2, 2012
4.1.2 officially rolled out

DOWNLOAD ST26i_11.2.A.0.21_No brand ITA.ftf

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Sep 27, 2011


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Oct 10, 2011
A 11.2.A.0.21 ECO Feb 22, 2013
I expect this is the Jellybean software version.this would be why they did not release the final versions of the ICS firmware even though they were certified , No point with the costs of an OTA roll out for a firmware about to be made obsolete.
It will be released by the end of march.

waaaaaaaaaaaaant 11.2.A.0.21 lol
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    Good news

    Hai guys yesterday I have started to porting all stuffs like small app, jellybean lockscreen . And iam really got surprised because already small app and jellybean lockscreen and wifi direct support preincluded. For confirming that I have also checked the android policy.jar too .It also has support so confirmed . For jellybean lockscreen just push this apk to sys/ app and give correct permission..and reboot .finally you got a jelly bean lockscreen .


    1. Rooted 4.1.2 jellybean.
    I hope sony will still release some sort of mini-update for xperia-j with new lockscreen,boot animation, widgets...

    hey guys, is the timescape for facebook now working with jellybean?..last time it won't connect/sync with facebook only on twitter and those other socia networking sites...
    I'm still thinking of updating, cause in my country (Poland) ppl say, that the update makes colour palette worse, the headphones audio got worse (but you say the audio is better now), the battery run down faster, and notification light near front camera doesn't work.

    Tapnąłem z mojej Xperii J

    I've been using the JB on my JLo for more than a week now. And find no problems with my phone like those encounterd by others above. I did have a clean update, erase all contents in my SD card, then Repair phone thru PC Companion after re-installing my apps.. The Audio, both speaker and headset are louder than ICS, UI is fast and responsive, and the keyboard? Nice...WiFi detection also improved a lot (there are more options in the WiFi menu), battery last longer than before, (I call, txt and browse a lot). Performance wise, it's better. My ONLY disappointment is that it dont have the supposed improved media and walkman app, among others..

    Sent from my ST26i using xda app-developers app
    The source is a 3.4 kernel, and has ION enabled, so we may need to wait for the ROM to use updated blobs. I'm building now, we'll see what happens.
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