Xperia T ICS Rom V7.8.6 For 2011 Xperia, Based on (4.0.4) [ 4th-Feb-2015 ]

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Nov 15, 2013
Calendar doesn't work

I installed the Xperia T ICS Rom V7.8.6 on my Arc S but get an FC error when I try to start the calendar app.
This just happens when the on-screen touch butons are disabled! Can't you have both a working calendar and have the buttons disabled?

Any solution to that?

Beyond that the rom works perfectly and i really a masterpiece!

Thank you!
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Nov 15, 2013
Walkman FC

I get the FC Error when i click on my music in the Walkman menu.

I read that i should replace the wakman apk but when i clkick on the link the only thing to download is a Picture of a cat that is called Hugo-11.jpg?

Where is the real link?


Nov 15, 2013

In the set up description i states

"Click on set on boot then click on settings then Stop the Zram When it stop then set your Zram to 128MB (36%)
click on back button."

Aren't you supposed to start the Zram again Before clicking on "back"
Because when i get back there after a restart the Zram still is stopped and I wonder if it isn't supposed to start?

Thank you for any advice

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    [FONT="Times New Roman"][COLOR="Red"][B][U][SIZE="3"]Based On[/SIZE][/U][/B][/COLOR]
    [B]1) Xperia-T (4.0.4) 7.0.A.3.223 
    2) Xperia-T (4.1.2) 9.1.A.0.492
    3) Xperia Arc 4.1.B.0.587
    4) Xperia Arc 4.1.B.1.13 Non-Official
    [B][COLOR="DarkRed"][SIZE="4"]For Downloads see post No 2
    For screen shots see the post No 3[/SIZE][/COLOR][/B][/CENTER]

    Xperia T Rom update v7.8.6

    > Performance Control app Included / Please Read how to set it in Recommendations
    > CPU Control app removed
    > Greenify app removed
    > Deodex Rom
    > Bright LED notification light mod included into Aroma
    > New Z3 & Z2 Ringtone, notification, UI, Sounds included
    > New Kitkat bootanimation included replace with JB
    > Fine Tune the System UI in Status bar Mod 2. Looks Good now
    > Only for Arc/Arc-S
    > Button Light Mod On/OFF included into Aroma
    > Updated Album app Included, with Folder view Support
    > Updated Keyboard included
    > Updated Walkman app in JB Mod
    > Updated Clock Widget app
    > Updated Conversations app
    > Updated Calendar apk
    > Updated SomcWifiDisplay apk

    Xperia T Rom update v7.4.0

    > Super User app and Binary update error fixed
    > Some system speed tweak error fixed
    > Walkman widget on new home error fixed
    > Some useless files removed

    Xperia T Rom update v7.3.0

    > Update Superuser app and Binary included
    > Updated Play Store and some system apps
    > One flash-able Rom zip for all 2011 Xperia line
    > Kitkat Sony Home app included in aroma
    > Greenify App included for Hibernate user apps for faster device for ever
    > Some tweaks for system
    > Updated Bravia engine files
    > Odexer Tweaks included Now after flashing the rom will be odexed Auto
    > Stock WiFi Kernel modules option included in Aroma for Neo,Neo-V,Pro,Ray
    > Button Light Mod on-off is available in Additional downloads (Removed from Rom)
    > OTA app removed from Rom and settings

    Xperia T Rom update v7.2.1

    > Patch available for Neo,Neo-v,Pro, Ray

    > Music Visualizer FC fixed
    > Removed those tweaks that making the Device a little bit heat up
    > Xperia T Lite and fast ICS walkman included in aroma 100% Sound distortion fixed + No volume reduce ( clear phase in setting not work in this )
    Now walkman mod have three options in aroma (1) Xperia T ICS (2) Xperia T JB (3) No walkman
    > Updated Xperia T JB Walkman included
    > Xperia T 2013 Style default theme included
    > Serajr systemUI tabbed view removed, it used 20MB more ram than other systemUI mods
    > More free Ram
    > Pop-up Bubble bug fixed in Xperia T ICS phonebook Mod

    Xperia T Rom update v7.2.0 ...

    > Themes / Colour changing Zip For Xperia T Rom See post no 2
    > Increase internal memory tweak removed from Aroma, If you want extreme faster device then do not use this tweak
    Warning: By hack internal memory with any tweak reduced the system speed after installation of many apps, it will also cause the lagness in gaming so if you want extreme fast device then do not use this tweak or any other tweak for memory increase

    > Updated Xperia T Phone-book Mod V4 included
    > JB small app mod fixed by me, Now small-app settings will not be changed after reboot
    > More lite Walkman included will be used 7MB to 23MB of Ram (depend on available ram at that time)
    > FC fixed, when click on Walkman / My music tab
    > Reduce sound distortion from Walkman, at the time of Multi tasking
    > Removed those tweaks that creating problems in gaming performance
    > New Tweaks for system performance
    > Home, phone-book & Conversation app will response quickly now
    > New updated system apps included
    > New 2013 based setting app included
    > Quick panel, Lock-style, On screen touch button settings moved to display setting
    > CPU Control setting moved to power management setting
    > Vengeance Kernel modules removed from Aroma, this kernel is not good for v7.2.0
    > Updated Serajr systemUI v10.1 included
    > Improvement in overall Framework-res, No more colour overlays in system visuals ( Like in clock app the bottom bar colours )
    > Xperia T ICS Black colour ( Conversation, phonebook, Dailer ) Mod Lite & Fast included in Aroma

    KTG Kernel & LuPuS Kernel is Highly recommended from V7.2.0 other kernels may give you lagness in gaming
    Install with Full Wipe ( factory reset, wipe system, cache, dalvik cache )
    Click here for older change-logs

    Tips for Xperia

    You can check the real battery capacity and his life in your device by typing *#*#7378423#*#* in your phone dialer. Then, Service tests -> Battery Health test.
    you can also check all the About of your device with the same Code

    Over All Tweaks & Mods
    Over All Tweaks & Mods

    >All Xperia T ICS Rom Apps & Mods included, except these (Camera, Radio, Super stamina, NFC) :D
    >Xperia Z Jelly Bean System Widgets, Walkman Player, Fonts, Wallpapers, Lock-screen, Conversation app and other Included :laugh:
    >All the Stock Xperia Arc Functions fully worked in This Rom :cowboy:
    > On screen button Auto Hide in Land-scape posission only visiable in Potrait (Enjoy full screen gaming & other Stuff) :eek::D:laugh:
    >New type of Supercharged Rom (kill kill) included into Services.Jar :good:
    >Sq-lite Included :good:
    >Zip-align included :good:
    >Zram Mod included 60-MB :good:
    >Init.d script included for faster device, battery saver, Ram management, SD card speed :D
    >Increase internal memory tweak supported (work with EXT-4 partition on your SD) :D
    >System Flush tweak & mod to remain device faster even after some days of use :good:
    >Devik cache tweaks for faster device :good:
    >Butter project for permormance included :cowboy:
    >JB-Andro Libs included for faster gaming :cowboy:
    >Skip music track backward and forward with Long press Volume buttons when screen is off :D
    >Kill app with long press back button Mod included in Developer settings :D
    >Reboot, CWM-recovery & Take Screen-short options in Power Menu :cowboy:
    >AOSP & NXT-ICS & NXT-JB three lock-screen included into Rom (you can change them from Settings) :good:
    >CPU control setting included in Main settings :cowboy:
    >Ram Booster option in Main settings ( Three kind of boost action available) :cowboy:
    >On screen navigation bar setting included in Main settings :D
    >Status bar setting included in Main settings for all quick-panel Mods :D
    >OTA System update setting included for the Rom :good:
    >Xperia T & Z style Framework-res and system layout :cowboy:
    >Xperia Z Animations :good:
    >Xperia 2012 style system Settings with Layout Fixed for buttons :laugh:
    >Cyber-Shot Camera Mod Included in Aroma :good:
    >Mobile Bravia Engine 1 & 2 in Aroma :cowboy:
    >Xperia T, Xperia Z & Tabbed view style Status Bar in Aroma :good:
    >JB & ICS small-app in Aroma :good:
    > Two options for Volume reduce fixer included into Aroma, (1) No volume reduce (2) 10% Volume reduce
    (1) No volume reduce: By using this you can not select clear phase & Xloud option in Walkman/sound enhancement/settings and clear phase in settings/Sound
    (2) 10% Volume reduce: But it also can be fixed by kill app sound enhancement method available in recommendations, clear phase & Xloud options working fine in this
    And many more ........

    All these are the contributor of this Rom, My special thanks to all of them, This Rom includes different apps & mods by these devs

    Aeon World Lot of things
    Serajr & Somiya Digi Lot of things
    Gagan.u & Pandemic Lot of things
    Rizal Lovins Lot of things
    Jader13254 Lot of things
    Georgeiulian89 Sound reduce fixer Xloud
    Life4Free Xperia T Rom wallpapers
    Danisariandi Semc Phone
    Alex_rac Settings 2013 app
    MicQo Xperia T Rom Themes zip / color taking effect in toggles & on-off tool & others
    BDFreak Coloring Xperia Mod
    Jerrytan93 Download music info fixer


    How to set performance control app
    Open Performance control app give him SU permission if ask

    1- Set Minimum CPU clock to 249 & Maximum to 1612
    Governor is Interactive & IO Scheduler is SIO
    set them on boot

    2- Go into forth page ( Memory settings ) click on Minfree Taskkiller Presets choose Very Aggressive from it & click on set on boot
    Do not Enable KSM just leave this setting as it is below it there are Zram settings
    Click on set on boot then click on settings then Stop the Zram When it stop then set your Zram to 128MB (36%)
    click on back button.

    3- now go into advance settings tab Set SD Read ahead to 1024KB and click on set on boot
    That's it leave the application & do not try any other settings from it until unless you know what they can do

    How to switch the lock screen

    1) If you want to switch from ICS sony to JB sony, then Select AOSP style First
    2) If you want to switch from JB sony to AOSP, then select ICS sony First
    After switching the lock screens if they are not taking effect immediately then GO TO settings / Navigation Bar / there are two buttons select any one. Now go back to LockScreen style now choose your desire lock screen as per method described up

    How to Fix lock-screen error when we password protected

    .First set the AOSP lock screen as describe up , when you get the AOSP Lock screen completely then set any kind of password ( Pin, Pattran, ect)
    Now you will never get the lock-screen error, remember do not set password when you are on NXT lock-screen ........

    You can use KTG Kernel v1.52 with baseband 77

    Sound reduce in Xperia Walkman when play through phone speaker Fixer

    1) Enable Kill app back button from settings / developer option
    2) Open walkman, play song, go into sound enhancement chose your desire setting and Tick the X-loud then long press back button to kill sound enhancement
    no more sound reduce now

    How to install.... For Locked Bootloaders
    1) Flash Arc-S ftf 587 pack with Kernel.sin
    2) Those who have Arc they should flash kernel.sin from Arc 587 ftf after step 1, remember flash only kernel.sin
    3) Arc user should also flash baseband for Arc from my downloads post no 2

    Arc-S users did not need step 2 & 3

    4) Reboot your device complete
    5) when start Get recovery for your device, and if necessary then Root also
    6) Reboot into recovery wipe factory reset , Wipe dalvik cache, Wipe cache & Wipe System and flash my Rom

    How to install.... For Unlocked Bootloaders

    Step-1) Download & Flash the kernel From here available in downloads

    Step-2) Download & Flash Xperia Arc-S 4.0.4_587 ftf pack, just exclude two things
    1. simlock.ta
    2. Kernel.sin

    After flash power up your phone and let it start completely, now copy rom zip into SD card , and Power off your phone

    It will give you 440-MB internal memory and 419-MB System Rom memory
    If you already have 419-MB System memory then you can skip this step

    3) Download and flash Baseband From Post no 2 as per your device

    4) Go into recovery and wipe these things
    4.1- wipe factory data
    4.2- wipe cache partition
    4.3- wipe dalvik cache
    4.4- Wipe System ( you can find it in mount & storage option in recovery)

    5) Now flash The Main rom after flash Tick unknown source
    Read recommendations


    For Downloads see post No 2
    For screenshots see the post No 3

    Hope you will like this Rom

    Best Regards

    Zohaib Tariq

    Username Zohaib0001

    Xperia T ICS Main Rom
    V7.8.6 Xperia T Rom Rom for Arc / Arc-S Only
    Use Lupus Kernel with this and read Recommendations for Performance control app settings

    Old Release

    V7.4.0 Xperia T Rom Odex Main Rom for Arc / Arc-S / Neo / Neo-V / Pro / Ray
    Try to install less Mods from Aroma so you will get more memory in system and Rom can start without boot loop

    V7.3.0 Xperia T Rom Odex Main Rom for Arc / Arc-S / Neo / Neo-V / Pro / Ray
    V7.2.1 Xperia T Rom Deodex Main Rom for Arc / Arc-S[/B]
    V7.2.1 Rom Patch for Neo, Neo-V, Pro, Ray First install Xperia T Rom for Arc/Arc-s[/B]

    V7.2.0 Xperia T Rom Deodex Main Rom for Arc / Arc-S
    V7.1.8 Xperia T Rom Main Rom for Arc / Arc-S
    V7.1.8 Xperia T Rom Main Rom for Neo,Neo-V,Pro,Ray
    V7.1.4 Xperia T Rom Main Rom for Arc / Arc-S
    V7.1.4 Xperia T Rom Main Rom for Neo,Neo-V,Pro,Ray

    If some people still get FC in walkman when click on My Music Tab, in this current release. Then download and replace this app from your system/app folder using root explorer, after set the Right permissions


    Kernel and baseband for my Rom .....


    Base-band 77 ... For Xperia Arc (LT15i) Only
    Base-band 77 ... For Xperia Arc-S (LT18i) Only

    Other Xperia Devices please flash baseband 77 from your 587 update ftf
    what include in a baseband ?? ( adsp.sin , amss.sin , amss_fs___.sin )


    For Arc/Arc-S Only
    KTG kernel V1.52 ... Click here
    Lupus kernel ... Click here

    For Pro

    For Neo / Neo-V
    Suave Kernel

    For Ray


    Themes / Colour changing Zip For Xperia T Rom

    This will change Status Bar Toggles buttons, On-Off Toggles tool, Select buttons ( Tick & Dort ), Bars, progress bars, System On-Off buttons background, Icons in settings and more

    Screenshots available at post # 3, see first 5 to 6 screenshots

    1) Orange Theme Xperia T Rom
    2) Blue Theme Xperia T Rom

    3) Red Theme Xperia T Rom available soon

    Original Theme Restore default / White Theme


    Other Stuff

    Increase Internal Memory Tweaks

    Increase Internal Memory Tweak V2 Mod
    is based on Internal-2-SD Plus tweak, made by croniccorey so big thanks to him. here is his thread link
    .........Download V2 Zip

    Increase Internal Memory Tweak V1 Mod
    If you people get problem in 2G/3G connectivity or in network signal while using memory tweak v2 then use this tweak Increase Internal Memory Tweak V1 thanks to Xtreamsilencer

    1) Before flash this you should have a EXT-4 partition on your SD-Card (1GB, or 1.5 GB or 2GB) as per your choice

    2) your kernel must have working init.d support

    3) Download and copy increase memory tweak Zip into your SD-card with my updated Rom zip

    4) Wipe data factory reset , wipe cache, wipe dalvik cache and flash My updated Rom Zip

    5) Now reboot your phone and immediately enter into recovery again (before boot logo show)

    6) Now flash increase internal memory tweak and rebbot

    7) After start if you did not get you sim signal or Wifi is not working then power off your phone and power it on after start reboot it again untill unless the problems are solved

    Warning: By hack internal memory with any tweak reduced the system speed after installation of many apps, it will also cause the lagness in gaming so if you want extreme fast device then do not use this tweak or any other tweak for memory increase

    Xperia Arc-S 4.0.4-587 FTF pack Uploded by Me


    Best Regards

    Zohaib Tariq
    Screen shots for Xperia T Rom

    Over All​


    Quick panel Mods​

    Xperia T Mod 2


    Xperia T Mod 1


    Tabbed View



    Xperia Home​

    Xperia Z Home


    Xperia GX Home + Preference settings

    V7.1.2 Rom released
    Xperia T Rom update v7.1.6 Under Working......

    > Based on Arc-S 4.1.B.1.13 Update
    > New baseband 85 Libs included into Rom and baseband_85 will be available in Downloads when Rom Released
    > Replace system mods & apps with updated Xperia T 9.1.A.1.140 & 9.1.B.0.411 Rom ( Fast & Smooth )
    > Original Xperia T Jelly Bean Phonebook app included ( App version is 9.1.A.0.12 )
    > Vengeance Kernel v1.34 Modules included into Aroma ( Kernel performance is slower than KTG as per my Testing )
    > Fixed gaming performance
    > New SystemUI Preferences v8.1 included modded by me to look like Xperia T
    > Updated small app included, replace the old ones
    > Currency converter small app error fixed
    > Some fixes in Semc-phone app regarding slow down at the time of receiving calls
    > Button icons changed in SemcPhone
    > Boost Xperia app values changed as per New update Requirement
    > Default Multitasking set for devices
    > Updated Supercharger tweaks replaced with old ones
    > System flush tweak updated, and set to after every 12 hours
    > Zipalign & Sqlite set on every reboot
    > Nullified Tweaks included
    > Weather widget problem solved for GX Home Mod
    > Better battery life with 13 firmware
    > Updated Cyber-shot Camera Mod Version 2.B.12 By Rizal Lovins included
    > Updated system apps & Adobe flash player included
    > SoundEnhancment layout fixed
    > Lite ICS version Walkman app included this will use less Ram

    ChangeLogs can be changed and added more working under process, released should be at End of this Month