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Xperia T KitKat: it will come?

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Jan 8, 2011
I'm stuck on a contract so i have to wait. The custom roms are not that great for the xperia and the the stock rom sucks (bug party is what it is)

The T is the worst phone i have ever had. So yes i can't wait to get another phone

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Feb 4, 2011
We know it finally :rolleyes:


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Jun 26, 2012
Well, now it's official.... but I'm not surprised at all...

Better stable 4.3 than buggy 4.4 (knowing their "skills" with updates). I'm still happy with my Xperia T and I don't want to jump to another phone unless this will be dead ;)
Totally agree with you.

Anyway I would like a final 4.3 version to solve some big issues, such as the flickering blue screen inside movie gallery or the sleep of death when 100% charged... :crying:
But officially support has ended on April and it seems that Sony doesn't care about Xperia T anymore........
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Nov 30, 2009
The timing couldn't be better for this announcement.

My XperiaT is in repair for the second time since I had one for the same issue(Battery power management failure)
My contract can be renewed as of Monday so could change device.

Think it is now time to go down the custom ROM route, will have a fresh base to wipe and if the device fails I dont need to worry about warranty as I can just get an upgrade from network.


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    have to settle for 4.3, sony puts kitkat under investigation, but I do not give us that update, no longer interested in us...

    .... and we are no longer interested in Sony :)

    Seriously with that cycle, release with old version then delay, then finally a release ... a buggy release... Thanks :)
    I'd be surprised if there are any further updates to 4.3. I doubt 4.4 will make it to the T in official form.
    As for buggy? I haven't had a single problem with mine since upgrading to 4.3

    All this bull**** about I want 4.4 NOW nad Sony suck because they're not supporting the phone for ever, just shows some people to be acting like spoilt children.