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Xperia XA2 Ultra & O2 firmware

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New member
Nov 2, 2019
Hello All,

New boy here with a good reason to be asking.

I've had a Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra for two years now and it's been great but for two issues. In my home area, the mobile signal is pathetic with O2, from whom I bought the phone. Problem two is that in the location I'll be relocating to around Christmas tghe signal is just as bad.

Deciding I needed WIFi calling, I consulted in the O2 shop and verified that the XA2 Ultra is the similar phone that supports WiFi calling. I also verified that an XA2 (unlocked) I'd seen on eBay would do this and the lad in the shop told me that it would. On the strength of this 'expert' advice, I went ahead and bought the eBay phone.

Now the lad is saying that he told me that the phone had to be an O2 phone (a lie) and that I hadn't told him all about the eBay phone (another lie). So the gist with this lad and his boss is that it can't support WiFi calling.

I've discovered that 3 UK reckon that with its sim, I'll get my WiFi calling, charged at mobile rate. I also found out a little about firmware - that is, that it can be flashed.

I'm going to try a 3 UK sim in the XA1 but I'd dearly love to go back to the O2 shop with the O2 sim on board and the WiFi calling working on its replacement..

Given that I haven't a clue about working on a phone at this level, can anyone tell me if I can get hold of the necessary O2 firmware?. Then, could there be a walkthrough of the way to fit it without wrecking my XA2?

Just FYI, I've 'moved into' the XA2 by moving files to it from the XA1 and I've done a full backup to Google Drive as suggested.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated and I'm here with things crossed.