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Xperia XZs_[G8232 and G8231]_ FTFs

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Juicy Fruit

New member
Aug 5, 2017
Xperia XZs dual sim

Hello everyone. Quick question, my Xperia XZs has customization 1307-9957 R8D HK version. Today on Xpericheck it says that Oreo has finally been released for my phone. However, when in go to update, or Xperia companion, I get no update available, have most current software. Does it take some time for it to actually be available? With my XZ, it showed it the day it was available and was able to download. Over 4 months waiting, getting a little impatient now!! Lol. Any help appreciated, thanks.


Senior Member
Aug 30, 2010
Sony Xperia 1
I flashed this ftf but my sdcard of 128gb class 10 get damaged and i was needed to format it (but the message still pops up after that) so i lost all my pictures of my son when he was a babyboy but on fw .75 my sdcard works fine so can you fix the issue with that so my sd card works fine ? I think the problem is that kind of way you make the ftf without fat32 what supports 16gb amd higher ;)

Please let me know

edit: Nvm its solved, it was my fault :)
Stupid me :silly:
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Oct 11, 2015
Is there any chance you have the 41.3.A.2.75 Dual Sim laying around somewhere too?
OTA can see only so far and I am aware of flashing the newer ones. Or should I give those a try too even though I haven't received those updates yet? (in ~5 months..)