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Xperia Z 4.4 Kitkat update

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Apr 13, 2013
I was sorry I upgraded to 4.3 after realising that after the upgrade the loss of root access was worse than the advantages of the upgrade.

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Jul 25, 2012
So I managed to get gold of dude from Sony. He says the update will be released soon. It's indeed in testing. Sony will make an announcement about the update and start rolling it out for the z1 soon after. Then the Z ultra and z1 compact. After two weeks we'll see it for the Z, Zl and zr as well as the tablet Z.. Don't expect it to be flawless, but it'll be a little lighter than 4.3.

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Mar 25, 2010

This is going to blow up everywhere with everyone saying it's the 4.4 update. I'm not going to get excited though, as it looks like a mistake by whoever entered it into the PTCRB database to me and I believe it should just be the listing for 10.4.1.B.0.101, as that firmware version is not listed.

I really, really hope I'm wrong, though. :D

Edit - XperiaBlog also think it's an error - Link
Are they reading this thread? :D

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Mar 25, 2010
10.4.1.B.0.101 is not listed because it's modem firmware is not updated. Only OS firmwares with Modem FW updated goes into ptcrb.

The baseband definitely changed between 569 and 101. Or do you mean some other lower level firmware? In that case, how do you know it didn't change, if you don't mind me asking? (No bad intention, I'm just interested). :)

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Mar 25, 2010


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Sep 8, 2012
straya kienttt
ur previous device was IncS .. i know u from there
it is anyday better than the support we received from htc on incredible s ..that was a flagship for how long ? barely even 6 months .forget about how much we had to cry for 4.0 that too through the dev website . so maybe u should be happier with sony .atleast i am .

I don't recall the incredible S ever being a flagship lol..
and lets not compare this to HTC.
The sensation never got to see jellybean
The desire hd never saw its promised ICS update
the One X hasn't even seen 4.3


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Oct 12, 2011
This was a 700 dollar AUD flagship phone. Yes we did receive many small updates fixing bugs. How many major updates did we have?
You can look at other 2013 flagship phones such as the HTC One, Galaxy S4 and heck, even the LG G2. They have all received their Kitkat.
But because Sony have released multiple flagships in a year, their focus changes to their newer devices. Yes, they are supporting their Z, but arguably at the lowest priority of all the flagships.

TL;dr If sony released one flagship a year, then that one flagship would be their only high priority. which is not the case right now.

Yeah, others already got their 4.4 update which consists in having the kit kat kernel and core features, but the same old 4.2 manufacturer's features. Like the Galaxy S4, it already got updated to 4.4, but it didn't got any new software features from the galaxy S5.

On the Xperia Z when we got the 4.3 update we got all core Android 4.3 features, and all new software features made by Sony for the Z1.
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    Sony Xperia Z should be updated to Android 4.4 KitKat by March - according to a Polish carrier

    Sony’s Xperia Z received an official update to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean in December, and it appears that it will make the jump to KitKat pretty soon as well.

    According to Play - one of Poland’s major mobile carriers - its Sony Xperia Z should be updated to Android 4.4.2 KitKat in late February, or March. If that turns out to be accurate, Xperia Z owners in other parts of the world should expect to get the new version of the OS at about the same time. The Xperia Z turned 1 year old last month, and a KitKat birthday present would be really nice.

    Alongside the Xperia Z, other slightly older Sony Android devices that will likely be updated to Android 4.4 KitKat later this year are the Xperia ZL, Xperia ZR, and the Xperia Tablet Z. Naturally, the newer Xperia Z1 and Z Ultra will also be updated, possibly starting the next few months.


    :p ;);)
    I've had a cleanup here guys and I'd prefer not to be returning for the same reasons.
    If you can't keep things on-topic and civil here, I'll just close the thread... In fact I'm struggling to find any decent reason for it to remain open.
    Please resist the urge to ask "When will XXXX be released" because nobody knows... It will be released when it's ready.
    LOL look at the comments of the article. Some kid called "sanjaykarmakar" saying "I request my phone Xperia z kit kat 4.4.2 update. Please as soon as possible." - it's almost as if he thinks Sony will read that very comment and think that seeing as that dude requests it, they'd better release it.

    Sony devs are reading XDA, they are even using some of our ideas.

    I am certain that they have used some of my ideas as some new things implemented are strangly exactly identical to some of my own.

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    Well, i got a sense that my next phone will not be a sony smartphone anymore. Xperia ZL will be my last sony device. :(

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    Same for me. Slow Android updates and ****ty custom ROM support (CM11 was much better on my Galaxy S2 than on the Xperia ZL now) and no direct and easy way to root the device (on android 4.3) is a no go for me.

    Good bye, we won't miss you ;)

    People like haven't anything to do on XDA...

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    The new Android KitKat firmware (build
    version: 10.5.A.0.230) is said to be a
    software patch to fix the flaws found in the
    earlier version '10.5.A.0.227' which was
    sent to certifications at PTCRB, reported
    XperiaBlog .
    According to the PTCRB database screen
    shots available with the technology blog,
    Xperia Z's three variants - C6603, C6606
    and C6616; Xperia ZL- C6506, Xperia and
    the 2013 flagship Sony slate - Xperia Tablet
    Z- SGP321 are expected to get the update,
    probably by May end. Besides these
    devices, Xperia ZR models are also said to
    receive same update this month as well.
    This episode brings back the memory of
    Sony rolling out the stability update to fix
    audio bug and some minor flaws affecting
    Xperia Z1, Z1 Compact and Z Ultra in April,
    after they received the KitKat update in
    Now, it seems like Sony has learned lessons
    to take precaution and fully scrutinize the
    firmware update before releasing them to
    the devices, thereby avoiding blemishes to
    company's name in the future.
    As reported earlier , the new software is
    expected to bring in additional Xperia
    Themes (more than 280 styles)
    enhancements in white status bar,
    entertainment apps- Sony WALKMAN,
    Album, Movies, PlayStation 4 compatibility
    and the native apps like messaging,
    MyXperia, Smart Connect, Small apps,
    TrackID, Smart Social Camera are said to
    get facelift and many more new features.
    Description of Key Features of Android v4.4
    KitKat OS Update:
    Location Menu: This integrated location
    menu enable users to easily activate GPS,
    Wi-Fi and mobile networks, while
    simultaneously keeping a tab on the
    battery consumption by the location
    service based apps.
    Enhanced Google Mobile Service (GMS)
    Apps: This application helps user to
    automatically back-up photos and video
    clips. He/she also can create, view, share
    or rename Google Docs and files.
    Improved Caller-ID: If a user receives a call
    from unknown number, the phone will
    look for matches on the net with local
    listings via Google Maps.
    Priority Contacts: The new OS empowers
    the phone to automatically prioritize
    contact list for easy access, based on the
    frequency of the peoples' contacts to which
    users talk.
    Immersive Display: To enhance the
    entertainment factor, the new OS comes
    with immersive mode, where the status
    bar and navigation buttons disappear in to
    the background while you play music,
    games and read e-books. Users can just
    swipe the edge of the screen to bring
    back the utility buttons.
    Enhanced Message Grouping: Google has
    brought in some improvements to the new
    Hangouts app; now, users can find all their
    text SMSs and MMSs, audio and video call
    details all at one place. He/she can also
    share location and send animated GIFs.
    Emoji Characters: Initially, users had to
    install third party app to use colorful
    characters in their SMS. Now, with KitKat
    update, the keypad comes pre-loaded with
    native Japanese Emoji emotion icons.
    NFC and Wireless Printing: Google's new OS
    comes with a new Quickoffice app where-
    in people can create and store word
    documents in cloud storage as well as print
    files wirelessly on NFC-enabled HP
    Multi-tasking: With efficient memory
    management, users can multi-task by
    opening multiple applications; Listen to
    music while you can browse through the
    Performance: Like all software updates, the
    new KitKat enhances smartphone's
    performance as well as efficient RAM
    management, leading to increase in

    Xperia Z