XperiaSP Locked Bootloader (LBL) Cyanogenmod 11.0

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Mar 3, 2012
Alem tejo
- The rom contains CWM and Philz recovery too (camera button=CWM; volume up=Philz)


I can not get into Recovery,
at that time, you must press the button to enter ??
Before the lights, then?
After the vibration?

As? at what point should just click the button until the green light.

When the red light is on.

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Nov 27, 2011
I can't get into recovery mode either... I even tried the CM option for "reboot into recovery mode" in the power button menu and it doesn't work. Help? I'm trying to make a backup to install xposed (btw, can I do that on a C3502 with bootloader unlockable?)


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Jun 27, 2015
OnePlus 6
Expanded notifications have a funny bug: when you compress them, the notification itself gets compressed, but the text of the notification stays expanded, leading to unreadable notifications. See screenshot:

Any idea how this can be fixed? I already tried copying SystemUI.apk and framework-res.apk from a working ROM, but it doesn't help!


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Apr 8, 2017
Hi, I can not seem to be able to download the cm-11-20160501-unofficial-lbhuashan from the dev-host page. After I get to the downloading file it just times out.

Does anyone else have any other links for download?

I would be very thankful!!!

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    translated by Kizsde :highfive:

    I would like to ask everbody not to send me PMs with questions about the installation, that is what the forum is here for. Also everbody should do this at their OWN RISK!

    If you already have recovery installed, go to step (3) and continue from there.


    (1): As a first step, we should "root" our stock 4.3, so later on we can install a recovery tool:

    - a: Download the towelroot apk and click on the Lambda icon
    - b: On the phone, navigate to Settings > Security and check the Unknown Resources checkbox
    - c: Copy the tr.apk to your phone's SD card and install it
    - d: Estabilish an active internet connection on your phone
    - e: Run the towelroot app and once it loaded, tap on the "make it ra1n" button. This should "root" your phone.

    **The reason why the word "root" is between quotation marks, is because the towelroot app doesn't actually root your phone, but allows a superuser application to be installed on it. We don't actually need an SU app, but "root" is needed for the installation of the recovery.


    (2): Installing the Recoveries (source: [link])

    -a: On the phone, navigate to "Settings > Developer Options" and check the "USB Debugging" checkbox. If you don't have it listed, just tap the "Build Number" within "Settings > About Phone" 4-5 times.

    -b: Connect your phone to the PC

    -c: Download the recovery pack created by dssmex

    -d: Extract the file to your computer and depending on your operating system run the appropriate install***** file ( MAC OSx; Linux; install.bat= Windows) **(On Windows a menu will appear, where you need to choose option "1" and the rest will be done automatically)

    -e: If the installation is successful and you see no errors, you can reboot your phone. Otherwise repeat the installation until it is completely error-free

    -f: After reboot, the phone indicates with some blinking lights and a slight vibration that you are now able to select from the recoveries (volume rocker down=TWRP recovery; volume rocker up=Philz recovery; camera button=CWM recovery). It is up to you which one you select, as all of them should be able to do the job just fine. Personally I recommend CWM and the guide will follow this method. IMPORTANT: During the recovery selection, the idle time is 2 seconds and if no button is pressed, the phone will boot normally.


    (3): Installation of the CM11 rom:

    -a: Download the newest rom from here: [link]

    -b: Copy the cm-11-201***** to your phone, preferrably to the external SD card. (This can be performed during recovery too, but copying to the SD card is significantly slower this way, so before you do that please read section (4))

    -c: During recovery selection, choose CWM

    (Quick CWM navigation guide: With physical buttons: Volume down=move down; Volume up=move up; On/off button=Enter/select menu option; || With swipe gestures: Swipe down: move down; Swipe up=move up; Swipe right=Enter/select menu option; Swipe left=back)

    -d: Make a backup of your current system, by going to "backup and restore" and selecting the "backup to /storage/sdcard1" option. This will create a "clockworkmod" folder on your SD card and the dated backups will be stored here.

    -e: Now go to "Wipe data/factory reset" and select the "Yes-Wipe All user data" option. This will erase the /Data /Cache partitions and delete the ".android_secure" folder on the SD card. IMPORTANT: This may take several minutes to complete.

    It is advised to do the following when performing a clean install:

    It may happen that the installer is unable to format the system, so it needs to be perfomed manually by going to "mount and storage" and selecting the "format /system" option.

    -f: Navigate to "install zip->choose zip from /storage/sdcard1" then browse to and select the previously copied CM11 rom

    -g: The CM11 rom should now be installed. If you don't prefer to install the Gapps pack, then reboot your phone with the "reboot system now" option, otherwise go to step (4)


    (4): Installation of the google apps (Gapps):

    -a: Download the newest CM11 gapps from this list

    -b: Copy it to the external SD card

    -c: Go to CWM recovery again (camera button)

    -d: Navigate to "install zip->choose zip from /storage/sdcard1" and select the Gapps pack you just copied to the SD card

    -e: Once installation is done, reboot the phone


    What works:

    USB Charging : Ok
    USB ADB : Ok
    USB MTP : Ok
    Video : Ok
    Audio : Ok
    Sensors : Ok
    Screen rotation : Ok
    WLAN : Ok
    WLAN Hotspot : Ok
    GPS : Ok
    GSM : Ok
    GSM Data : Ok
    GSM Voice : Ok
    GSM SMS : Ok
    Bluetooth : Ok
    NFC : Ok (After first boot uncheck NFC and reboot the phone, otherwise you will not be able to use it)
    Camera : Ok
    FM Radio : Ok
    Keyboard : Ok
    MHL : Ok
    OTG : Ok
    ART MOD : Ok

    What doesn't work:



    Frequently Asked Questions + Useful info:

    - The first boot will always be slow. This is because once you enter your google account details it starts updating the google apps and your personal details, while downloading your own applications as well

    - The rom does not include Sony's own services and user interface

    - The rom is rooted by default

    - You cannot apply any custom kernels as the bootloader is locked

    - After first boot, turn off NFC (or at least try to remove the check from the checkbox, it will not be possible due to a bug), then reboot the phone. After this you will be able to turn it on/off as per usual.

    - The rom contains CWM and Philz recovery too (camera button=CWM; volume up=Philz)

    - Glove mode is turned on by default, but if you would like to turn it off, go to "Settings->Language & Input" and remove the check from the "High Touch Sensitivity" checkbox

    - To enable "Developer Tools" & "Performance" menu options, navigate to "Settings->About Phone" and tap "Build number" 4-5 times

    - Hijack is a script that enables useres to boot not only stock roms on a locked bootloader, but custom ones too like Cyanogenmod, aopk, pa, pac, slimkat, omni etc...

    - It is not possible to update a rom OTA, only from recovery. The method of updating the rom is the same as installing it from step (3), the only difference is that the "-d: wipe data/factory reset" part needs to be skipped

    - If you want to play games, it is a good idea to change the "Profile" to "Performance" under the "Performance" menu option for the duration of play

    - You can make the Google search bar disappear from the home screen by opening the settings menu of the Trebuchet launcher via long press. Then expand the advanced settings by swiping up the grey bar of Wallpapers Modules Themes. Here look for the Search bar and switch it off.


    ROM: cm-11-20150116-UNOFFICIAL-lbhuashan

    GAPPS: CM11 gapps


    Changelog cm-11-20150116-UNOFFICIAL-lbhuashan:
    -CyanogenMod update-source (stabil)
    -BT permission fixed
    -Lag fix
    -HW vp8 decoder removed, because the MSM8960 SoC family doesn't support

    Changelog cm-11-20141127-UNOFFICIAL-lbhuashan:
    -CyanogenMod update-source (stabil)
    -hdr support
    -zram fix

    Changelog cm-11-20141102-UNOFFICIAL-lbhuashan:
    -CyanogenMod update-source (stabil)
    -Glove mode forgetting changes after reboot fix

    Changelog cm-11-20141101-UNOFFICIAL-lbhuashan:
    -CyanogenMod update-source (stabil nighty)
    -fm radio poor reception fix
    -Fm transmitter support
    -FM Transmitter use the default headset antenna (15-50 meters range)
    -hijack & ramdisk permission fix
    -glove mod permission fix
    -zRam support (size: 256MB) (tested)
    -add conservative governor

    Changelog cm-11-20141022-UNOFFICIAL-lbhuashan:
    -CyanogenMod update-source (stabil)
    -add native fm radio
    -remove internal sd card (data partition fix 5.4GB)
    -UMS support
    -add new cwm and philz recovery
    -more volume on the headset
    -eMMC tweak
    -add new "yuga" adreno libs thx MrSteve555
    -fm radio poor reception fix thx mikereidis

    Changelog cm-11-20141004-UNOFFICIAL-lbhuashan:
    -CyanogenMod update-source
    -updated vendor blob files (12.1.A.1.207)
    -new separated device tree
    -new cwm and philz recovery
    -re add glove mod
    -add kk adreno driver thx MrSteve555 & neXusPRIME
    -Fixed rear microphone thx MrSteve555

    Changelog cm-11_LBL-20140622-UNOFFICIAL-huashan:
    -CyanogenMod update-source (android 4.4.4 base)
    -updated vendor blob files (12.1.A.1.205)

    Changelog cm-11_LBL-20140528-UNOFFICIAL-huashan:
    -CyanogenMod update-source

    Changelog cm-11_LBL-20140517-UNOFFICIAL-huashan:
    -CyanogenMod update-source(CallUI crash fixed)
    -add lionheart governor

    Changelog cm-11_LBL-20140511-UNOFFICIAL-huashan:
    -CyanogenMod update-source
    -revert weatley governor
    -Adding Xperia SP Glove Mode to the settings menu (settings ->(device category) More...->)

    Changelog cm-11_LBL-20140508-UNOFFICIAL-huashan:
    -CyanogenMod update-source (new cm theme engine)
    -voip mic fix
    -increase touch sensitivity
    -new minimal gapps 2014 05 07

    Changelog PATCH_cm-11_LBL-20140508-UNOFFICIAL-huashan:
    -voip mic fix

    Changelog cm-11_LBL-20140508-UNOFFICIAL-huashan:
    -CyanogenMod update-source (fixed in-call beeps every 4s)

    Changelog cm-11_LBL-20140507-UNOFFICIAL-huashan:
    -CyanogenMod update-source
    -krait optimization
    -Add CM performance profiles
    -Enable use of FFMPEG codecs for extended formats (Gallery can play these formats:avi,mkv,wmv,mp4)
    - /storage/sdcard0 permission fix
    - remove wheatley governer, because the second CPU is not in use
    - remove sio scheduler, bacause it is useless

    Changelog PATCH_cm-11_LBL-20140503-UNOFFICIAL-huashan:
    - /storage/sdcard0 permission fix

    Changelog cm-11_LBL-20140503-UNOFFICIAL-huashan:
    -CyanogenMod update-source (new flashlight app)
    -enabled glove mod
    -stability problem fix

    Changelog cm-11_LBL-20140501-UNOFFICIAL-huashan:
    -CyanogenMod update-source
    -boot up fix
    -PhilZ touch system mount fix
    -128kbps audio recording, video mode
    - ART mode optimization of applications reboot always fixed
    - Selinux permissions fixed
    - ++ Little kinder surprise

    Changelog PATCH_cm-11_LBL-20140429-UNOFFICIAL-huashan:
    -boot up fix
    -PhilZ touch system mount fix


    Source codes:


    Device tree:






    Kernel Source:




    New build

    Hey, guys. I'm back. :angel:
    Guys, another update from me. If there aren't any issues, consider it stable, and then I'll finally switch to weekly builds :) Normally I can't build ROMs daily, but I want to give you guys a decent experience with latest CM features :good:
    - enabled in-call noise cancellation(Qualcomm Fluence)
    - proper audio devices for mono/stereo recording(for stereo recording you can use Audio Recorder app by Sony)
    - Google Now and other voice recognition apps use one mic with ASR feature (Automatic Speech Recognition), so now at least it's fully usable.
    - latest CM source updates
    - switched from Qcom compressed audio to Qcom MM audio(I'm mentioning it only because I remeber it has something to do with Walkman app)

    Changelog cm-11-20141101-UNOFFICIAL-lbhuashan:
    -CyanogenMod update-source (stabil)
    -fm radio poor reception fix
    -Fm transmitter support
    -FM Transmitter use the default headset antenna (15-50 meters range)
    -hijack & ramdisk permission fix
    -glove mod permission fix
    -zRam support (size: 256MB) (tested)
    -add conservative governor
    Okay guys, I have an update for you :)
    - CM source updates
    - Ramdisk cleaned, no more PA leftovers, jest clean CM ramdisk
    - Overall build cleaned, now it's built from clean tree for CM
    - Changed some overlays flags
    - Some touch tweaks
    - CM performance profiles added/fixed
    (CPU + GPU governor - power saving is ondemand + ondemand, balanced is interactive + ondemand, and performance is performance + performance)
    - added automatical flashing of newest stock kernel (.207, no need for Flashtool/recovery flashing from now on)!TNA2laCI!iUanNEh15UWAOOa3rOc87agFdDyxp2WquzzCCApW680