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[XPOSED][AD-BLOCKER] AdBlocker Reborn

Do you have lags when pressing power button with this module?

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Senior Member
Oct 24, 2010
tested this one since minminguard is not working right now after i update my riru modules..

all i can say its working great no lag, can block intrusive ads & can view ads on some game to get the free offer (default settings, minminguard can do this also but sometimes you need to restart several times to work), sportify working good, not host base like any other adblocker i think this is similar to minminguard. this is my initial impression about this app hope there will be no problem in the long run , all i can say it can rival minminguard.

but the gui need some improvement like minminguard gui.

question. where can i view the blocked ads counter? ty


Senior Member
Apr 9, 2015
I just installed this module on my Note 9 with android 10 and Edxposed.
I installed this module because I want to get rid of that empty space left by advertising because I use Adway.
However, even after installing this module the empty space did not disappear.
How should this module be configured?


Senior Member
May 5, 2007
Amazon Fire TV
Google Pixel 4a
Simply enabled "app list mode" in Edxposed and blacklisted 'Spotify' as I did other things to pass safetynet. Works like a charm. Android 10, stock rooted April security update/Riru 21.2, Edxposed Canary v0.5.0.0 (4548 yahfa), Edxposed manager 4.5.7 passing safetynet.
I am using EdXosed manager 4.6.2 and I don't see a "App List Mode" setting.

Could you elaborate a little about this setting and where in the app it is?


Senior Member
Aug 26, 2017
Google Pixel 4 XL
Google Pixel 6
I am using EdXosed manager 4.6.2 and I don't see a "App List Mode" setting.

Could you elaborate a little about this setting and where in the app it is?
This was a long time ago and the developers might have removed that setting in later versions of the manager.. I have no idea on the latest manager etc because I use "Lsposed" now instead of "edxposed". I haven't used edxposed since that specific version. But in my honest opinion, Lsposed is a lot better, but harder to set up and understand in the beginning. If you haven't heard of it, do a quick search on xda and read up on it. My new setup is latest magisk (22.0) on a pixel 4 xl android 10 using a custom rom (dirty unicorn) September update Lsposed 1.3.4 and riru 25.3.3.r393.ed83041
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Jan 28, 2011
I have this module with lsposed.
What I have to enable in the lsposed list? Framework and all app I want block ads?

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    This is the reborn version of Adblocker, which helps you block advertisements from various Ad-Network.

    It can block advertisements in many aspects according to a pre-loaded-list, such as activities, views, hosts-based, webview-based, receivers and many many more.

    It does not affect system hosts file, and does not conflict with it either. It also has whitelist feature so you can easily control it. You can also use it along with AdAway or other adblockers to extend its power, especially built-in app ads.

    This module is being actively developed, and I will update it about every ten days. If you have any issues or want to contribute to the project, feel free to contact me via Github or XDA.

    Numerous reports from users of certain devices that this module can disable things, cause erratic behaviour and other issues, have been reported.
    Specifically, most of these seem to be related to users of Xiaomi's Mi-line of devices. In the case of these devices, the module can cause behaviour such as stopping the launcher and removing some options from settings, making the module difficult to remove.
    Proceed with your own caution, and preferably a backup to restore if you encounter such erratic behaviours. This will also be posted in the OP of the thread.
    There are varying alternatives that work well. This module has also NOT been updated at all lately, and it's recommended that users seek alternatives.


    - Activityies Block
    - Views Block
    - Hosts Block (Not affect system hosts file)
    - WebView Block
    - Services Block
    - Receivers Block
    - .............

    Principle of Work:
    I hook some fundamental classes and methods of Android system, check if they are included in a pre-loaded-list (maintained by me), and break the calling of these classes and methods if included. There might be some false positives so feel free to contact me.


    - How does it work compared to AdAway and MinMinGuard?

    AdAway modifies system hosts file to redirect some ad servers to local host, thus prevent from accessing them. MinMinGuard blocks some prebuilt app Ad providers from taking effect. My application have both of their features, and extends by blocking services and receivers.

    - Where is the hosts' source?

    Now, it covers Dan Pollock's hosts and some app specific blocking hosts. I am searching for good sources which is simple and effective. If you have some suggestions, feel free to let me know.

    - Why does not it take effects to some browsers?

    The reason is basically the same as unbeloved hosts. Some browsers have their own network solutions which conflict with the normal handling method. But for browsers which simply use original WebView loading method it works well.

    - There are some false positives!

    Contact me via Github or here. You can also use the whitelist feature. For element whitelist, just enable debug logging, find the element(activities, hosts, views...) according to a 'block success' line, and add them to the whitelist. Each element takes one line.

    - I need to view ads for some reason.

    Use the whitelist feature. However, some apps uses Android System WebView as an elements loader, so you should whitelist it too. But this will ramp down the power of blocking. I am working on a better whitelist feature.

    - I want to donate to you for your work.

    Use the PayPal donation option:https://www.paypal.me/wanghan1995315. But it will not make any difference or be a privilege for you. There is no such thing as advanced support.

    - How can I contribute to you if I found something useful (hosts, Ad SDKs)?

    I am working on a block list repo on Github. Feel free to open a pull request.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    AdBlocker Reborn, Xposed for all devices (see above for details)

    Source Code: https://github.com/aviraxp/AdBlocker_Reborn

    Xposed Package Name: com.aviraxp.adblocker.continued

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 1.5.1
    Stable Release Date: 2017-03-13

    Created 2017-02-11
    Last Updated 2017-04-18


    - Fix an incremental bug which causes many false positives
    - Add system apps protection
    - Add shortcut block (all credits to apsun)
    - Various Fixes


    - Add more builtin hosts
    - Replace regular expression with Easylist rules to improve performance
    - Tweak default preferences (Hiding is disabled and WebView Block is enabled)
    - Introduce element whitelist
    - Implement system framework apps protection
    - Various fixes


    - Implement aggressive block toggle
    - Add XDA link and PayPal donation
    - Improve blocking effect by importing blacklist from AdScanner
    - Address more false positives
    Gonna work on it now.
    Important Announcement:

    I am busy writing my paper for bachelor degree. So this app will not be updated in the following 2/3 weeks. I will be back when I am ready.
    Version 1.1.1 has been uploaded.

    I derped in 1.1, which blocks all localhost requests. Sorry for this. Please update to 1.1.1 as soon as possible.