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Xposed Framework For Android Q

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Jun 18, 2014


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May 11, 2011
And what can you do with this? I heared that you can do a lot of customizations, but do u have some examples working on this device?

The best xposed module for this phone, in my opinion, would be "custoMIUIzer" (search for the official thread here on xda). Too many features to list, basically adds to miui tons of features typically found in custom roms.
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Dec 9, 2014


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Not working on Redmi Note 8 pro

working on any xiaomi device running Android 10 and miui 11 tested by me

Not working on Redmi Note 8 pro Miui 11 with official Android 10
problem: can't flash with Twrp(get Error during flash & can't flash with megisk manager (its says not a magisk module something error getting)
Personally tested only on Redmi Note 8 pro

However another way riru core & edxposed system hook working but getting issue during playing online game like "Garena Freefire Game" game close automatically & During playing game not pick any gun etc....etc items.
After uninstall completely edxposed game work perfectly.

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SafetyNet is still green with Riru and Edxposed?

Safety net not green after installed xposed or edxposed .

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Umm, Magisk and Xposed are two different things with different purposes.

However i tested megisk can't flash the xposed

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SafetyNet is still green with Riru and Edxposed?

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