[XPOSED]G2 TweaksBox(THEME,Call Rec,Lockscreen,Notifications,LED,MORE)


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Jun 21, 2012
G2 TweaksBox 2.4

See all screenshots and features for KitKat: Here
See all screenshots and features for JellyBean: Here

Current Features:
[B]Theme tweaks[/B]
[*]REALTIME THEME CHANGER(No need to reboot after any modify even if you want to return to stock)
[*]StatusBar Color
[*]Gradient Status Bar
[*]Trasparent StatusBar on Launcher(Works on any launcher)
[*]StatusBar Icon Colors(reboot is needed)
[*]Hide Status Bar icons
[*]StatusBar Clock Settings(position,color,style,html,hide)
[*]NavBar Color
[*]Trasparent NavBar on Launcher(Works on any launcher)
[*]Gradient Navigation Bar
[*]Navigation Bar button colors(color,homescreen color,glowcolor)
[*]Navigation Bar Height(Works fine with any launcher, even stock)
[*]Navigation Bar Button Actions with custom timeout
[*]Ring Pad customization
[*]Notification Panel Color
[*]Brightness Slider Background Color
[*]Volume Slider Background Color
[*]Brightness Slider Seekbar Color
[*]Volume Slider Seekbar Color
[*]Date Panel Background Color
[*]Date Panel Label Color
[*]Divider color(reboot is needed)
[*]QSlide Panel Color
[*]Panel buttons color
[*]Notification Row(Background,Pressed and Icon Color)
[*]QuickSettings BackGround Button Colors(Normal and Pressed)
[*]QuickSettings Icon and label Button Color(Active and UnActive)
[*]List Overscroll Edge/Glow Colors(reboot is needed)
[*]Hide Label Button Color
[*]Hide QuickSettings
[*]Hide Volume Slider
[*]Hide Brightness Slider
[*]Hide Notification title Panel
[*]AOSP Clear all Button
[*]Control Brightness level by sliding the statusbar


[B]Calls tweaks[/B]
[*]Call Recording
[*]Auto Call Recording
[*]Set Call History as Default Tab
[*]Enable Noise Suppression
[*]Disable VuTalk

[B]Messages tweaks[/B]
[*]Exclude contacts without phone numbers in messaging app option
[*]New Message screen off option

[B]Lockscreen tweaks[/B]
[*]See through wallpaper effect
[*]Enable QuickUnlock
[*]Enable Rotation
[*]Disable carrier text and icon
[*]Use squared icons
[*]Hide alarm info
[*]Hide charging info
[*]Hide pattern string
[*]Hide swype string
[*]Hide statusbar cloc
[*]Hide label shortcuts
[*]Show Remaiming Attemps
[*]Aosp Lockscreen
[*]Knock OFF on Aosp Lockscreen
[*]Fix Blank Screen Bug with aosp lockscreen
[*]Remove shadow background on aosp lockscreen
[*]QuickUnlock on Aosp Lockscreen

[B]Notification tweaks[/B]
[*]Hide input switcher notification
[*]Disable charging plug/unplug notifications
[*]Hide full battery notification
[*]Hide AC charging notification
[*]Hide slow charging notification
[*]Hide wireless charging notification
[*]Hide verizon notifications
[*]Hide Quietmode schedule notification
[*]Hide Battery saver notification
[*]Hide Low Battery Dialog
[*]Hide Airplane Mode Dialog
[*]Disable Data roaming notification and popup
[*]Disable voice mail notifications

[B]Camera Tweaks[/B]
[*]Enable Shutter Sound OFF
[*]Disable Video Recording Sound
[*]Disable Camera Sound
[*]Disable low battery check

[B]Sound tweaks[/B]
[*]Disable PlugnPop when heaset are plugged in.
[*]Disable Safety HeadSet Volume
[*]Auto Expand Volume Panel
[*]Skip Tracks with volume Keys
[*]More Volume Steps
[*]Disable Volume adjust sounds
[*]Fix Headset Hissing issues

[B]LED Tweaks[/B]
[*]Change default led color for missed call
[*]Change default led color for incoming call
[*]Change default led color for missed messages
[*]Disable LEDs in Quiet Mode
[*]Enable Back Led for Missed Calls and Messages

[B]Launcher Tweaks[/B]
[*]Hide icon labels from the homescreen 
[*]8 Hotseat items
[*]Custom Grid on homescreen
[*]Hide Tabs on App Drawer 
[*]Hide icon labels from the App Drawer
[*]Custom Grid Size on App Drawer 
[*]Hide Clock On Launcher
[*]Enable LG Launcher Hidden Settings

[B]Misc tweaks[/B]
[*]Enable All Rotations
[*]Freeze rotation to the current one(disable forced rotation to potrait when you disable auto rotation)
[*]Disable NavBar
[*]Enable back led for more events.
[*]Enable Torch(Flashlight) with volume up key
[*]Show Extended Kernel Info
[*]Swype Palm to take screenshot
[*]Enable/Disable Overflow menu 
[*]Enable Knock OFF on NavBar
1)Download and install Xposed Framework
2)Download and install the apk on google play
3)Open G2 TweaksBox and apply mods you like.

[B]2.5 RC[/B]
Fixed HOT Boot : it was not working with some updated roms
Blur Rendering is 20 times faster(no lag now)
Added an option to blur recent background
Added an option to move the clock on the left
Fixed: Now icons won't overlap when the clock is centered
Added compatibility with latest Xdabbeb cam MOD
Fixed: Translucency on Recent Apps Window, it should work on any variant now.
Fixed: Dual Window action now works also with XDABEEB roms
Added an option to bypass exchange requirements
Added 5x7;7x5 to App Drawer Grid Sizes and 5x7 to Home grid sizes
[B]2.5 BETA1[/B]
Added Blurred Notification Panel Background Option
Added "Dual Window" to the navigation bar actions
Added Korean Translation
Fixed Torch command on Power Menu
Fixed Settings icon in the notification panel
Other bug fixing and minor changes
[B]2.4 RC3[/B]:
Updated Translations
Added Russian translation
Removed support for tinted status bar
Removed the "Menu on Long Recent" option, now you can set the menu as an action to any button with the custom timeout.
Bug Fixing.
[B]2.4 BETA3[/B]:
Fixed all minor bugs with the G3 UI
Now you can customize the clear all button
The Arrows in the quicksettings are now hidden with the G3 UI enabled
Some strings changed
Fixed some other minor bugs.
[B]2.4 BETA2[/B]:
Added H+ icon to the AOSP icon set
-----Now you can set one of these action to Volume Down/Up:
-------3)Toogle Torch
-------4)Launch an app
New G3 Notification Panel UI:
------Ported from the original G3
------Compatible with all roms/variants
------All elements but the clear button are customizable
Added Support to the CloudyFlex 2.4(Only Squared icons on lockscreen should be not working)
Fixed a lot of things.
[B]2.4 BETA1[/B]
Added an option to disable the power menu when the device is locked
Added an option to link ringtone & notification volume
Added an option to add timestamp to message details (it will work only for new messages)
Added an option to exclude the navigation bar from tinted status bar
Now the search button supports animation when rotating the device in camera
Fixed button combination option with latest cloudyflex 
Fixed wrong menu position when navbar is hidden
Fixed wrong AOSP Signal icon when 
Added "Hide OTG Usb animation" option
Added "Disable Voice Roaming Notification"
Fixed: Now icons in the ring pad will be resized if they have a wrong resolution
Added "Use G3 FLATUI" option
Fixed "Launch Google NOW" action
Added an option to hide the unknown sim in the status bar
[B]2.3 RC[/B]
Updated translations
Added fully compatibility with the new version(2.6) of the xposed framework
List Overscroll color options has been restored.
Minor bugfixing
[B]2.3 BETA3[/B]
New default search button icon thanks to 
Fixed: Now the option to add the brightness slider is available also to xdabbed rom users
Fixed signal bar icons issue with the sprint variant 
Removed the message recipient limit dialog 
Other things
[B]2.3 BETA2[/B]
Fixed signal bar icons issue with the sprint variant
Fixed: Now the option to add the brightness slider is available also to xdabbed rom users
Fixed: Now the custom carrier text will revert to default only when using the %ssid pattern
Fixed: Now the "Hide pattern guide text" option will work on the newest versions of kitkat
Reworked: Now long pressing on the setting button to toogle sliders should work fine with the vwz variant too 
Added LTE to the AOSP icons 
Reworked : Now the square icons on the lockscreen will have a cleaner look 
[B]2.3 BETA1[/B]
Added New Application Icon
Added "Enhance Zoom Range" on message app option
Added "Increase SMS Recipients Limit" option
Added "Hide knock code guide text" option
Added Screenshot option to navigation bar actions
Added "Toogle slider visibility with a long click on the settings button" option
Added "Hide Knock-code square brackets" option
Added An option to switch between status bar icons' set:
-------Verizon ICONS
-------ATT ICONS
Added "Switch Qmemo to Search button" option
Fixed Glow Background landscape issue
Added "Disable FullScreen KeyBoard in LandScape mode" option
Added An option to set custom carrier text on the notification panel:
-----You can also show the ssid of the wifi network when connected(just use the %ssid pattern)
Complete Volume Panel MOD with the following tweaks:
-----Panel Background Color(you can also hide it setting a totally transparent color)
-----Slider Color
-----Icons Color
-----Text Description Color( you can also hide it setting a totally transparent color)
[B]2.2 BETA3[/B]
Fixed : Now the QMEMO button will follow the tinted status bar color
Changed : now if you choose to use the battery color to mod all icons and you are using the circle battery the option will follow the color of the circle battery
Added Launch an application option to the navbar button actions
Added : Now you can customize the glow button background with navigation bar themes
Fixed : Transition issue on Recent Apps Window
Added : Now you can use up to 6 Navigation Bar Buttons.
Added an option to set an action on long pressing the qmemo button 
Added 6x7 to the homescreen grid sizes
[B]2.2 BETA2[/B]
Fixed the background issue with the stock "clear all" button
Removed warning dialog for verizon users when enabling Aosp Quicksettings(They actually works fine on verizon variant too)
Icon color changed mod completely rewritten: 
---------Faster and Lighter method
---------Now every icon in the statusbar can be colored(so support for all variants and all apps)
Recent Apps Window MOD Completed:
--------Added an option to choose the clear all button position
--------Added an option to add a ram bar
--------Custom Ram bar color options
[B]2.2 BETA1[/B]
Fixed an issue with the hide clock option 
Added "Hide sepator line" on homescreen option
Fixed: Now the volume turning down option will work togheter with the more volume steps option 
Added: Now all lg apps will use the navigation bar theme. 
Added AOSP icons when using AOSP QuickSettings
Added Recent Apps Window Section with the following tweaks: 
       -Enable Translucency
       -Hide Buttons
       -Add AOSP StopAll Button
       -Select app to launch with a long pressing on the AOSP button
Added "More items in the power menu"(Screenshot and flashlight buttons) 
Added "Show power menu" action to the navbar action options
Added an option to set an action on long pressing the recent button 
Added an option to set an action on long pressing the notification button 
Fixed a bunch of things with long press actions
Added "Hide data icon when wifi is connected" option 
Added 4x5 to homescreen grid sizes 

[B]2.1 BETA2[/B]
Added:Now the bottom bar on the notification panel can be transparent
Added 5x5 to the appdrawer grid sizes
Added Custom grid on HomeScreen option
Added 16dip,20dip,30dip to the navbar height options
Added "Hide icon labels from lockscreen shorcuts"
Added "More volume steps" option
Added Support for Brightness quicksetting tile : Now it will be perfectly themed
Added "Use brightness slider" option to enable brightness slider on verizon and sprint roms
Added Support to Flex roms by for the button combination option ( awaiting confirmation ) 
Added "Hide voice mail notifications" option
[B]2.1 BETA1[/B]
Added Mute volume change sounds option
Added Disable overflow menu option 
Added Hide notification title bar option and AOSP Clear All button style
Added: Now the carrier text will be cut if its lenght is greater than 10 chars. 
Fixed : Kill Foreground app action works fine with every app now 
Added : Now the notifications title color will be applied to the "Clear" button color
Added Bottom notification panel colors option(background color,carrier colors) 
Added Touch and hold to the lockscreen lock methods. 
Fixed the back led : Now it should work with any rom 
Added StatusBar Carrier Text size option 
Added Backup/Restore preferences options 
Fixed : Now the led status will be restored with the scheduled Quite Mode
Added Launcher Tweaks Section with the following tweaks:
    ---Hide icon labels from the homescreen 
    ---8 Hotseat items
    ---Hide Tabs on App Drawer 
    ---Hide icon labels from the App Drawer
    ---Custom Grid Size on App Drawer 
    ---Hide Clock On Launcher
[B]2.0 RC4[/B]
Added Italian and French Translation
Fixed: Now long pressing the recents key will show the menu without releasing the button.
Fixed: Now Choosing "Stock" action for "Double tap HOME" will disable the double tap
Fixed(hopefully) the issues someone had with the skip tracks with volume key option
[B]2.0 RC3[/B]
Added "Screen OFF" to the navbar button actions
Added  "Action on Double Tap HOME" option
Fixed a bug: With RC2 the button colors on home screen didn't work.
[B]2.0 RC2[/B]
Fixed: "Toogle Notification Panel" action now works
Fixed: Now the clock on the panel won't follow the statusbar clock style
Fixed a minor bug with the "Follow Tinted Statusbar" option
Added: Now navigation bar themes will be used also in the homescreen
[B]2.0 RC[/B]
Added "Enable KnockOFF on Navbar" option
Now Enabling "Disable data roaming notification" the popup will be disabled too.
Fixed(hopefully) the Auto call recording on G Pro ported roms.
Now you can change the navbar glow color with "Follow Tinted Statusbar" option enabled.
Other things i don't remember. 
[B]2.0 BETA2[/B]
Added Button scaling option
Added "Hide StatusBar Gradient" option
Added "Hide NavBar Gradient" option
Added "Follow Tinted StatusBar" option
Added the ability to hide the menu key directly from the button combination settings
Added "Activate Menu On Long Recents" option
Added "Toogle Torch" to the navbar long button actions
Added "Disable data roaming notification" option
Added Support for auto call recording on G Pro 2 ported roms.
Fixed some theme tweak bugs.
Fixed the volume bug(now when you use the volume buttons to skip tracks the volume won't increase/decrease)
[B]2.0 BETA1[/B]
[B]From this version only KITKAT devices are supported.[/B]
Migrated the entire mod to kitkat.
Added Notification Title colors option(background and text color)
Added Enable button combination option
Added Custom Clock App option
Added Clock Pressed Button Color option
Added Disable VuTalk option
Added Enable Flex Lockscreen theme
Added Fix Hissing Headset issues option
Added 20+ icons to the "other icons' color"  option
[B]1.9 BETA[/B]
Fixed RingPad issue: now it's working on landscape mode
Added Back Led options
Added "Switch Menu button to Recents Button" option
Added "Quick Unlock ON AOSP Lockscreen" option 
Added "Battery percentage text size" option
Added  "Hide Signal icon" option
Added  "Hide Data icon" option
Added  "Hide Wifi icon" option
Added  "Custom Carrier label" option
Added  "4 way reboot menu" option
Added  "Disable focus sounds" option
Added  "Launch camera even if the battery level is below 5%" option
Added  "Auto Expand Volume Panel" option 
[B]1.8 BETA2[/B]
Added "Palm swype to capture" option 
Removed Blurred Lockscreen option(trying to find out a better method to do that effect,really dislike how it worked)
Fixed another blank screen bug with aosp lockscreen
Added "Battery style option" (regural,dotted,minimal) 
Fixed battery padding when clock is aligned to the left 
Fixed percentage alignament 
Fixed "Double home tap" issue 
Added Status bar carrier text MOD (visibility,color)
Added NavBar/StatusBar theming support to cloudy flex rom. 
Added option to show ssid instead of carrier text in the panel when connected to wifi network
Fixed Hopefully Aosp Quicksettings issue on VWZ rom 
[B]1.8 BETA1[/B]
Added "Use AOSP quicksettings" option ( IT WORKS ON STOCK ROM )
Added "Overflow menu button" option
Added "Disable LEDs in Quite MODE" option 
Added Lockscreen Wallpaper MOD (see through and blur effect) 
Added "Hide carrier Text" option
Added Battery MOD: 
 ---Hide Stock battery
 ---Hide percentable from battery text
 ---Added CM Circle Battery option(color,percentable,animation options)
Added the ability to input color code
Added "Launch Google Now" option to button action options 
Now the LG stock uses the theme button pngs(a navbar theme maker will be released the next days)
Fixed torch issues ( it could eventually fail after a long deep sleep)
Fixed 2g icon color issue
Fixed navbar theming issues with d800
Fixed the statusbar from flashing white while opening an app 
Fixed and optimized so many things i don't remember
[B]1.7 BETA1[/B]
Added "Use AOSP Lockscreen" option
Added "Enable Knock OFF on aosp lockscreen" option
Added "Fix Blank Screen Bug with aosp lockscreen" option
Added "Remove the shadow background on aosp lockscreen" option
Added "Skip Tracks with Volume Keys" option
Added "Show Extended Kernel info" option
Reworked the "Hide Battery Saver Notification" option: 
----Now only when the batterysaver is active the notification will be shown(no charging notification, no notification after unplugging from charger)
Added "Do Not Show Recording Popup" option
Added Ring Pad Section(You can set up to 5 apps to show on the ringpad)
Added Navigation Bar Gradient option
Added Status Bar Gradient option
Added Button colors options(button color,button color in homescreen,glow color)
Added Navigation Bar Height in landscape option
Added Button Actions option(long press actions with a custom timeout option)
Added Status Bar icon colors options(now you can choose different colors for battery,signal,wifi,quietmode,battery saver etc..)
Reworked Status Bar icon color function
Added Status Bar Hide icons option
Added Status Bar Clock options(position,color,style,html format,hide)
Fixed so many minor bugs i can't list 
[B]1.6 BETA4[/B]
Minor bugs fixed.
[B]1.6 BETA3[/B]
Added "New Message Screen off " option
Transparency mod completed.
Removed Shadow  from lg launcher.
Fixed bugs.
[B]1.6 BETA2[/B]
Added "Enable LG Launcher Hidden Settings" option
Added "Enable Torch(Flashlight)" with volume up key option 
Added "Exclude contacts without phone numbers in messaging app" option
Added "Enable Noise Suppression" option
Added "Icon and text Unactive color" option for quicksettings button
Added "Navigation Bar Height" option (IT WORKS FINE WITH STOCK LAUNCHER)
Trasparency written from Zero.IT SHOULD WORK REALLY NICE NOW
[B]1.6 BETA1[/B]
Added option to change brightness level by sliding the statusbar
Method to return to stock theme options has been rewritten(now nothing is saved in memory)
Performance improved(nothing is saved in memory and all not used stuff are automatically GC'ed).
Fixed statusbar white flashing
Added hide statusbar clock on lockscreen option
Added hide swype guide text on lockscreen option
Added hide airplane mode warning message option
Added hide lowbattery dialog option(you can choose when to hide that dialog)
Added option to disable volume turning down when headset are plugged-in
Added LED section(options to change default led colors)
Fixed Auto Brightness CheckBox issues(now it's correctly themed)
Added option to change buttons background on statusbar panel(settings button,clearall button,volume settings button)
[B]1.5 [/B]
Fixed a minor bug
Final version published on the store.
[B]1.5 RC[/B]
NavBar and StatusBar Trasparency issues fixed with third part launchers.It should work fine now.
[B]1.5 Beta7[/B]
Fixed Verizon & ATT rom theming issues
Added "Disable Video recording sound" option
[B]1.5 Beta6[/B]
Fixed Variant Rom theming issues
Added QUICKUNLOCK feature
[B]1.5 Beta5[/B]
Added "Freeze rotation to the current one" option
BugFixed: List Edge/Glow color fc
[B]1.5 Beta4[/B]
BugFixed: Crash on verizon roms
BugFixed: Auto Call Recording now works on verizon roms
Added Sprint signal icons to be themed
Added List Overscroll Edge/Glow colors 
[B]1.5 Beta1[/B]
BugFix: Now StatusBar transparency works with any wallpaper(stock,custom,live,multiphoto,..)
Added "Hide Battery Saver notification" option
Added "Show Remaining Attempts on lockscreen" option
BugFix: Now StatusBar and NavBar works fine on third part launcher(but you need to use a live wallpaper or set the wallpaper using multiphoto)
Added: Now you can choose to use the stock value for each theme element
Several minor bugs fixed
Added Brightness Slider Seekbar Color option
Added Volume Slider Seekbar Color option
Added StatusBar Icon Colors option
Added Date Panel Label Color option
Added Divider color option
Added QuickSettings Icon and label Button Color option
Added Hide Label Button Color option 
Added Notification Row(Background,Pressed and Icon Color) option
Final release on the store 
Bug fixing: Now the Panel Notification color should be ok on any devices
Bug fixing: Now the NavBar should work on any device
Added a switch to  entirely disable Theme MOD
Now "Hide Verizon notifications" option will hide all vwz annoying notifications
Added "Remove pattern string" option on lockscreen
Added "Enable Shutter Sound OFF" option
Added THEME TWEAKS section with this features:
[SIZE="2"]StatusBar Color
Trasparent StatusBar on Launcher
NavBar Color
Trasparent NavBar on Launcher
Notification Panel Color
Brightness Slider Color
Volume Slider Color
Date Panel Color
QSlide Panel Color
QuickSettings Button Colors(Normal and Pressed)
Hide QuickSettings
Hide Volume Slider
Hide Brightness Slider[/SIZE]
Fixed bug on auto call recording feature(now it's working great)
Added "Set Call History as Default Tab" option.
Added "Enable Rotation" on lockscreen option
Added "Hide verizon notifications(partial)" option
Added "Hide Quietmode schedule notification" option
Added "Disable PlugnPop" option
Added  Xposed framework check
Added  About dialog
Mod rewritten from zero(it was very ugly on coding side).
Lots of feature added(check current features info above)
First release.

How can i make tinted statusbar working ?
1)Open Tinted StatusBar------------->Settings------> Enable "Respect KitKat APIs" and "Link status and nav bar colors".
2)Open Tinted StatusBar------------->Click on the find icon------->Type "lockscreen"
3)Now click on Android Lockscreen--------->Status Bar Tint------>Enter "66000000"(without the quotes)
4)Open G2 TweaksBox-------------->Theme Tweaks----------->StatusBar-------------->Follow Tinted StatusBar

How can i remove gradients while using Tinted StatusBar ?
1)Open Tinted StatusBar--------------->Settings------>Uncheck "Respect KitKat APIs"
2)Open Tinted StatusBar---------------->Search "Home" or if you don't use the stock launcher type your launcher name
3)Select all activities------------->StatusBar tint color------------>00000000
4)Do the same for the lockscreen if you don't want the gradient on the lockscreen.

How can i fully fix headset issues ?
1)Copy this file to system/etc/
2)Open G2 TweaksBox------------>Sound Tweaks--------------->Fix Hissing Headset issues
3)Set rw-r--r-- permissions to the file.
4)Reboot and Enjoy(If you have rebooted with the headsets plugged in remember to unplug them because the mod is activated when you plugin the headset.)

How can i install and use Navigation Bar Themes ?
1)Download the themes
2)Install them ( they are apk files)
3)Open System Settings------------->Dislay------->Front Touch Buttons-------------->Color and choose your theme

Rovo89 for this hard work
C3C076 of gravitybox for: some snippets for brightness status sliding, ticker animations hooks, adjust wallpapers transparency hooks , the method to retrive the cm battery height , the runnable to get ram info
Someone(i could not understand who is the original coder) for the sendmediabuttonevent function
Sven Dawitz of CM for circle battery class

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Jan 15, 2007
is it possible to make the rear led notice all the notification like the front one but only when the device is flip over?


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Jul 13, 2012
Is it possible to remove wireless charging notifications, wi-fi connected/available networks. This issues are present on Vs980 based roms.
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Life Engineer

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Jun 14, 2010
Call recording is not working! It says it is recording but going into voice recorder in memory I can find that the recorded file is 0 bytes and it doesn't play!
Stock rooted D802!

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Jan 19, 2011
Call recording is not working! It says it is recording but going into voice recorder in memory I can find that the recorded file is 0 bytes and it doesn't play!
Stock rooted D802!

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Playing fine for me.

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---------- Post added at 08:46 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:44 AM ----------

One weird thing though, it played using video player.

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Aug 25, 2009
Call recording worked great for me. Crystal clear and it was stored we're voice recordings are. Played it back using the lg voice record app. Vz g2

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Feb 7, 2011
New York
some more lockscreen tweaks would be appreciated. i think G2's swipe effects together with those rounded icons are slow and obnoxious. something close to stock could be great.


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Jun 21, 2012
Toti, does this modding interfere with G2 Exposed?

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Not at all.

what is this more events in this context aka what sort of apps ?
No.It just make back led to work with system events.

Is it possible to remove wireless charging notifications, wi-fi connected/available networks. This issues are present on Vs980 based roms.
Done(for wireless charging).I'm not sure about wifi notifications, can you send me a screenshot?

Any way of hiding the alarm clock notification on the lock screen?

some more lockscreen tweaks would be appreciated. i think G2's swipe effects together with those rounded icons are slow and obnoxious. something close to stock could be great.
Any suggestions?

No go on back led lights working. On stock rooted version. Same back led options as before and no go on notifications triggering it.

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Can you send me LGSettings.apk/odex?


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Feb 18, 2011
Around The World
I will like to suggest other NavBar Options like change Navbar dpi, buttons,glow, color, transparency. (I know ther is G2 module, but other module whit that options is good for development)

On Samsung GS4 exist wanam module, whit that module you can change theme of status bar (color of tiles, status bar backgroud, notifactions color and more), center clock, hide tiles (will be great), i think this options are what are we wating for G2.
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Jun 20, 2005
Make call history default tab in phone app

Pls. can you make call history default tab in phone app instead of Dial pad !! Such mod is highly appreciated

Thanks in advance.