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[XPOSED][MOD][5.0+] MobileRadioActiveFix

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Sep 9, 2010
No fix

Please see attached


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May 31, 2008
I am sad to say that there is no fix for me either... My mobile radio is killing my battery...

No fix for me either, 6.0.1 N910U with V2.0 suemax kernel and XPosed framework 85.1 (custom by wanam)...

Strangely its not only radio...at midnight I put on flghtmode. In the morning battery had drained from 56% to 41% (normally it should be 1% or 0%). Bizarre that the Settings > Power page showed WIFI being on from 9:00pm last night onwards till morning constantly, when wifi was never put on. Location was set to GPS only so could not be gservices scanning location...

But Better battery Stats installed as system app, shows WIFI on 0% since boot, so huge discrepancy between what the OS is showing and what BBS shows....Looks like BBS is having problem looking at the correct battery drainage as well (installed as system app, have toggled "use API for kernel stats" and both settings show WIFI on 0%).

I read somewhere that the new google services update from few months ago, now makes permanent kernel modification but cannot find the reference URL, could this be true?


Jul 24, 2016
Im using MobileRadioActive fix modulo of Xposed but Whatsapp is still draining the battery.
It worked one day but when I fully charged, the whatsapp battery stats began increase...
I dont know what is happening, I have OPO with jgcaap CM13


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Mar 21, 2016
only airplane mode gives expected deep sleep from last few month, ( from so lot of experiment, it is found that its a radio bug.) Any other than this scenario gives 20% over night battery drain. All heavy possible tweaks i have done with deep sleep to pawernap+greenify+amplify+xposed and L-speed or pure performance to clean flash 10+ rom/kernel/mod.
even radio active fix doesnt give expected result.
if i do some tweaks with radio (like radioactivefix module/powernap) i get follows screenshot in the morning.

expected solution:
1. if the data is disabled it should be stable enough to hold the radio transmission.
2. if data is enabled only input from client or server must fluctuate the radio transmission .

might possible dev are working on these. give a suggestion if anything i am missing


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Nov 27, 2016
plz help me ....................
i have yuphoria phone but in its don't work any xposed modual like Donkey guard
problem occur during runnging time.. so plz help...

and plz give best support or rom for my yuphoria...
and which xposed will work..on my phone.....
and must be work donkey guard.

Just a quick note about donkeyguard I have read in previous forums that donkeyguard is useless, and a module such as xprivacy or even PMP ,sorry no link ,will look so you see yourself, but I read that you truely dont get anything for privacy that xprivacy will give. As well as maybe try wanam's version of xposed to get modules to work. GoodLuck

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