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[XPOSED][MOD] Enable Messenger Chat Head on Android 11+ devices

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Jul 14, 2021
Module: ChatHeadEnabler

About: On Android 11 and higher, Facebook Messenger won't let you use it's Chat Head feature. Instead it uses Chat Bubble feature, which has a lot of bugs. This module will bring back original Chat Head feature.

Features: Original chat head | You can use official messenger from playstore | Works in landscape and gaming mode too

For Non-Rooted Device: check this Tutorial

- Root: Using Magisk
- Xposed Framework: LSPosed or EdXposed

- ChatHeadEnabler-v2.1.0.apk
[Also available on LSPosed and EdXposed module repository]

- Download and Install ChatHeadEnabler.
- Enable it from LSPosed (or EdXposed) Manager.
- Clear Messenger app data.
- Restart Messenger app.

Important: If you are using LSPosed and chat head is not working even after enabling the module, then follow these steps:
- Close LSPosed Manager and open again.
- Disable the module and enable again (from LSPosed module tab).
- Force close Messenger app.

Source Code: Github

[If this module helped you, consider writing a comment and share it with your device related group]
[Alternatively you can buy me a Coffee to show your support (Just for Fun).]

Support: PayPal | Crypto
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New member
Jan 19, 2019
it has bug, when the device is on landscape mode and the chat head is in the right corner and when you open the chat head, the dialog box is not appearing. but when the heat head is in the left corner it is working properly.


Senior Member
Nov 12, 2015
Redmi Note 8 Pro
Yes it works on any ROM. I'm using it on MIUI.
Please make sure you enabled it from Xposed Manager.
If you are using LSPosed, then disable and enable the module AGAIN from LSPossed Manager. And then force close Messenger.
I reenabled it at redisabled, then cleared the data of Messenger, still doesn't change. I don't know what's the culprit, but I'll try again later. This is a very nifty feature so I really need it. Anyways, thank you so much for making such a wonderful app. I'll report back to you once I make it work in my MIUI12.5 EEA. Thank you.


Senior Member
Nov 12, 2015
Redmi Note 8 Pro
UPDATE: I just uninstalled and reinstalled the module then updated the app on Playstore,
and IT WORKED! Thank you so much! I'm so happy right now OMG


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Senior Member
Nov 12, 2015
Redmi Note 8 Pro
Good to know.
You can update official Messenger from Playstore any time, it will work on any Messenger version (assuming they don't mess up more).
Yes. We can update the app without losing the module feature. Omg you really are a life saver. Again, thank you so much! I'll report back to you if something noticeable or something negative occurs in the module.


Senior Member
Nov 19, 2015
It's not working on the latest Xiaomi.eu weekly build (A11, Miui 12.5). Tried the turn on/off method, multiple force closes of the messenger app, deleting all data, etc. The phone's app list says it's never used. I was able to use it on a LOS 18.1 rom with Riru and LSPosed. Tried to install edXposed from the Magisk repo but it's ask for Riru and redirects me to a download page. Riru is on my phone. Any suggestion? I even tried to remove LSPosed, but edXposed still asks for Riru....

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