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[Xposed][MODULE][5.0+] UnrestrictedGetTasks

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    Disable restricting Android API to get recent tasks in Lollipop and newer. This restriction causes that some apps (e.g. Greenify) don't work as they should, since Android now returns nothing or useless info when they want to get recent tasks. This module should fix it as it was before.

    Thank you! Switchr now working on Lollipop with this!

    May I ask what you mean by giving the example of Greenify? What exactly is the shortcoming with Greenify in L in contrast to pre-L?
    I was following their change logs and it seems to me that there is nothing Greenify nowadays couldn't do in L. What am I missing?

    I am just asking, because I am not sure why and whether I should install this module as a Greenify (beta) user.
    Wouldn't it be easier to introduce your fix in their own code?
    PackageUsageStats is not same as getRecentTasks. I doubt you can get same info from PUS as in getRecentTasks in pre-LP.
    Sure, it works on any Xposed build for 5.0,5.1.