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[Xposed] Note3 UPSM-Emergency Mode - Version 3.4.1 [Updated 15 Sept]

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New member
Feb 12, 2013
Turn on UPSM work perfectly but when turn off UPSM mode back to normal All accounts are gone (facebook, twitter, dropbox etc.) except google and samsung accounts that is a bug ??? SM-N9005 Build KOT49H.NXXUFNF4



Senior Member
Aug 27, 2014
In our country India it is very tough to buy apps from play store.
Here debit card is not accepted and I only hve it.

So, for us please give the key for free or make the UPSM with Phne, Messge & browser so that without key we can at least use it.
thank u.

Is your phone is SM-N900? If yes can you please tell how can you manage it to work. I am getting fc on my vn rom v13.1.

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Is your phone is SM-N900? If yes can you please tell how can you manage it to work. I am getting fc on my vn rom v13.1.

Sent from my SM-N900 using Tapatalk

It works for me on n900 on K12 and now on new K13 of @dr. Ketan ROM.

I did ecactly like in instructions.
The best for my device is mode version 3.0 (others bring some issues as they are more oriented to snapdragon version)


Senior Member
Jan 14, 2011
very good MOD!... i have only one problem... when i activate the Ultra Power Saving MOD and return back to the "normal status" all account (twitter, facebook ecc.) are logged off ... any solution?.. thanks!


Senior Member
very good MOD!... i have only one problem... when i activate the Ultra Power Saving MOD and return back to the "normal status" all account (twitter, facebook ecc.) are logged off ... any solution?.. thanks!

Many are facing the issue. It's happening for only a few particular roms. What is your baseband?

Sent from my amazing Exynos Note 3.


Senior Member
Feb 11, 2013
What ROM are you using thou? Are you on stock?

Yup (you can check the info in my signature thou)

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N900W800
Stock ROM 4.4.2 odexed

---------- Post added at 09:07 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:03 PM ----------

very good MOD!... i have only one problem... when i activate the Ultra Power Saving MOD and return back to the "normal status" all account (twitter, facebook ecc.) are logged off ... any solution?.. thanks!
That's the normal way for it to act as you don't have specified wich packages/apps you want to keep before and after UPSM.

For this you can buy a coffee for xperiacle (buying the UPSM key at the playstore) or if you can't afford to pay the key for any reason, search this topic for the solution given by xperiacle.


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    Hello Note3 Friends,


    Version: 3.4.1
    - some minor fix

    DOWNLOAD Version 3.4.1

    In the module installation, TYPE 1 is for those with older Kitkat firmware (recommended for non-N9005 modesls) and TYPE 2 is for those with newer Kitkat firmware like N9005 with NF4, GNG1, NG2 firmware but may also work on other models that received Kitkat updates lately.

    Note: When in UPSM or Emergency Mode, double tap on status bar will show dialog to disable UPSM or Emergency Mode. This is useful for users who want to test the module and experience Emergency Launcher crash so they can get out of UPSM/EmergencyMode state without needing to factory reset.

    Note: When in UPSM or Emergency Mode, you may want to run an app that has been disabled or is not included in the allowed list. You can re-enable the disabled app and run it by going to Settings>Apps Manager and go the application details of the app and Tap on the app icon.

    Version: 3.4
    - some code cleanup
    - some minor smali fixes on Emergency files
    - added the correct Note 3 dialer activity name in the default apps
    - added a workaround for login accounts being deleted
    - added DoubleTap on statusbar to disable UPSM or Emergency Mode (in cases where Emergency Launcher crashes)
    - ability to launch disabled apps in Settings>Apps Manager in cases where you want to run a particular app without disabling UPSM/EmergencyMode. Just tap app icon to re-enable app and run it.

    DOWNLOAD Version 3.4

    Version: 3.3
    - fixed mobile data disabled when screen off

    DOWNLOAD Version 3.3

    Version: 3.2
    - mobile data disabled when screen off
    - added experimental support for non-N9005 Note3 models

    DOWNLOAD Version 3.2

    Version: 3.1
    - added estimated Standby Time

    DOWNLOAD Version 3.1

    Version: 3.0
    - updated S5 Emergency files to latest
    - separate Ultra Power Saving Mode and Emergency Mode
    - works as close to S5 UPSM mode with just minor modifications
    - added separate launcher icon for Grayscale Toggle
    - enabling apps require version 3.0 of the Unlock Key so please update it
    * limitation: Due to absence of necessary code to compute Ultra Power Saving Mode standby time in the Note 3 framework, the MOD does not show how much standby time the phone will have in UPSM mode or Emergency Mode. You will notice that power saving function works once you use the MOD on a daily basis.

    As always, make a BACKUP of your DATA and ROM before using the MOD. READ the requirements and instructions carefully. Use at your own RISK.

    Tested on Note 3 N9005 (NF4, NG2, NG1 rooted stock ROMs - odex or deodex) Use on other device and firmware is not advisable.

    DOWNLOAD Version 3.0

    Version 1.2
    - major UI changes
    - fixed issues with widgets and xposed modules
    - several bug fixes

    So here it is - Xposed Note3 UPSM-Emergency Mode in one.

    A little intro before we proceed. The S5 UPSM & Emergency Mode uses the same apk files and in fact are basically the same in terms of power saving function apart from minor differences like torch, siren, etc. Apart from android permission restrictions and missing system codes, it was difficult porting UPSM because it is tied to SystemUI & SecSettings. Porting SystemUI and SecSettings poses stability issues on the Note 3 not to mention the amount of work fixing the bugs. So the easiest solution I could come up with is using Xposed Framework and because I did not want to modify framework files, I have to rewrite the Emergency Launcher from scratch to not depend on the missing system codes. And because I did not port SystemUI and SecSettings I avoid the stability issues but at the expense of not getting the perfect UI for UPSM port. So please understand that this module is not perfect due to those limitations but in terms of the core power saving function, I would say it is basically the same as in the S5. I have been using it for a few days and so far it lives up to its promise of power saving. So enough talk, let go to what you are after....



    Rooted Note 3 N9005 with XXUFNF4 Rom (this is the only firmware I tested it on so I don't know if it will work on other devices/roms. I won't recommend using it on other devices/roms but I can't stop you)

    Working Xposed Framework and knowledge using it.

    Very Important: Make a backup of your data and ROM.


    1. Make sure you have the requirements including making backups.
    2. Download app below and Install.
    3. Run app, grant supersu permissions and let it do some setting up and reboot if instructed.
    4. Activate in Xposed Installer and reboot again.
    5. Now if it's ready, running the app would bring up a popup menu where you can activate UPSM and other options.
    6. Enjoy.
    7. Don't forget to leave some feedback/suggestions. Even if I don't normally respond, I always take them into consideration.

    IMPORTANT: As the mod relies on the Xposed Framework, please do not deactivate the module or xposed framework when you are in UPSM mode as there is no way to turn off UPSM except a factory reset in recovery which means you may lose your data.

    NOTE: The core function of the MOD is TOTALLY FREE. There is just one function which you may not need if you are only after what UPSM is intended for - that is adding more apps to UPSM needs an unlock key. Hope you understand - I am doing self-study on android development so funds from the unlock key would help me in buying study materials for further development.

    Unlock Key

    DISCLAIMER: Use of the MOD is at your own RISK and I am not responsible for any loss/harm that may arise in its use.

    I have retained the first module in the post for those who just need the Grayscale function.


    Well Friends,

    Just want to share another of those little things that result from messing with our phones.

    Xposed S5 Power Saving Mode - this is an xposed module that triggers S5 Power Saving Mode on the Note 3 (maybe compatible with some other Galaxy devices with amoled screens on TouchWiz 4.4.2, I'm not sure). This is not Ultra Power Saving Mode but HOPE that can be replicated in future releases if there is enough interest or encouragement. :) UPSM takes a bit more system level tinkering so I am not sure it would be easy to port.

    Anyway, hope it maybe of use to some of you and just give a shout out if you would like to continue development. :)


    Requires: rooted Note 3 on Touchwiz 4.4.2 with working xposed framework

    Just download below, install, activate in xposed installer, reboot and enjoy. The app icon toggles mode ON and OFF.
    Good News Guys! I managed to trigger Emergency Mode which is the other side of Ultra Power Saving Mode. It is not as perfect as in the S5 UI-wise due to absence of UPSM-dedicated activity in both SystemUI and SecSettings but in terms of power saving it is great. Overnight in nearly 10 hrs of standby time, my phone just lost 1% battery. It still uses xposed module to go back and forth between modes due to permission restrictions but the initial version works great. Will spend a few days to finish the UI and will share it with you soon.
    Let me explain to users what this so called "tweak" is all about.

    If you followed @dr.ketan's post where he said that he was able to enable emergency mode through some hidden activity in SecSettings, that is true and he also said that once enabled there is no going back except thru factory reset because there is no OFF switch. I had the same issue. I could just use a simple app to enable/disble the switch but because the apk files for UPSM or emergency mode namely EmergencyLauncher.apk, EmergencyModeService.apk and EmergencyProvider.apk (all files from stock S5 Roms) requires apps that trigger them to have system level permissions and no third-party app can call them unless signed with OEM key and have the necessary permissions in the manifest. So the only way to trigger them is if my app is signed with Samsung's key (which is impossible) or use Xposed to get a system level context and trigger them from that context and that is what this "tweak" is done.

    What files are included in the tweak? Inside the module is all three files for UPSM or emergency mode - EmergencyLauncher.apk, EmergencyModeService.apk and EmergencyProvider.apk. In the initial setup all three files are copied to /system/app folder and requires a reboot for the system to initialize. After that my app uses xposed and triggers them using exactly the same commands that triggers them in the S5 and the app can do so because thru xposed, the app can get a system level context and the necessary permissions to trigger the mentioned UPSM apps. That is essentially what the module does - in simple terms the module calls EmergencyModeService.apk. After that it is all up to EmergencyModeService to do its background work.

    Take note that EmergencyModeService.apk is an original stock S5 system file - no modification except a few resource edits to point them to the correct resource in the Note3 framework-res.apk. What EmergencyModeService.apk does under the hood is exactly what it does in the S5 which includes disabling the wallpaper manager, turning screen to greyscale, disables two cores, kill background tasks and disables all packages except the core ones necessary for basic functions. This is the same reason why all other xposed modules are disabled when turning back to OFF - because xposed installer which I included in the core apps thinks they don't exist when in UPSM mode. After all the background work, EmergencyModeService calls a simple launcher - EmergencyLauncher.apk which provides the GUI and shows the basic shortcuts for dialer, messages, torch, etc.

    One issue I encounter when using the original EmergencyLauncher.apk is it uses some code in framework2.jar which the Note3 does not have so it won't run. As I don't want to mod so many framework2.jars I needed to rewrite my own simple launcher combining the features of both UPSM and emergency mode and also it provides me flexibility to do updates on the launcher and design it however I want which works even on S5 roms.

    There you have it - a knowledge of what the "tweak" does before you go bashing that it is a "joke". I hope I have satisfied your questions about the "tweak". Whether it works for you is a matter of use case. The first time you enable emergency mode, Samsung shows a disclaimer dialog which you need to accept before proceeding. I recommend YOU READ IT.

    As to the benefit of grayscale, well I don't know about your use case but browsing websites which are predominantly on white background makes turning them into grayscale minimize my eye strain. Try browsing on the same amount of time with grayscale ON and grayscale OFF and see if see it consumes the same amount of battery.

    And well, if it does not work. You could just say it is just one of those many mods on xda that you have tried but didn't work and MOVE ON.

    As for me, I still like modding - it is not the end result of the mod itself but the excitement and the process of it that keeps me going back here on xda. If I stop having FUN, then I will move on.
    So I have just updated the xposed module with UI changes and bug fixes. Download is in the first post of the thread.
    Again to answer the issue of why login settings are somehow deleted when coming back from UPSM mode, the module itself does not delete anything. It merely triggers the emergency service and pass control to the service. The service itself (which is a stock S5 system file) deletes the settings maybe because the Note3 framework does not have the code to backup/restore those settings. If you know how to backup/restore the login settings thru a script then let me know and I will gladly integrate it in the module.

    As to the issue of forcing anybody to buy the key, I am sorry you feel that way. It is a democratic forum we have here, the MOD is shared as it is - either you like it or you don't. Nobody is forcing anyone. The key is a way to make things convenient and easy. In fact, if you search in other Galaxy forums, the app to add more apps to UPSM is totally free (I provided it as free - you just have to search for it, don't be a leech). And because this is xda, you can decompile the emergency system files and add the apps you want - it is just editing a simple xml file or you could just copy the xml files inside the emergency files to /system/csc folder so you can edit and add any app you want the manual way. That is as free as you can get. But it bewilders me how someone who could afford a £500+ device moans about a £1 addon mod. I suggest you buy an S5 or maybe wait and spend £600+ more on the Note 4 just so you can get a perfectly working UPSM. :)