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[Xposed] [OP2] OnePlus 2 / OxygenOS-specific Xposed modules

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Oct 29, 2010
United Kingdom
Acdisplay was based on motorola's active display before ambient display became a thing with lollipop's release. The app still plays nicely on an amoled screen with no dynamic background enabled in app and behaves pretty close to what ambient display does. That being said, not sure why you guys are so obsessed with this feature.

I quite liked it on the oneplus one so I miss using it moving into the op2. Just personal preference.
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May 10, 2011
Is it possible for you to look into disabling the power menu on lockscreen? The various xposed modules including GB doesn't work with OOS


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Apr 23, 2011
OnePlus 7T


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Feb 4, 2011
Anybody managed to get alert slider to ringing/vibrate/silent on OOS 3?
The apps don't work. I tried tasker thing yesterday as per a YouTube video, strangely, the tasker profile(in the notification) kept stuck to ringing mode despite of changing slider positions, while the slider kept behaving in the normal way as it does.


Nov 9, 2014
I know I'm also looking in to it. Oneplus changed the alert slider not to use androids native priority settings but instead uses a similar thing so that you can customize it. Other apps also don't seem to know it's in priority (like my android wear smartwatch).


Jul 3, 2005
Lockscreen Bypass

Not really a OPT-specific mod, but somehow customized:
I contributed a bugfix to Lockscreen Disabler to make it compatible with OxygenOS 2.1.0. Unfortunately, the apk in XPosed Repo is not up to date. You can build the apk yourself using the sources from here. Alternatively, you may also use the debug build I made for myself (attached to this post, use at own risk).

I use this mod in combination with AcDisplay to bypass the PIN-lockscreen which is enforced by my exchange provider. This also applies if you install custom certificate files (e.g. some WiFi networks require specific certificates being installed), which enforces a PIN lockscreen, too. In my case, other solutions out there did not work in this situation.


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    Hi all,

    Since it didn't seem like anybody had written Xposed modules for some features I wanted, I wrote a couple myself. These are OxygenOS-specific. If you have any other OxygenOS-specific Xposed modules you'd like to see, let me know in this thread. I'm just getting started using Xposed, so I'm learning as I go.

    No Quick Pulldown: http://repo.xposed.info/module/io.gavinhungry.xposed.oneplus.noquickpulldown
    This disables the "quick pulldown" (which is when you swipe down on the right side of your statusbar, it skips the notifications and takes you straight to quick settings). This module also disables "smart pulldown" (which is when you get the quick pulldown behavior only when you have no notifications). As a side-effect, it also disables "two-finger quick pulldown." Since I don't use that, I don't care, but I could rework it if needed.

    Reverse Alert Slider: http://repo.xposed.info/module/io.gavinhungry.xposed.oneplus.reversealertslider
    This reverses the direction of the alert slider, so now the bottom position is "No interruptions," and the top position is "All notifications." It also disables the toast notification you see when moving the slider, and it removes the status from below the volume slider, both of which I found annoying (if you want to change the alert slider to control vibratation instead, check out VibrateMode).

    No Quick Settings Edit Button: http://repo.xposed.info/module/io.gavinhungry.xposed.oneplus.noqseditbutton
    This one is pretty minor, but since I only need to set the ordering of my Quick Settings tiles once, I don't want to see the little edit icon every day in my statusbar. This removes the icon. If you want to reorder your Quick Settings some more, you'll need to disable this module.
    I added RawGit links to the APKs in the OP, for those having trouble finding them.
    Please for one plus 3
    think it would be good if you could select if you want the volume short cuts etc. Would be nice touch
    The biggest reason I disabled that was because I couldn't figure out how to get it stay in sync with the slider - also, I never used it and found it annoying.

    Introducing that as an option relies on 2 things - me be able to figure out how to keep it in sync, and me being able to create a UI. I'm not much of an Android developer, I'm afraid. If I can do those, I may also just combine these into a single module, then keep adding options to it.
    Is it possible for you to look into disabling the power menu on lockscreen? The various xposed modules including GB doesn't work with OOS
    there's no working module in the moment for disabling power button
    U may want to try this:
    Works perfectly for me, set it up how u want, and disable what u don't want showing in lock screen :)