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Xtrons PX5 Android 10 no more audio

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New member
Aug 13, 2008
The Netherlands
Hey guys. I have installed an Xtrons PBX70M164 which is an MTCE GS PX5 4G/64G Android 10 device, about two weeks ago. Things were working fine. But I noticed some days ago that I didn't have any more audio. I was not completely ready with installation because I still needed to install the DAB+ radio. So I was messing with the FM and DAB antenna's.

I do have the MOST fiber optic system in my car. I connected an MP3 player to the unit to verify if this could be the problem, but it's working as expected. Then when I connect the Xtrons radio, no more audio...

Also one other thing is that I cannot scan for FM channels on my radio anymore?

I tried to disconnect the device, factory reset and check all the cables. I'm not sure what else I can do. Is the device broken? What else can I check? Thanks!

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    Update: the device was actually faulty and Xtrons replaced it for a new one.