[Xwidget] Galaxy S6 Widget Perfect Clone - HQ EN/ES


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Jun 6, 2013
Well, actually it is an "almost perfect clone", just need a little tweak that I´m going to update soon! :)
This is the "Galaxy S6 Widget V4"
A comparation with the original one:

As you can see, the only thing that I have to update is the shadow, I´m going to do it soon!

Icons and fonts are ORIGINALS from the Galaxy S6!

This Widget its a mod of "Galaxy S6 Widget V3" (made by me) check it out:

The "Galaxy S6 Widget V4" is available in spanish and english too (like the V3 version), was made for Full HD devices but you can use it on HD devices too, I cant test it on 2K Devices (I would like to check the quality)

Now, for use this widget just:
1: Download the archive that you want (ENglish or ESpañol)
2: Unzip the file and you will get a folder
3: Copy and paste the folder in your Phone SD (or internal memory, depends of the phone) in this route: "XWidget/Widgets"
4: Go to XWidget App, tap "menu" and "refresh list", go to "local" and you are going to see a new icon (same as the preview)
5: Thats all! enjoy it!

NOTE: The Widget needs a 4X3 space, you can make it a little smaller, but if it has no enough space it will become smaller, check the minimum space that it needs for keep the original size, and if you use an HD device, try 4X2 and it should looks perfect!
Comments are welcome! (and screenshots too!)

UPDATE #1 (4.1): Shadow added!, now looks PERFECT!
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Feb 9, 2015
Hello , I have just done evrything in my Z1 compact , but nothing happens , I have Xwidget and the widget is in local , but i does not appear on screen

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